Aimi Yoshikawa - Pleasure of Exposure

Published August 28, 2020

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An unfaithful wife, a burglar who also operates a public exposure training blog, and lots of sex often in front of an audience.

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Aimi Yoshikawa - Pleasure of Exposure
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

As I sit here and write out this review for AIMI YOSHIKAWA's ZENRA debut (and possibly her only title with us), I'm in a bit of a stupor as this could be the first ORGA release we're showing that I thought was only...OK.  It has a lot going for it including starring a very popular JAV star with god-tier breasts (they even give MOMOKA NISHINA a run for her money!), but we're also given a rather condensed and at times hastily thrown together version of the absolute glory we've seen in the previous iterations of this popular public exposure drama series.

The plot?  Well, if you've seen the others, you should know what to expect.  Quick rundown:  cute wife, creepy older man, yada yada yada, slave training throughout various scenes culminating with sex in front of an audience.  Sounds good?  I'd say so and previously we've seen ORGA take this theme and produce some masterful footage.  This time?  The bare bones technicals (picture and sound) still are what you'd expect, but there were other things a bit off.  Mosaic, for example, was pretty brutal here, but that one I'll give them a pass as it's more of a result of the times and industry standards than anything they had control over.

The most noticeable difference between today's PLEASURE OF EXPOSURE and previous one is the length.  We've seen one with SAKI HATSUMI that pushed three hours (!).  Other iterations were comfortable in the 2+ hour range.  This time?  Barely 90 minutes.  We get most of what we've seen before, but a lot of the scenes run shorter and feature some strange editing at the end; rather than comfortable conclusions we get some harsh cuts.  I'm not sure why it came out like this, but if I had to guess why the movie is so short, it'd have to be scheduling issues.  Perhaps AIMI YOSHIKAWA could only stay for part of the day.  Most notably, there was no nocturnal masturbation scenes and covert van sex that were mainstays in previous updates.

Not everything is a downer in this update.  AIMI has some wonderful curves and did an OK job as an unfaithful wife (all things considered).  The sex both in the garden and in front of masked audience was as good as it gets.  You could feel the shame emitting from her increasingly flushed body as the play ran it course.  We get prime footage of her doing everything she always wanted to do with her herbivorous husband, but just simply couldn't.  That's where MASATO ICHIJOU stepped in as her trainer.  Taking over for TONY OKI who may have had schedule issues of his own, he did an alright job.  I'm used to TONY, but MASATO isn't too much different though perhaps due to his slightly untamed puffball hair gives off more of a player vibe.

AIMI YOSHIKAWA in PLEASURE OF EXPOSURE marks our final update in this series.  ORGA has been hiatus since and while we have more updates to show by them, they will be of a slightly different kind:  indoors, mainly, but still very kinky and based around story-lines more often than not featuring Japanese wives who just can't help but cheat.  Taking the risky route to pleasure is often the most rewarding.  AIMI learned that here.  That at least is undeniable.


Score:  2.5/5

Pro's:  Some of the best breasts ever to grace the industry.  Final sex with an audience scene as beautiful as it gets.

Con's:  Abridged run-time and sloppy editing choices.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 572

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