Top 10 JAV Actresses Gone Too Soon

Published : June 20th, 2021 Written by Oppaira

Hey everyone, today I've got a list of actresses for you that's a bit of a different spin on retired actresses. Rather than simply listing out my favourites who I want to see return, I'm going to look at some whose careers were not quite that fulfilling. Actresses who retired way too early, had a lot more in the tank to give, or left me unsatisfied with their career for some reason or another. Some of them you may be familiar with and some of them may be names you've never even heard of. I hope I don't make anyone too saddened by dredging up some of these names. Anyway let's jump into it.

10. Mia Masuzaka

Mia Masuzaka was my kind of debut. 100cm J cup titties is everything I want. Especially working for Idea Pocket, who typically doesn't get actresses this busty... very reminiscent of Rara Anzai at S1 (who also stands out amongst her fellow actresses). Mia's career definitely didn't last long enough, being under 1.5 years long. For me, I felt like I had only just started to really get into her when she disappeared. Her video IPX-324 impressed me quite a bit and it turned out to be her second last standard release. Exclusive actresses tend to take a long time to really find their stride and Mia was just getting to it. Who knows what could have been with Mia but one thing is for certain that I wish there was more.

9. Chiharu Minagawa

Chiharu was a 2019 debut that I praised very highly, just one step behind actresses who are major names right now like Ruka Inaba and Kaho Imai. She had a lot going for her: pretty face, slim body, nice boobs, great ass. If there is anyone from 2019 who would compare to 2018 debut Touka Rinne or 2020 debut Moa Maeda, it was certainly Chiharu. Chiharu released a handful of videos and seemed to have a promising career ahead of her at SOD, only to vanish rather suddenly. While disappointed, what made it all the more disappointing was her tepid redebut. She came back a few months later under the name Himari Imai, released three videos, and vanished again. One has to wonder what causes people to make such decisions, to come back for a short stint like that. Regardless, as a fan it's really disappointing to see them give only a halfhearted return. I get my hopes up that we could get something good only for my dreams to be dashed once again. There are certainly other actresses to check out if you wanted someone similar to Chiharu, but I certainly would have loved for her second wind to be be much stronger.

8. Marina Yuzuki

Marina Yuzuki is probably a fairly well known name. Her debut went off fairly well and she blossomed into a pretty solid actress. In fact, in 2018 she managed to make the top 50 actresses on the physical sales chart. Marina might not seem like someone who should be on this list but if you've been following her career lately then you know exactly why she's on the list. From someone who's career looked really promising, Marina has flat out fizzled out. She had appearances on my top videos of the year in both 2018 and 2019, and in 2020 she had only around a dozen releases as a freelance actress. Don't even get me started on this year, where she hasn't released anything in the past five months. Marina's fall from grace is pretty big in my opinion, she was on top of the world starring alongside super hyped up debuts like Yuria Yoshine and then vanished into thin air. Some might say she's still technically active but she might as well be retired, she's been out of it for several months and nothing appears to be on the horizon. I definitely feel like Marina had more to give and it just doesn't sit right with me when I see how her career basically ended.

7. Saeko Matsushita

As I pointed out recently in one of my sales posts, Saeko is an actress who is still very popular today, even despite being retired for a year. As I've scratched my head over it, the answer that I've come up with is that she only barely made it to Idea Pocket toward the end of her career. Saeko was someone who was only getting better over time, and her last IP video was the best release of her career. There's a good reason the industry didn't want to let her retire, she was a diamond in the rough that was just waiting to become the next big thing. I definitely feel that Saeko could have had a lengthy career at IP had she been interested in staying. While certainly her career wasn't as short as some of the names on the list, absolutely it felt like she left long before she realistically should have. The sales figures don't lie, Saeko is still every bit as popular as she was when she left. I could definitely have seen Saeko staying for a few years at IP and then transitioning over to Madonna, much the way Minori Hatsune recently did. Either way, Saeko's career is one that screams lost potential and who knows how popular she could have become.

