Sumire Kuramoto Spotlight

Published : November 23rd, 2022 Written by jmsorry

You'd think that performing in JAV is all about the visuals. But often, what separates a good actress from a great one are often the intangibles. The looks, yes, but the attitude, the versatility, the 'vibe'. These things are as rare as having the cutest face or the biggest set of boobs. 

Sumire Kuramoto is one of them. Practically still a newbie, Sumire Kuramoto still having a steady carreer right from her debut in 2021. She has been dishing out an insane number of videos every month. While most of them are not masterpieces, her sheer productivity has given her a solid career. 

But what really makes her special is her infectious smile and willingness to do some hanky-panky stuff. The freelance actress has a positive and dorky personality, similar to Ichika Matsumoto, one her most frequent collaborators. She has a slim-fit body type, but she has a devilish smile and an active tongue. On top of that, she looks like she enjoys sex - a lot. 

Let's dig in and have a look at her career so far.  


MIFD-183 - This Beautiful Girl Works At A Stylish Cafe and She Loves Sex So Much

The guys who recruited her into Moodyz knew exactly what they have on their hands. In Sumire-chan's debut work, they marketed her as a pretty girl who can "pass as a TV anchor." After the usual glamour shots and the short introduction, she gets acquainted with Shimiken, who proceeds to exhibit the goods to the camera. 

But despite this being a debut, the Moodyz people did not go soft on her. She did four scenes, one featuring her squirting and blowjob skills. In the last scene, she played with two ferocious actors. And the best part of it is that she looks like she is having fun.

All of those 153 centimers of Sumire-chan brings to the table an authentic enthusiasm and fun-loving attitude. A great debut for a promising actress. 


CAWD-310 - Respectable Super Slim Beautiful Girl Gets A Filthy Lesson

Kawaii also got a hand of Sumire-chan, and she did her third video with them. They took the "looks like a TV anchor" gimmick and pushed it a little further. In CAWD-310, we get to see what Sumire is really capable of. 

It started with the typical interview, with Sumire-chan in "respectable" clothes (a blouse and a skirt that goes well below the knees). But then a guy in a mask comes to tie her arms and legs with purple tape. It's novel to see Kawaii's colorful set with a cute chick bound in a chair in a compromising position. 

This is actually gimmick of the whole video, as Sumire is given different kinds of straps and fucked hard while being in them. There's also a bit of deep throat, some oil fucking in a basement, squirting, and other shenanigans. 

The final scene, of course, is the highlight. Sumire-chan is paired with Samejima and Setsune Hideyuki, two known piston fuckers with thick cocks. Sumire was literally fucked off the ground by their relentless pounding. 

CAWD-310 is perhaps Sumire's first hardcore video, and that says a lot because this is only just her third video. She definitely wanted to make an impression on fans, and she got it, deservedly. 


PIYO-139 - "When A Man Drinks My Body Fluids, I Get Wet"

Right from the debut, Sumire-chan did not hold back in showing her nasty side. She proceeded to do more fetish stuff. This one with PIYO is all about her sharing her body fluids to some lucky men. And the juices came in three flavors - Sumire-chan's, as well as from Natsu Tojo and Yui Tenma. 

Surprisingly, PIYO-139 has a bit of plot. We see Natsu-chan and another girl with a censored face greeting a boy who just came home from school. The guy chances upon Natsu-chan peeing in toilet, after which he apologizes profusely. She then shares a water bottle with him. It is eventually revealed that she may have been doing all of these with perverted intent.

After some boring sex, we transition to Sumire-chan who is a store clerk. She flirts which another another employee in an actual convenience store. While the guy was busy doing an inventory, Sumire sneakily gets the guy's water bottle and spits on it.

She smiles as the guy drinks from his contaminated bottle. Eventually, we get to see Sumire-chan bringing the bottle with her to the toilet, spitting more drool into it and licking its lips as she masturbates. Nasty girl. 


