Actress Spotlight: Yua Mikami

Published : December 6th, 2023 Written by Fried Chikan

Yua Mikami (三上悠亜)

Age: 30 (b. 1993)

Status: S1 No 1 Style

Height: 159 cm / 5'3"

Measurements: 85 Bust ( G Cup ) – 57 Waist – 88 Hip

Descriptors: Idol, Beautiful, Medium Figure

Social Media: Twitter –

Instagram -

Apparel Line -

Years Active: 2015 - 2023

Career and Background

Yua Mikami first made a splash entry into JAV as a celebrity debut. She was first known as a pop star idol part of SKE48 going by the name Momona Kito. After some scandalous controversies that would see her leave the group in 2014. She would reappear a year later to announce that she would be becoming an AV actress and joining Muteki the special label for celebrities in porn. After her rookie year she would join the giant studio S1 where she would stay with for the rest of her career.

To say Yua is popular would be underselling it. She has been S1’s best selling actress for years and for JAV as a whole. Yua has been the face of that studio during her time. An award winning actress; she’s won "Best New Actress" and Best Actress" from the DMM Adult Awards in 2016 and 2017 respectively. 8 years in JAV with well over 200 hundred titles in her belt. She was able to capitalize on her fame into a long career. Showing that she was more than a one off celebrity. Her retirement is the end of an era and a shift towards the next generation for S1 and JAV.

Yua’s activities outside of JAV are just as notable as her AV self. She most notably tried to re-start her singing career with Honey Popcorn alongside Moko Sakura and Miko Matsuda. A K-pop group made up of adult actresses funded by Mikami herself. The group garnered controversy at the idea of pornstars becoming pop idols and even had to cancel their first concert due to the backlash. She would not give up however and continues to work on the group. She also has developed her own apparel line Mistreass to great success. In 2022 Yua left her agency group One’s Double and established her own called “Miss Co., Ltd”. A trendsetting go getter, Yua Mikami has shown willingness, business sense, and work ethic like few others in the JAV industry.

Yua the AV Actress

All of this and we haven’t gotten to Yua herself and the AV actress. Yua is a beautiful looking human. She’s had some work done on herself as you can tell by photos of herself throughout the years; before JAV and during. Whatever she did it worked. A stunner with her big expressive eyes, high cheeks, those pronounced bow shaped lips, and that lovely smooth upward facing nose. All with her signature long flowing locks. Kept in an ever changing lighter brownish slash reddish shade throughout. Looks fit for a star.

As for her body. That is fit for an AV star. She is not just a pretty face. A terrific medium sized figure all over. Standing up at 5’3” with ample G cups and generous 88 cm hips. Eye catching breasts with a nice perky shape and hold. Her lightly pink nipples and areolas are gorgeous. With a medium sized ass that gets overlooked at times. Yua has a surprisingly thick pair of thighs accentuating her bottom half. She has a well-balanced figure all over. As a performer Yua is solid. She can work with a script and play the roles like the loving girlfriend well or dramas as the frustrated cheating wife. That extends to her bedroom skills as well. Overall I would say Yua is a good performer, not a top tier seductress in bed but did well enough.

Her title choices as an actress have been pretty conservative. Working in mainly vanilla titles for her career. She has starred in a couple of special titles such as a team up with Shoko Takahashi, or large S1 group videos, and even a Beauty Venus spinoff. For fans she is a great pick to recommend for anyone. An actress with wide reaching appeal. And that wraps up the longest Actress Spotlight entry. Yua’s long and storied career is deserved of it all. Yua Mikami lives up to the title JAV idol.

Notable Titles

 TEK-067 Princess Peach

Yua’s debut porn title with Muteki. Unlike others, Yua stayed with Muteki for a while. It’s usually used as a special brand for a couple of titles at most but Yua stayed there for her whole rookie year. Here you can see her fresh faced younger self. It starts off with a big fake press conference. A flashier way to do debut interviews.


[VR] MUTEKI 10th Anniversary Special Double Celebrity VR A Reverse Threesome Experience With A Celebrity

Shoko Takahashi came up around the same time as Yua. Her gravure background giving her the same celebrity boost that Yua got. The two would become paired up as a duo both in and out of JAV as a result. Outside they performed a variety show together called “Show your Rockets”. Inside JAV they appeared together in a duo and a VR title. While it is cool to see the two large names together these titles are just okay.


S1 Deluxe Edition Dream-Cum-True Massive All-Star Selections A 2019 Fan Thanksgiving Day Fuck Fest! Massively Massive Large Orgies! A Dream-Cum-True Harlem Soapland! Ultra-Deluxe Triple Feature Legendary 270 Minutes

This star studded title saw her team up wit most of S1’s massive roster at the time. One of the few times you will see Yua alongside Tsukasa Aoi, Moe Amatsuka, Arina Hashimoto, Yura Kano, Miru, Marin Hinata, Mako Iga, or Mei Washio together. She even has another massive group title with more S1 stars.


Yua Mikami, Arina Arata and Minami Aizawa


A star studded title so big they just named it after the three leads. Yua takes part in the fan favorite Beauty Venus series. Starring alongside Arina Arata and Minami Aizawa. Arina being someone who she has worked together before. This is one of the rare instances of Yua doing lesbian content.

Look out for Part 2 and my Top Ten Yua Mikami Titles.


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