Gyaru Masami Compensated Dating AV Debut

Published March 15, 2017

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

Japanese gyaru of yesteryear complete with stylish for the time cornrows does schoolgirl compensated dating with an AV director to fantastic results by GUTS.

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Gyaru Masami Compensated Dating AV Debut
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Enjoukousai (aka 'compensated dating') is not a new phenomenon in Japan.  Go back a decade or longer even and you'll see examples of schoolgirls willingly selling themselves to older men.  It's prostitution, yes, but in nearly all situations, it's voluntary.  The John wants...well, that's obvious.  The girl wants money to support her habit buying things.  Pretty simple and this is the life that MANAMI is enjoying during the final years as a high school student.  It also led to her adult video debut.

MASAMI (last name not given) is really cute.  We're surprised this is her only title (that we know of) given her outgoing personality and above-average appearance.  She may not be packing gargantuan breasts, but makes up for it with a tight body and a very well-formed butt that lovers of all things behind should have no problems nodding in approval to.

MASAMI's also as gyaru as you can get.  She's the quintessential gyaru of the late 90's/early 21st century.  She even has the cornrows to prove it!  If AIKA can be considered what gyaru of the 'modern era' are all about, MANAMI would be the poster you-know-what of the Japanese Eurodance movement.  She even does a jig (calling it 'dancing' may be pushing it) in the early portions of this enjoukousai title by GUTS.

GYARU MASAMI COMPENSATED DATING AV DEBUT is actually GUTS' first foray into the compensated dating AV theme.  We've many, many more titles like this one and being the pioneer release, it may have been a bit rougher around the edges.  Fortunately, the star power (though not the name power) is fierce.  MASAMI may not be everyone's type, but she's certainly ours and is a very accurate represenation of a Japanese gyaru.  Board your time machine and travel back to this era and you'll see many like her congregating at certain night clubs.

This was a shorter than average title to work on, but sex was still plentiful.  We must give props--street cred, possibly--to the director/actor who managed to have three orgasms in such a short time period.  Two were done via 'honban'--or going all the way--as it's known in Japanese and one was a handjob/fellatio combination done in the tub and mainly filmed POV.

If you're one who really enjoys knowing how gyaru schoolgirls think, then please don't skip the interview portion that makes up the first 20 minutes or so of this update.  We get to know a lot about MASAMI though the one thing lacking is her reason for doing AV.  On one hand of course it's the money, but what was her impetus for starring in a title like this?  And how did the idea of appearing in AV get lodged in her head?  Was she scouted or is she actually one of the few women who make the first step on their own?

Lastly, during the interview portion MASAMI talked about one of her more bizarre compensated dating customers who had her simply sit and pose with a 'kokeshi' for their allotted time.  A 'kokeshi' is a type of traditional Japanese wooden doll without arms and legs.  Brothel workers usually don't pose with them!  See below for an example of one.

And wait, there’s more!  We usually don’t tack on extra comments at the bottom of completed reviews, but when we were making the sample clip (see the top left link), we noticed the mosaic application for this title was a bit on the ‘lazy’ side.  VERY frequently the first (and only the first!) frame after a keyframe did not have full mosaic making private parts almost entirely visible!  Older Japanese AV titles sometimes had this ‘issue’ so if you’ve older titles in your possession and a lot of free time, fire them up in your video player and spot the goofs!


Japanese kokeshi

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