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Published : March 6th, 2024 Written by jmsorry

JAV actors are the unsung heroes of the JAV industry. Yes, they get to bang the most beautiful women on the face of the Earth. But aside from a lucky few, most of them are overworked and underpaid, and don't even get to cum during a shoot.

However, there are some actors that I personally find underwhelming. I usually skip their scenes, except when they are with an actress I really like, or if they are doing something outside the expectations I have for them.

Mind you, this article is not in any way an objective assessment of these actors' talents. This is based on my personal preferences, and I'm sure they have their own share of fans and admirers.


Daisuke Sadamatsu

What can I say about Daisuke-san? Well, he appears in tons of movies. He is practically in every S1 movie. He usually gets the first scene in S1 debuts, with some JAV fans even dubbing him as the "gift opener." He gets to be the first to take off their clothes and give the debutants the first taste - quite a privileged position by all means.

But the question is - why him? Everytime I see Daisuke-san enter the frame, I tend to get disappointed.

There is nothing special about the guy's looks (neither too handsome nor too ugly) and performance. The guy has a chubby body and pasty-looking face, two features which he usually compensates with his 'proper-looking' long sleeves and slacks.

He always has this small smile on his face while talking to the actresses, and he never acts awkward or confident either. He's just - I don't know how to put it better - there. Even his sexual skills are quite mid, and fucking seems to be quite a chore to him. I mean, dude, at least pretend to be excited about getting to have sex with a beautiful woman.

Like most actors, it's quite difficult to get a hold of this guy's details, such as age and career milestones. According to one database, Daisuke seems to have started his JAV career in 2010 - probably somewhere in his 20s, assuming that he is likely in his 30s or early 40s now.

I get it - JAV actors are hired not because they look good or they are sexual geniuses. It is easier for the Japanese audiences to relate to a guy if the actor looks and dresses roughly like them. Daisuke-san represents the typical Japanese watcher.

And the fact that he always get the first servings is also a good way to slowly build an actresses' career. She doesn't have to do wild stuff on her debut so that the audience can anticipate something more wild or weird in the next releases. Daisuke-san is the best vanilla guy to do just that.

But yeah, I have come to associate this actor with boring scenes and unspectacular sex. I'm not hating the guy nor the role he has to play.


Pierre Ken

Pierre Ken is known for a couple of things. He usually plays roles where he gets to play the creepy villain. Lately, he has been featured in deep-throat-oriented movies, playing the ruthless guy who likes shoving his tool into the actresses' throats.

He is also recruited for more hardcore videos. For instance, he was featured in MIAB-053, where Ena Satsuki popped her anal cherry.

Pierre-san's most disturbing figure, aside from his bald head, is his smile. His smile has a vicious bend to it, as if he is trying to comfort the actresses after mercilessly raming his cock into their mouth holes. Nothing wrong with making the actresss more comfortable, but goddamn his smile is not comfortable-looking at all.

Perhaps what I don't really like about his guy is not his smile per se, but his ruthlessness. I know, these deep-throat movies can be quite intense, but there is a fine line between making an actress mildly uncomfortable and them absolutely hating their job.

One case in point is KSJK-006 where Pierre-ken proceeds to shove Nizumi Maika's mouth into a dildo without any remorse. There are moments when the actress does look like the guy is crossing some line.

And Pierre Ken does this in every single video. What a monster.

Of course, I may be misinterpreting it all, since his role is perhaps to make us hate the male talent. Kudos, then, Pierre-san, you did a good job.

But every time I see his guy on screen, whatever he does, he just kinda icks me off a bit. Nothing personal though.


Bokki Sugiura

Bokki Sugiura has become quite popular in the recent years. He has become the quintessential 'dirty old man' of JAV, alongside

Funnily enough, Bokki is even not as old as these old geezers.

But for some reason, his performances don't usually interest me at all.

This may sound weird, but I think Bokki-san is really a nice guy. From the way he fucks the actresses, I get the impression that Bokki has quite vanilla tastes. His sex style is rather typical, almost romantic. Which is why when he does the iconic 'crazy old man' face, it strikes me as rather unconvincing.

Unlike Shimiken whose perversion is almost palpable on-screen, or Taku Yoshimura with his tongue-heavy signature moves, there is nothing about Bokki-san's performance that makes him stand out. Aside from his old-ish look and wacky facial expressions, Bokki-san is rather mid.

Nonetheless, I recognize his top-tier acting skills. Somehow his acting reminds me of typical Japanese television in the 2000s, when everything is rather exaggerated and theatrical. Bokki also plays the "meek but perverted uncle" role quite impeccably, as he seems to be in his element when he is not compelled to act like a funny mascot. Aside from that, I think Bokki-san's public image works better as meme material.


Jun Odagiri

Jun Odagiri, like Daisuke Sadamatsu, is another JAV mainstay that I'm quite partial to. Debuting in 2002, the guy is not bad-looking, especially compared to his fellow actors. But there is nothing special with him either.

Nonetheless, Jun-san is quite a capable actor. Because of his involvement in numerous NTR videos, his face has become attributed to the genre.

And you have to admit that the guy has charisma. He always looks cool and composed, but he looks a bit of a bad boy also. In fact, Rin Natsuki even shared that she was excited to work with Jun-san, someone she "has been fapping to" before she entered the industry. (Watching FSDSS-258's first scene with Jun-san suddenly takes on a whole new dimension. Rin-chan is practically having sex with her crush!)

Jun-san already delivers some solid performances, especially in drama roles. He usually excels playing the co-worker role. His work with Remu Suzumori, ABW-265, is a masterpiece for both of the actresses that is worth checking out.

But let me be honest. Jun-san does not have much in the way of personality. While he lends his talent well to a good script, he tends to disappear into the background in straightforward videos. There is not much to anticipate from him, which is to say, I find him rather boring.

Again, like most JAV actors, this may be ideal for him, as it allows him to play many varied roles.

With all that being said, I have a huge respect for all of these veteran actors. They have already proven a lot, being in the industry for so long. These are only personal thoughts and they are obviously subjective.

Do you have a JAV actor that annoy you for some reason? Whose your least favorite talent? Keep it civil and respectful in the comments!

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Slamdunx 2 months ago
The likely reason these performers are so popular is because they’re pro’s who make women - the actual stars - comfortable; and they’re reliable and are probably easy to work with for the behind the scenes folks. They probably also almost never “malfunction”. Remember, a JAV title is a massive investment for the studio and the pressure is high cause all that work has to be crammed into one day. The directors and the studios probably put an extremely high premium on actors who are a safe pair of hands.
Yamate Yumeno 2 months ago
I don't like Yuto Kuroda simply because his amount of cum is pathetic. Facial with just a few drops of semen is just lackluster. Yuki Yudzuru also annoys me, look so weak and timid, but gets to fuck so many hot women.
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