Ramenboss's JAV Titles to Get You Pumped for Halloween 2022

Published : October 26th, 2022 Written by RamenBoss

Hello JAV fans, welcome back.  Who the hell doesn't love Halloween?  As an American, obviously, it is a big deal.  You would have to go out of your way to dislike the holiday.  Over the years, I have noticed how big of a night it is for Tokyo.  Shibuya at Halloween looks like the funnest time to be had on planet earth.  I hope to go there someday.  It's bittersweet, it really is.  Until I have my own adventure there, I will have to suffer and watch all the fun happen online (special thanks to YouTube walking streamers).  Every year I am grateful to watch all the women walking around in the skimpiest costumes.  I simply fucking love Halloween.  Here are some of my personal favorite JAV titles that get me excited for October 31st.  


MXGS-093 - Let's Come Together! Teacher Mihiro's Backdoor Pussy Meeting Up Lesson - Mihiro Taniguchi

Succubi have been on my mind constantly since MIAA-629.  This work was not my first love of regarding the theme.  What's better than Mihiro in a PVC Vinyl Succubus outfit?  Mihiro really outdoes herself here.  Every moment she is on screen she's having fun teasing you. She's merciless but in a super cute way!  This scene could have been better as far as total sex scenes.  I promise it's worth your time.  Why don't you watch this Halloween night?  When is a better time?  I think this is a perfect fantasy to celebrate with.


SUPD-077 - Digital Channel - Rio (Tina Yuzuki)

Wow, this sequence deserves all sorts of recognition and awards.  Rio goes above and beyond and even offers the lucky guy anal attention.  From below as he stands on the sink even!  Stay for the massive facial at the end, where she acts very good at acting upset she got such a load on her pretty face.  Why is she so upset?  Her make-up was ruined?  Was she not expecting so much?  Back to the look, this outfit just creams Halloween to me.  It's because the outfit is so ridiculously damn slutty.  As we all know, JAV outfits range from tiny stripper level to dead ringers.  I lose track of time when I stare at Rio in this costume.  Yes, I am biased for the amount of beautiful shiny black vinyl it contains.  This is one of Rio's hottest looks.  Everything Rio has done is pure gold so I'll just stop there!  

I believe this deserves to be on the list since the outfit really reminds me of something at a Halloween party.  That would be the Halloween party of my dreams.  Rio's face and this outfit set the bar for Japanese women headed out to show off.  Maybe they should look at Rio here first to get truly inspired!  If you see any sexy Japanese chicks wearing a cute cop costume, I strongly suggest you come back here and check this out.  Another reason this deserves a watch this Halloween is the fact that its a role play scene.  Why don't you pretend you're the lucky gentleman in this scene, but you're at a Halloween party when Tina finds you here?  This is where the action starts and I'll leave you there!  


FSDSS-432 - AV Debut By An Eminently Fappable Influencer Who Has More Than 170,000 Followers

What a cutie!  Who does she remind you of?  A very wacky, cute, super kinky, and extremely talented Japanese singer?  A fashionista you might see in Harajuku perhaps?  Especially with the pink wig.  I won't say the name of the celebrity she reminds me of, but I am sure you can guess.  I have a lot of fantasies involving this singer.  Okay, moving on.  A look-a-like is perfect for my Halloween list.  Everyone dresses up as someone or something they love for this special time of the year.  This release is a knockout too.

We see this AV model rock several looks before the group sex where she sports the pink wig.  The settings change a lot as well.  I was even happy to see her walk around in public.  This helped my fantasy even more.  Do you think she looks more like the singer with short natural looking hair or the wig?  Now if you don't know what singer I am talking about, that is okay too.  Just enjoy how sexy this model is on her own.  She truly is unique looking, I mean this is the most flattering way possible.  Huge fan right there.    


IPZ-921 - Our Hobbyist Circle's Princess is a Hardcore Masochistic Pet Who Serves the Sexual Needs of Us Anime Freaks! - Kana Momonogi

I can't imagine many JAV fans who don't know Kana Momonogi.  This is my ultimate favorite release by her.  I recently created a top rewatched favorite list of JAV titles I constantly replay, and this release barely missed the list.  Kana is a veteran of JAV, what most JAV fans may consider a Goddess.  The party atmosphere, as well as the many changing costumes, is the reason it's on my Halloween list here.  

It's almost too easy to imagine this whole title as just a giant Halloween party really.  I think the reason is that it looks like a JAV model fan meet role-play situation.  Aside from everything else, the title itself is breathtaking.  The POV is beautiful, Kana looks her absolute best in this title in my opinion.  She even rides a dildo on the table.  Thank you Kana, it's an honor to watch your work.


SVDVD-388 - The New Female Teacher, Machine Vibrator Breaking In x Wooden Horse x 10 Loads in a Row Creampie During Ovulation. From All This, Squirt! Squirt! Squirt! 6 - Yui Fujishima

Yui Fujishima is my favorite JAV model for life and I'm bringing this title back for its scary theatricality.  I am so thankful she is on my list once again.  I wish to turn your attention to the crazy sex toy build at work here.  What we have here is an insanely kinky mechanical wooden horse outfit that rocks back and forth with various sex toys attached to it throughout the scene.  Here's the best part, there is a rubber zebra head attached to the front of it.  I have to say I am fascinated how its eyes light up, breathe smoke, drool wildly and even makes horrifying sounds.  

It's crazy hot to see Yui with her hands tired above her head while this thing rocks back and forth.  The whole show is a lot to take in.  This is the type of JAV I love, there needs to be much more of this.  Why does this belong on this list?  I think this is a wonderful marriage of JAV and haunted house attractions!  Can you picture yourself walking through a haunted house attraction full with JAV models hooked up to machines like this?  Okay, my imagination is running wild, I'll stop here.  


YMDS-081 - Blogger GAL PARK. Hybrid Gal 37 Questions, Rika Edition. G-PARK. Halloween Gal For Real Full-on Sex In Her Stylish Outfit! Taking Down Loads For Cum Swallowing. Non-stop Real Orgasm Paradise! She Works Out Non-stop Cum Loads With Her Huge Ass! - Rika Tsubaki

Rika Tsubaki is obviously one of the most gorgeous women on the planet.  I was a huge fan already of Rika with just jet black hair, but seeing her wearing these wigs has been a hell of an experience.  As I watch her in this title, I am speechless.  I normally am more of a very slender skinny fan.  Rika is deliciously curvy here and she's couldn't be more sexier.  

I'm sorry, I have to say it. She's like the hottest chick ever!  This release starts off with a fantastic wand masturbation scene.  Fast forward to the fake police costume.  She walks around the streets wearing the cop suit and we are lucky enough to witness public remote-control vibrator play.  In a freaking costume, this is very rare.  What is a better way to enjoy Halloween 2022 than with this release?    



Happy Halloween!  I apologize that this is not a perfect top five or ten list but I assure you these had to pass my high standards to make the list.  I hope you can enjoy at least some of these titles here.  It's comforting to know these beauties exist and I can watch them whenever I want.  Please feel free to comment what your favorite JAV title is.  I am always looking for bizarre JAV recommendations.  Hope you all have a safe holiday.  


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amp 1 year ago
One of the film codes is wrong, FSDSS-439 -> FSDSS-432
ZENRA 1 year ago

Fixed! Thank you.

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