Gold Digger Massages with Sugar Daddy One Curtain Over 2

Published May 29, 2020

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Couples massage JAV as risky as it gets with brazen debauchery separated by the flimsiest of curtains via HOT ENTERTAINMENT.

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Gold Digger Massages with Sugar Daddy One Curtain Over 2
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

One of the most popular types of JAV movies we show at ZENRA are massage ones.  What's also increasing in popularity are movies that feature risky sex.  So why not combine them?  How about a massage JAV that features not one, but two people getting treatments, but with one of them receiving salaciously inappropriate services instead of a normal rub-down?  HOT ENTERTAINMENT released a trilogy of titles based on this theme some time ago and finally after a lengthy gap, we're showing the second edition of GOLD DIGGER MASSAGES WITH SUGAR DADDY ONE CURTAIN OVER.

Does this one improve upon the first or is it more of the same?  For starters, the issue of the 'monitor camera' being shown in the picture was fixed in #2.  While the theme involves naughty massages being filmed for the clinic's upcoming campaign, it still looked a bit amateurish to see a camera poking into some of the frames during those awesome overhead portions.  We also get four scenes that all feature sex with creampie finishes (your guess is as good as mine as to whether these are real or not).  The mosaic is present, but thin, the women are beautiful (especially the last one!), and hey, everyone's favorite PERVERTED BOX GUESSING GAME host Tarou Kai plays one of the sugar daddies!

Unlike AOYAMA, the approximately 120 minutes that make up GOLD DIGGER MASSAGES very much break that fourth wall that separates sensual massages with full-on sex.  While accidental arousal and some chagrin happen in the first halves of each scene, once that curtain is fully closed, we get something akin to standard fair JAV sex done on a massage bed.  One scene--the third--for some inexplicable reason sees masseur and horny client migrate to a traditional room to finish the act.  I'm not sure why the director did this.  It happened in #1 as well and also felt out of place there.

Names, unfortunately, are not given and even HOT ENTERTAINMENT has told us they don't have the stage-names on file.  That last woman is as beautiful as they come and sadly the name for her and the other three shown on this movie's box cover are just placeholders.  Identities aside, as a massage JAV that incorporates some very risky sex, GOLD DIGGER MASSAGES WITH SUGAR DADDY ONE CURTAIN OVER 2 builds some on the first and is a fantastic release for darn near anyone.  The massage portions are pretty solid too, but of course staying for the embarrassment and audacious coitus is where it's at.


Score:  4/5

Pro's:  Fantastic setup, real element of being caught, pretty actresses (goes triple for the last one).

Con's:  Third scene finishes in different room.  Real creampies?  Fake creampies?  Questionable.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 561

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