6. Kyoko Yuzuki

Kyoko debuted back in 2017 and after just four videos she retired. What made Kyoko unique was that she was in her early 20s but already had a kid and was lactating. Lactating actresses are so hard to come by and especially at that age, it's pretty close to non-existent. Actresses are normally much older and more mature looking, so Kyoko at her age was a huge thing. That made her so unique and it made a lot of people really excited about her, myself included. While I have no illusions about where her career would have gone (probably nowhere) there was still a lot of options for her. The fact of the matter is, someone with her maturity lactating could have presented all sorts of interesting videos. Anyway, between how much I liked Kyoko and how much I like lactation, her particularly unique combination would have been great to see more of.

5. Ai Uehara

Okay hear me out on this one before you cast your judgement on whether she deserves to be on this list or not. Ai Uehara is one of the most memorable names in all of JAV and she's easily one of the best / most popular actresses we've ever seen. That being said, Ai's career was only five years long, and she retired while she was still insanely popular. Ai retired when she was just 23 years old, and when you think about how many big names are at the 10+ year mark now and in their 30s... especially when a lot of them are some of her best friends, like Hibiki and Yui, you just have to wonder what could have been. When I look at other actresses who are among the best actresses of all time, their careers are way more impressive than Ai's: Acky at 16 years, Tsubomi at 15 years, Yui Hatano at 13 years, Julia at 11  years, or Yumi Kazama at a whopping 23 years, it's insane to think about what Ai accomplished in just a fraction of the time. Saying Ai could have been the greatest of all time is not an understatement at all when Ai remains the only actress to achieve the triple crown in sales. Ai has burned too many bridges to ever come back (removing almost all of her videos) but I will always wonder what the industry would be like if she was still active today instead of hanging out on Instagram.

4. Nana Fukada

Nana is someone I, at one point, heralded as the next Rara Anzai. She was really very attractive with such amazing natural breasts - truly a sight to behold. Like Rara, she was not quite a performer yet, but it was still early on in her career, especially given her being an S1 exclusive. Unfortunately she retired after just under a couple dozen releases total. It's not every day you get an actress that can compete with Rara, and I suspect you get maybe one or two per year, and even then they aren't quite as nice as Rara is. Nana was definitely Rara 2.0, even more so than Aka Asuka (a debut from last year heralded the same). Nana was every bit as nice as Rara, so much so that I've seen almost all of her videos despite her having the same mediocre performing skills as Rara. While Nana isn't as high on the list simply because she likely wouldn't have become a good performer, I certainly would have loved to see her again.

3. China Matsuoka

China is a name that needs no introduction in hardcore JAV circles. She was way up at the top of the industry when she suddenly retired. I won't go into the unfortunate details surrounding her retirement but suffice to say that it came suddenly and everyone was saddened by it. I've heard that, today, she's doing some part time work, nowhere near her former glory of one of the favourites of the industry. China has around 30 releases to her name and was definitely one of the major actresses working for SOD when she left. In fact, China is the one actress that has touched Julia's boobs on camera and perhaps might have been the one to pop her lesbian cherry. Anyway, China was a big deal and definitely she left us way too soon. Would she be competing with Mana Sakura for the top dog at SOD? Would she have gone over to S1? All I know is that the world was her oyster and I would have loved to see where it took her.

2. Fuko

Fuko is a name that might need some introduction because she was barely here and then left. However, Fuko is someone who is still very popular in busty Asian communities. It's insane to think how much of an impression she made despite a career that lasted just ten videos. Oh what Fuko could have gone on to become had she stuck it out, especially at a time where Hitomi had just debuted and huge tits were on the rise. She might not have become the next Hitomi but she easily could have been the next Hana Haruna, or perhaps I should say the first Hana Haruna since she debuted a year prior. It's really rare to get actresses quite as busty as Fuko, who debuted at 120cm P cup, which is absolutely mindboggling. That really is a size that can compare to Hitomi and Hitomi feels like a once in a lifetime actress. Even crazier was the fact she debuted at S1 which is a hell of a lot better than some of the big titty studios we've seen over the years (looking at you Bon Bon Cherry). Anyway, Fuko's career is definitely one I would have loved to see play out.

