Ramen Boss's Spotlight on Actresses with Short Careers Part 7: Nanami Endo 遠藤ななみ

Published : May 20th, 2022 Written by RamenBoss
Name Endo Nanami 遠藤ななみ
Hobby Shopping
Birthplace Akita


Hello and welcome back JAV lovers!  We are continuing the series dedicated to wonderful AV starlets who existed for a very short time in the JAV world.  These girls are super entertaining to me, I just can't understand why they didn't keep going.  I found Nanami a long time ago.  I can't stress enough how puzzled I am over why they only have a tiny amount of work released.  I would love to know the exact professional and personal reason why each of these beautiful goddesses quit this life.  Was it a medical reason?  Was it something about the experience itself?   I have only about a billion questions, it's fascinating.  Nanami here has a ridiculously short career spanning over just a year.  Endo debuted in 2011 and luckily her work is still on R18! 


1.  KAWD-349 4 times sex, I've come to like sex more!

You can tell already why I chose her, can't you?  Just adorable, super cute looks got me hooked.  Yes, I am even taking how JAV jacket covers tend to exaggerate the actress in my opinion.  Her eyes are a little wideset and that really turns me on sometimes, depending on the girl.  I love her cute little nose.  As far as her body, nothing special to be honest.  Nanami has a petite figure with small tits and somehow looks just average at best.  I am mostly focused on her face.  This title isn't the most boring, but not the most exciting. 

It features a variety of settings and even some playful bondage.  I should refer to it as playful bondage, since it's just cloth material for a blindfold and tied hands.  Her threesome group scene was mechanical as well.  I personally recommend the final scene that follows.  It's just a hotel-looking room, but it feels like a girlfriend experience.  What stood out to me specifically is how she looked at the camera.  She just looks freaking cute as hell and went out of her way to look directly at me many times.  Worth a look.  This kind of charm and talent and passion just adds to my wonder and confusion as to why she didn't have a long successful career.


2.  KAWD-357 I absolutely don't want to get caught! Shamefully exposing myself causes my heart to race wildly

That title alone should pique your curiosity.  Could she be cuter?  I feel I should give an obvious disclaimer here.  It is an outdoor island/beach type that I think many might have zero interest in.  Hell, most of the time I like to skip these.  However, Nanami has almost no releases so I had to review this one, and I am very happy I did.  Recently I wrote about Airi Suzumura and one of her titles I fell in love with was ABP-176.  Ever since revisiting that title, I really have been into these vacation getaway titles.  Maybe I'm tired of the city and these releases are therapeutic enough for me to mention!  Anyways, let's get the obvious out the way.  We see the ridiculously cute Namami having fun in a variety of places that kind of look like paradise.  Two scenes stood out to me that I found kinky enough for my taste. 

First is the walking path vibrator scene. I mean, this is a toy that I have never seen before!  She remains standing the entire time she masturbates and that in itself is hot.  The other scene is a car scene but at the same time is not just a care scene.  She looks fantastic while she masturbates again with a different toy and then bends over and sticks her head out of the window.  The guy uses the toy on her and we see her facial expressions from an outside different angel.  I really appreciate the creativity that JAV delivers to its fans. The scene concludes with a great POV blowjob where she couldn't look cuter.  During this entire scene, the outside is not censored!  It's a real pleasure to get the full experience and not stare at a bunch of pixilated windows.  The rest of the title is what you would typically expect but they are great scenes.  Still, again, the rest of them bored me.



I want to apologize for only including two releases in this entry.  Trust me, it was for good reason.  Again, Nanami Endo did not star in many films, her collection is one of the shortest for a JAV star that I have seen so far.  Additionally, some material was produced that I personally did not want to write about for specific reasons.  Nanami had so much potential as you can see.  I can just imagine her having a career of ten years easily.  I would bet that she is super fine these days.  I might even prefer her face more now, sometimes I prefer JAV actress's faces more as they mature over time (like Rio for example).  I think Nanami could have been a model no problem!  Easily had a slew of photo books. 

There is limited information out there on Nanami, so please if any of you out there know something, feel free to leave a comment.  We are all in this together so any help at all is always welcome and appreciated.  I hope these models that retire (not just the ones that retire early) are all okay and living their best life!   We will have to make do with what content they created when they did.  For that, I am always grateful, as I remind you all of this fact.  This blog isn't just every AV star I can find with "short" careers, but also ones that I am completely gaga over.  I found these women years and years ago and the experience was always the same!  I would come across their cover and be overjoyed.  This was always immediately a disappointment and shock upon discovering the small number of films released.  However, I am very grateful for what they gave us.  Thank you.

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