The two eventually fuck in the warehouse and he gets to taste Sumire's juices straight from the source. (The third scene with Yui-chan has a similar theme, but this time it's a date with an old man). 

Sumire-chan stands out among the three because she gave the most fluids, and she didn't seem to have held back. She genuinely looked like she enjoyed it. Great acting, maybe, but she definitely pulled the concept off to the tee. Impeccable work for a rookie. 


MIAA-592 - "Everything Is So Wet" - Fucking Close Against Each Other While French Kissing And Taking Non-stop Creampie Loads

In MIAA-592, the director banked on Sumire-chan's deep kissing powers and pushed it to the next level.

In this one, Sumire-chan is a little devil who has a thing for making out. She flirts with her teacher who, of course, indulges her advances. She also plays with a janitor who she fucks in the toilet. Sumire's kisses are freaky. She opens her mouth as wide as possible to let the guy suck on her entire tongue, making him massage all of those taste buds. The smooch fest gets sloppy, obviously, and Sumire-chan is loving it. 

The piece de resistance, however, is the final scene with the master himself, Taku. The two belokiss virtuousos were totally in syn as they went down to business. Sumire-chan not only spat on Taku's mouth but also proceeded to lick his face like a kid finishing a plate. The relentless spit-exchange went on for a solid 45 minutes with no let-up. And then, to square it all off, there's some fucking that ends on a satisfying facial.

Just one thing on this video - the title mentioned some "non-stop creampie loads" but there is literally no creampie in it. Probably a translation thing. Fortunately, there is some swallowing, particularly in the third scene. Regardless, this is a finely made video. The concept is simple but the camera angles and image quality are top-notch. 


WAAA-155 - Hooked On Creampie Sex - She Has A Line Of 20 Men Waiting To Fuck Her  

If there is anything that Sumire-chan showed in her first videos, it is that she has great mouth skills. Therefore, in WAAA-155, WAAP Studio rewarded her great deep kissing with a some icing in her other orifice. 

Here, Sumire is a cock-starved hoe who loves masturbating to creampie videos. She gets approached by two men who try to get a piece of her. The first scene ends with two "creampies." We'll leave it to you to judge on their authenticity. 

The second scene is almost identical, albeit with different actors and set of clothes. Things become more interesting, though, in the third scene, where Sumire-chan takes on 5 actors at once. The men takes turns pounding her, with each of them busting a nut inside her pussy in the titular "mating press" position. 


WAAA-155 is pretty sub-par in terms of production. Nothing much happens except the sex scenes which come one after another. The actress also doesn't seem to dig the simple concept too much, which is evident in her inconsistent acting throughout the video.

But this title's main appeal is that this one of Sumire-chan's first gangbang videos with a creampie theme. 


IENF-212 - Non-Stop Creampie Sex 44

When it was released, I was excited with this video because of two things. First, it was the first video in IE Energy's "Non-Stop Creampie Sex" series in a long time. Second, it featured the perfect actress for this series, Sumire-chan. 

The "Non-Stop Creampie Sex" series has a straightforward concept. Basically, the crew and the actress get inside the house in the morning, and proceed to fuck non-stop. They usually hire 3 or 4 actors who take turns after busting a nut. There is only one rule: they must fuck the actress literally non-stop, or at least without taking off their cock from the pussy. That means fucking while eating meals, brushing their teeth, or whatever. They emphasize this non-stop shooting by shooting it all in one long take and speeding up the video when nothing much happens. The series has already featured a bunch of great actresses such as Ai Uehara, Mao Hamasaki, Kaho Shibuya, and others. 

IENF-212 takes the same formula and even the some of its iconic actors, but now with an arguably better image quality. Sumire-chan gets fucked in the sofa, and then escorted with a cock in her pussy to the bedroom. Other locations include the hallway, the living room, and the bathroom. We can literally see the day turn into night as the video progresses. At several points in the video, she had to deal with three penises.

