AIKA - Seven Hours, Just the Two of Us

Published May 27, 2024

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AIKA, the legend, and a lucky fan spend seven hours in a high rise hotel having nonstop sex in one of the most unique JAV movies of the modern era.

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Timing and Translation by Patonyan

Do note the following anecdote before diving into the review of a REALLY unique title by DREAM TICKET may fall on flat ears if you are under the age of 35 and were not watching Comedy Central back in the early 2000's. Back then there was a somewhat short-lived TV show called Insomniac with Dave Attell that had a comedian--"a comedian's comedian" if the explanation lands true--whom after performing a set would venture all around the town he was in till dawn. Each episode would have him hunting down the more unusual parts of the city focusing on the types of unique folk who live at night and rest during the day. It had an otherworldly feel at times--when most normal folk are tuned out, the weird ones come out apparently. Interesting jobs, things too odd for day-time, and perhaps not a part of the show itself, but definitely in the background: sex in all its shapes and sizes.

Surely JAV director Ichinose Kurumi while of appropriate age probably is not familiar with this show, but his series SEVEN HOURS, JUST THE TWO OF US really nails the vibe. Take an eager amateur guy, a legendary JAV star, have the director present but regulated to mostly setting up shots, and see what happens. As the box cover notes and our counting confirms, we get an incredible and hyper-realistic example of what could happen if the world's luckiest fan was given a night with AIKA, a big box of condoms, and keys to a high rise hotel suite with a view. Yes, sex happens and holy cow, does it go way beyond the norm. No vanilla JAV this is! No two full sex scenes and two or three foreplay scenes of various caliber. The box cover notes ten rounds of penetration and it's true! By the end of this life-changing event, our lucky amateur probably has the most semen-depleted balls of any adult in Japan and for AIKA, its just a Thursday.

In a way, this is not a 'big budget' movie. Sure, you have a huge name taking part and being released by a major JAV studio, it's packaged together nicely. The editing is on point. But the theme itself has simple execution: amateur, JAV star, hotel. It's critical that veterans are used because if it was some new face or simply an introverted actress who's used to appearing with actors who take the lead, this series would fall flat. After all, SEVEN HOURS, JUST THE TWO OF US has a most basic execution. It's the fine touches of a gyaru legend and a director who knows how to create an environment that makes this such a great movie in a really great series. Most notably after all that crazy sex from dusk to dawn is the dawn itself: AIKA on the receiving end of their final romp pressed up against a chair being railed as the sun slowly paints the Tokyo cityscape visible from twenty stories up.

Breakthrough JAV does not necessarily need massive funding. It doesn't need especially fanciful ideas (but it helps!). But it does need something and that something is found in today's update in droves. That it's part of a series means yes, we do have more on the way. Do they live up to AIKA's appearance? You may find out soon and be able to make your own judgments on JAV doing what JAV does best.

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+One of the most unique JAV movies of the modern era.

+Simple in theme, nonpareil in execution.

+AIKA proving she's a living legend.

+Endless amount of sex scenes--10! No fakery!


-AIKA is a smoker and doesn't hide it in this movie.

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