1. Anna Ohura

Fun fact, Anna was the first actress I watched and what sent me spiraling down the JAV-rabbit hole. Anna was also from a long, long time ago, when VHS was a thing and the quality of videos was pretty abysmal. Anyway, back then careers were extremely short; what we today would call a one-and-done career was just what careers were like. Anna Ohura was in the industry for only a handful of videos and still managed to be a big name. We've come a long way from such a time and I'm really glad the industry has come to where it is today. No doubt that in today's day and age, Anna would have had a much lengthier career and prospered; busty, slim, pretty - what's not to love? It was honestly only a couple of years between when Anna retired and the industry transformed to what it is today, with exclusive actresses releasing a monthly DVD. Again, no doubt that if she had stayed the couple of years she could have become a major player and been a much bigger name. Certainly there's some part of me that thinks so highly of her because she was the first actress I ever saw, but definitely the modern era of JAV gives so many opportunities to excel compared to the days of renting VHS. Regardless, I wish there had been more of Anna.

With that we have my Top 10 Gone Too Soon in the books. I hope you've enjoyed seeing all the names and the variety, from actresses who had lengthy careers and could have been the best, all the way down to actresses who are just a memory. I would love to hear from others which actresses they would pick or if they agree with my choices. Until next time!

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Rob 1 year ago
Well this is a real easy one for me, with two names springing to mind immediately. Marina Natsuki (or Chinatsu) and Nao Wakana.
Marina's performance in GVG-440 is very very special. She absolutely sizzles alongside the legendary old fella Yuji Yamada, at one point sucking him off just a few feet away from her unaware boyfriend. Her beautiful arse is a delight to see, and she wiggles it so well and kisses Yuji with great passion.
Marina also shines brightly in ATHH-016 alongside Erika Kitagawa, but there simply aren't enough movies with her in, and I ask, where is she now?!
Nao's body of work is much greater, with standout titles including DASD-373 (playing a sweet xxxxx sexy housewife who falls madly for her xxxxxx in law) and PPPD-544 (playing a naughty slut who seduces her sister's new boyfriend). In recent years though, she sadly appears to have distanced herself from her porn career. I doubt very much that she will make a comeback, but I have faint Natsuki hopes - unless someone tells me otherwise!
Zredd7 2 years ago
I was extremely disappointed when Nanami Kawakami retired. She’s my all time favorite actress. AVOP-263 was the first one I saw her in. Great body & acting skills. RDB-766 is my favorite video she did. I’m not a fan of big tits or large areolas so Nanami is superb. I do hope she returns. I especially would like her to do a Gokkun themed video.
ronmanager 2 years ago
Does anybody know when Risa Kasumi retired? Such a beauty she reminds me of Annette Haven , also Erika katagiri
Sherlock 2 years ago
Absolutely agree with Nana Fukada. Her only VR movie is one of the best in my collection despite it's crap resolution, lighting, and lame scenarios. All due to her face, body, and voice.
Enthusiast 2 years ago
Similar to the likes of Jesica Kizaki, I'd love for Ai Uehara to come back. But I think their body of works is large enough that I don't miss them that much. On the other hand I'd add Mion Sonoda and Chinami Ito to the list, they retire (or in Chinami's case, disappear) in the peak of their career where they never looked better. Thats what I'd call left to soon and left much to be desired
ZENRA 2 years ago

With her delisting continuing, I don't think AiU plans to return though I do think she plans to milk the 'sexy actress now slightly mainstream' for as long as she can.

indojavfan 2 years ago
Interesting list, having recently played Yakuza 0 I'm starting to know about Ai Uehara, since she's in the Cabaret Club there :D. I'm still holding out hope that Saeko might come back :(I think I would have added Erika Momotani. In her interviews she said she want to be like Airi Suzumura, then just disappeared. I think she got it all, looks and body.
spaten78 2 years ago
Excellent list, including some names I didn't looking forward to checking them out. If this list was top 11, I would add Azumi Mizushima.
ZENRA 2 years ago

Every time I hear "Azumi", I think of Azumi Kawashima.