Getting fucked non-stop is obviously not an easy physical feat. You'd think about the constant friction in Sumire-chan's nether regions and the psychological toll of being fucked for more than 12 hours straight. But she didn't even look exhausted or bored by the end of it. 12 hours of solid coitus is probably too much, but apparently Sumire-chan just couldn't get enough of dick. 

Unfortunately, I don't feel satisfied with the video's quality, particularly in terms of lighting and camera angles. The POV shoots are fine, but there is not enough of other kinds of shots. It feels too gonzo and low-budget (which it probably is).


LULU-142 - I couldn't get out of my neighbor's filthy room and had to drink sperm every day instead of eating.

Sumire's previous videos show that she is not averse to the taste of cum. But in LULU-142, she gets to taste a lot of it - and nothing else.

This video is similar to a lot of videos that have been getting quite popular lately, namely the ones where the douchebag actor brings a woman to his dirty apartment and keeps her there as her personal human Kleenex. LULU-142 has the added touch of gokkun to spice things up a bit. She is also not fed anything, and has to rely on the guy's capacity to produce enough semen to feed a human being. 

There is a lot of POV in this title, and not a lot of plot progression. We just see Sumire-chan do one act after another, all of them ending in oral creampies. The action is also quite rough, and we get to see Sumire doing a lot of deep throat. 

However, one subtle thing about this video is that it shows Sumire-chan slowly acclimating to her situation. The first few scenes were a bit tough to watch since she doesn't seem to enjoy it a lot. But as the video progresses, she slowly gets endeared to the guy's cock, which makes sense since it is her only source of valuable nutrients. 

Overall, LULU-142 is a mediocre video, but it is a highlight in Sumire-chan's career as it is her first gokkun/ deep throat title. 



MIRD-218 - Triple concentration! Nipple, glans, anus

As Sumire became more popular, she has also ramped up her collaborations with other actresses. In MIRD-218, she gets to work with the pretty Hana Shirato and Mai Kagari. 

Just seeing these three names together in the same video is a joy. Both Hana-chan and Mai-chan have established their names as "cute but crazy" angels. Sumire-chan's addition into mix makes it an triple threat of top talents. 

The title pretty much says it all. Ever had the fantasy of having the tip of your penis, your nipples, and your asshole being stimulated at the same time by three girls? That's exactly what MIRD-218 is about. Those three things are erogenous zones that JAV is becoming more inclined to explore, and they did just that with three enthusiastic girls. 

In the first, we get right into the middle of the action. The three girls change places every now and then, while the actor changes position for good measure. There is also some fucking.

But what makes it all fun is that the girls are in full control. The actors didn't even need to do anything during the sex scenes, since the girls do almost all the action. The interaction among the girls is also amusing to watch, regardless if the fetish is for your or not. They are simply having fun.  

Another good thing about MIRD-218 is the creativity. There is only so much you can do with such a simple concept, so they came up with a variety of crazy positions and moves to keep thing interesting. 

Overall, MIRD-218 is a light and enjoyable watch. The colors and costumes are bright and playful, while the camera crew did a great job to keep the four actors within the frame while highlighting the action. Hana-chan and Sumire-chan were obviously competing for the spotlight, while Mai-chan seems content to play a more supportive role. 


LZDM-054 - Staying at school in preparation for the school festival! 


Now this one's quite different. We've already established Sumire-chan's great acting skills and chemistry with other actresses. In LZDM-054, we get to see her play with Ichika Matsumoto. Two very different actresses, but also very compatible. 

The story is that the two are tasked with organizing a school festival. However, they only have one night left to prepare, so they decide to stay in school for the final 'touches'. What happened next involved more than touching, as the two spent the night fucking in school.

It's always fascinating to see the dynamic of lesbian sex in JAV. We always know what happens when a guy and a girl get into a set. But when two actresses are told to fuck, the results are often fresh and exciting. 

