Russia, Brazil, Korea, and Japan - Young Mothers of the World Unite for Erotic Beauty Contest First Half

Published March 13, 2023

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Curvy and busty women from all over the world arrive in Tokyo to take part in a most risque beauty contest featuring lots of nudity and accidental arousal.

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Russia, Brazil, Korea, and Japan - Young Mothers of the World Unite for Erotic Beauty Contest First Half
Timing and Translation by Patonyan
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Let's be honest:  for some of us at least, when we think "beauty contest", we care little about the book-smarts each woman may bring to the table, but just how good she looks in a bikini.  Yes, it's a harsh thing to say and it certainly does not reflect my own views as speaking multiple languages and having a witty humor vastly outweighs how perfect one's butt may look in a thong while bending over from behind.  Now if you were a JAV studio looking to create something big, glorious, and wacky and wanting to focus on beauty pageants, what would that outcome entail?

ROCKET, yes ROCKET volunteers to find out whether these types of contests will work in a JAV setting and in spite of some pretty harsh reviews over at you-know-where, I think they succeed with ease.  Starring a cast of worldwide talent ranging from Brazil, Russia, Korea, and Japan, we get glory and then some in RUSSIA, BRAZIL, KOREA, JAPAN - YOUNG MOTHERS OF THE WORLD UNITE FOR EROTIC BEAUTY CONTEST.  The biggest question may be wondering is how true the title is:  are these indeed foreign women or locals portraying them?  The Brazil answer is quite obvious though YMMV for the others.  An update from the past we showed featured a 'Korean student' that was just a decently known JAV star who happened to speak some Korean.  While I am sure this applies for the 'Russian' actress, the Korean one may be the real deal.  Color me surprised, but I guess not all Korean girls are 'good girls who go to church every Sunday' or maybe one of them does this on the fly.

Even as crazy as ROCKET gets, there is a method to their madness.  If you've ever seen any of their other large group movies, the general flow in EROTIC BEAUTY CONTEST remains similar with 'dares' or in this case, 'presentations' becoming raunchier and raunchier until everyone is in one big naked pile of pleasure thrusting and humping with semen flowing pell-mell making for an astounding number of surprise pregnancies.  It's crazy how not only ROCKET was able to roundup such a varied, international cast, but found four women who also all just happened to be ovulating on the same time.  What are the chances of that?

As someone not familiar with western adult film stars, I do wonder if the actress playing the Brazilian happens to be one who just happened to be in Japan at the right time.  Or maybe she was a long-term resident (as many Brazilians are) who happened to work in the night industry in Tokyo and ROCKET reached out to the right places to find her.  The same applies for the Korean actress as well, but with that glorious butt, my allegiance has already been declared.

To further add to what makes EROTIC BEAUTY CONTEST so glorious is RIRI KOUDA handling hosting duties.  She does what she does best though this seems to have been shot shortly before she got teeth whitening done and for those who like this author who don't mind a woman's natural looks, issues of hygiene can be troublesome.  A former smoker?  A bad brusher?  Or just bad genetic luck?  Nevertheless, this is less a movie about RIRI and bones in her mouth and more on the quartet of babes happy to show off their naked bodies to eager and horny younger men.  A beauty contest kicks things off, but as we soon see, this is one that allows lots and lots of touching, licking, group footjobs, and wild, unchained creampie group sex.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1100

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Casting is varied and I MEAN varied.
+Excellent pacing from mildly raunchy to all-out sex.
+Ideal for fans of micro bikinis and huge butts.


-Not all women may be who they say they are.

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