Elegance 2 years ago
Saori Hara is definitely at the top for me.
tpjav 2 years ago
Still not over China retiring, especially given the circumstances surrounding. She was the first actress I really followed, I had other interests, but they were largely single videos. I still remember being in Osaka shortly before her debut video was released and seeing posters advertising it, thinking she looked cute enough to grab a video of.
Slamdunx 2 years ago
I know it'd be somewhat silly to add Yuma Asami since she had a career spanning more than 5 years, but she had arguably the most famous (and in many respects most tragic) reason for cutting her career prematurely short. Who knows how many more years Yuma would have gone on if it wasn't for her very unfortunate illness. She didn't seem burned out psychologically, and although in her last two years you could see she started to regress physically, the quality of her work didn't show any marked decline. Had she not gotten sick I think she probably would have hit the decade mark. Her friends like Aki, Rio and Aino Kishi were still going strong, so I think Yuma would have continued for some time and we might even have seen her expand into things and characters we hadn't seen up to that point. So unfortunate, but at least we have more than a hundred Yuma titles to treasure.
Oppaira 2 years ago

You know what, you're absolutely right on Yuma, can't believe I missed her. I totally wasn't thinking about how she left the industry. She too could have been a big name, she was right up there with Acky, who is by some accounts the greatest of all time.

Slamdunx 2 years ago
Thanks for the acknowledgement. No worries; we all miss stuff sometimes. I'm intrigued by what you say here, though: "She too could have been a big name". Isn't Yuma one of the most obviously huge names in JAV history? Wasn't she voted number 2 after Tsubomi as the most popular of all time by fans in Japan? Am I missing something? If I'm not mistaken, that poll was conducted in 2012, and Yuma left the industry in 2013. So she was voted as the Number 2 of all time the year before, which means that she basically left at the height of her popularity. There might be a gap in my perspective here, so I just want to know what you meant by what you said. It could be that my view of Yuma being one of the greatest of all time is just a subjunctive reinforced one, but I genuinely thought she was as massive as a JAV star could get before social media took off and stars could cultivate their own followings directly. Anyways, I also want to use this opportunity to simp for Tsubomi, who I started investigating after I heard of that poll, and wouldn't you know, she's fantastic. An easy Top 10 for me. Thanks again for engaging with me.
Oppaira 2 years ago

Yes, she certainly was very popular in her time, there's definitely no denying that. Yuma and Acky dominated that era for sure. The thing is I like to talk about greatest of all time. When you frame it like that, you need to consider that longevity matters a lot.

12 years is certainly a long time, and I do agree that I probably used some poor wording. She's definitely one of the most popular actresses of all time. The blog post by JTA puts her at 7th all-time based on a points scale he had. Certainly that is very high praise, but remember that the list changes as time goes on.

Any time I've tried to calculate "best" I've used a similar approach of points based on where they landed each year. The thing is, that approach rewards longevity a lot. That's why a name like Yumi Kazama is 3rd, because she's been around forever. It also opens up the door for others to pass Yuma. Yui Hatano was three points below Yuma and has certainly passed her since, and others who are still active can equally catch up.

I happen to quite enjoy seeing people maintain prolonged success at the top, so I'm always rooting for people to have as lengthy as a career as they can. Yui Hatano could perhaps become the greatest of all time if she stays in the game until year 20. Eimi Fukada or Yua Mikami could make top 25 if they can continue this success.

Jab hum 2 years ago
Great list. You could add Yuka Minase and Matsuri Kiritani
kondo-san 2 years ago
I want Saeko to come back. She is one of the most gorgeous and elegant actress i have ever seen ngl.
Jackfromdownunder 2 years ago
Interesting Fact: Ai Uehara admitted she had been scammed of 20 million yen - $AUD240K - $USD180K so she studied Investing to reduce the chances of it happening again. She earnt a lot of money in a short space of time, but I understand she was also doing stripping as a side job.
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