Voluptuous Married Women Nonstop Sex First Half

Published December 13, 2019

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Extra thick bordering on BBW married Japanese women have unfaithful sex. A beautifully shot release by NON.

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Voluptuous Married Women Nonstop Sex First Half
Translation and Timing by ZENRA
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VOLUPTUOUS MARRIED WOMEN NONSTOP SEX is literally four solid hours of--would ya believe it?--thick, married Japanese women having sex with their paramours.  That's it.  Nothing more, nothing less.

And it's glorious.

Just like that unique newhalf update from the other month, today and Monday's big double update features some surprisingly well-crafted footage of beautiful and slightly older Japanese women having sex.  Visually, nearly all of the ten scenes is fantastic.  I hate to say it, but I think it's possible that NON, the JAV maker behind this update may employ an A-team/B-team type production setup as those quirky HELICOPTER MOM titles we have shown and will be showing a lot more of seem to lack some of the slickness present in this and that newhalf update (however, the picture quality is still very good and the scenarios are hilarious so do not discount those movies!).

VOLUPTUOUS MARRIED WOMEN NONSTOP SEX is an omnibus aka 'best' title.  What this means is we're given ten encounters originally released in standalone movies from the past few years.  We're given the sex scenes from them with some editing for length to ensure it doesn't veer past the 240 minute mark (otherwise it would not fit on a single disc).

As a borderline JAV purist, for the longest time I scoffed at these omnibus releases and opted to show the originals at ZENRA.  However, going by what we see subscribers viewing, it turns out that since our user base consists of more casual fans than hardcore ones, movies that do a good job of showing off many women (even if they appear in their own unique scenes rather than together) seem to be considerably more popular.  My take:  your casual fan of Japanese AV doesn't (yet) have certain actresses he's head-over-heels crazy about so he'd just like to see many scenes of many women in various states of undress and arousal rather than slog through two solid hours of the same person having sex in different ways.  There are exceptions of course, but for the most part, from here on out, we'll opt to show more omnibus over single women vehicles.

With that out of the way, my thoughts on this NON release:  it's really, really good IF you're into thick women having passionate sex.  Is there a plot?  Not really.  Do the scenes follow similar structures?  Absolutely though there's a few outliers towards the end (including the final one that features a cheating girlfriend rather than a wife for some reason).  The straight-forwardness of each encounter is a non-issue given how well this was shot.  I admit that for the longest time I did not consider NON exactly on the same level as larger makers, but pretty much every scene here is visual gold.  The camerawork is not only outstanding, but you could tell they were very well aware of avoiding unnecessary close-ups due to the mosaic needed in post.  What we get is hours of lovely footage of heavier Japanese women having extra sweaty and passionate sex filmed in ways that show off their cherubic heft.

Score:  4/5

Pro's:  Voluptuous, cherubic JAV stars in a beautifully-shot 4 hour movie.

Con's:  A few scenes were too dark (lighting-wise), mosaic heavy at times.

In order of appearance:  Chitose Yura, Shizuku Amai, Yuumi Nagasaku, Serina Fukami, Satomi Nagase, Maki Koizumi, Chinami Sakura, Airi Hinata, Mako Kashiwagi, and Miyu Saitou

Note:  NON requires all titles licensed out to third-parties like ZENRA to retain their small and nearly transparent watermark in the top right corner of the screen.  Thus we apologize for the footage containing both their logo along with ours in the bottom right.  If you find recently released movies by WAAP on websites without their watermark, then consider reporting the web addresses to them.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 708

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