For instance, we get so see Ichika-chan being more dominant between the two. Ichika being dominant is not entirely unexpected, but seeing Sumire-chan being all lovey-dovey when with a woman is kinda interesting.

The actions are also a lot slower and erotic, romantic even. There are more loving stares, giggling, and bed talk than the typical JAV. 

The video was also nicely paced. Rather than just seeing one sex scene after another, we get to see their relationship change as they work on the festival decoration. In the last scene, for example, the two were overjoyed but exhausted upon finishing the task, so they went straight to bed. But as they were greeted by the morning sun, they started the day with with passionate sexy time. 

It's also great that both actresses seem comfortable with lez action. Obviously Ichika-chan takes the cake for her commanding performance, but Sumire also did a fine job, which is why this video has a place on our list. 


DVAJ- 593 - I Was At The Same School For A Month And Now I'm Reuniting With A Transfer Student Who Fucked Me Again For The First Time In 10 Years

We have another story-based AV in DVAJ-593, this time with Sumire-chan playing an older woman and Yuki Yudzuru as (yet again) the boy.

We start with Yudzuru as a lab assistant in a clinic. He then chances upon Sumire-chan, a classmate in high school who transferred to another school after only a month. He then asks her for a date to catch up.

As the two share their life so far, we get some flashbacks about their weird relationship in high school. Sumire-chan is a transfer student who had troubles mixing in. Yudzuru, another awkward wallflower, then began to bond with her.

The two eventually get along, with Sumire-chan getting comfortable enough to show him her boobs. Thus starts the sexual relationship between the two outcasts. 


We then go back to the present where the new-found lovers are rekindling the fire in their loins after some drinks. After that, we go back and forth into the past and the present with some sex scenes, showing us that the two have become some sort of fuck buddies. 

However, by the end of the video, it turns out that Sumire-chan (in the past) had to transfer schools again. In the present, she leaves Yudzuru's apartment, perhaps to disappear again. We are left with some dramatic shots of Yudzuru reflecting upon her elusive fubu. 

Sumire-chan playing two roles, one of a younger, wild student, and an older, most reserve woman, is quite interesting. While there are obviously overlaps between the two characters (since they are literally the same character), she did her best too portray two kinds of sexual attitudes. That is quite tough if you have been playing the same role for quite some time. Personally, I think she could have done better, but she nonetheless did a fine job. I wish she explores this side of her more, as she also branches out to more hardcore content on the other side of the spectrum. 

The video is also trying something new with the transitions and the story. It is quite cinematic and it has a comfortable pace. 


SAME-026 - Circle Plan New Employee Edition

Perhaps the hardest of Sumire-chan's work so far, SAME-026 is a title from the studio, Attackers. That already says a lot about the content of this video. It's such an intense title that we chose not to show its cover. 

It starts with Sumire walking along in her office clothes. She is a rookie employee, and the guys have set their crosshairs on her. 

There is not much to say about SAME-026, except that it is not for the faint of heart. The men certainly did not hold back in subjecting Sumire-chan to their twisted bullshit. As for the actress, she did her best to play the part, and with flying colors. 

Needless to say, this is not for everyone. But it is a landmark in Sumire-chan's development as an actress. She can definitely hold it down. 

So that's it so far for Sumire chan's career so far. She is fast becoming one of the petite stars of the new generation, right up there with Ichika Matsumoto, Rara Kudo, and Hana Shirato. She's been releasing videos quite steadily and at an impressive pace; hope she doesn't just disappear like some of them. 

What do you think about her? Share it with us in the comments!



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Felix 1 year ago
Wow. Beautiful girl. Smaller breasts, great smile.
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Fried Chikan 1 year ago

Nice pick to highlight, Sumire is an actress on the rise. A petite whose lots of fun and with a great attitude. She's been Ichika Matsumoto's partner in many videos too.

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jmsorry 1 year ago

thanks. Sumire-chan is def lots of fun. Maybe a tad bit wilder than Ichika, who's also a great actress

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