Crime and Punishment with Maki Hojo and Yuu Kawakami Part One

Published April 7, 2017

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A dramatic crime thriller featuring Yuu Kawakami playing a reporter covering brothels who happens to befriend a legendary call girl played by Maki Hojo by ORGA.

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Crime and Punishment with Maki Hojo and Yuu Kawakami
Part One with English Subtitles
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CRIME AND PUNISHMENT Part One's translated introduction:

“A grisly discovery found at a love hotel.  The suspect?  Mami Nishikawa (MAKI HOJO), a legendary call girl with a talent for making men go mad with lust.  Yuuko Nakano (YUU KAWAKAMI) is a tabloid magazine reporter assigned brothel duty who finds herself interviewing Mami a few months before the crime was committed.  Yuuko’s acquaintanceship with her goes well beyond the norm as she tip-toes then skydives straight into the world of unthinkable vice that she surprisingly finds herself wary of relinquishing.”

One of the genres of Japanese AV we've been all too lax on showcasing at ZENRA has been drama.  We've received requests from many subscribers to add it and have thus always been out on the lookout for ideal titles from our current crop of studio partners, but nothing really has fit the bill.  The last thing we want is to select a title that may be 'kinda sorta' drama-y and hope it somewhat satisfies the craving the storyline AV craving some may have.  We don't want to short-change our subscribers and also ourselves by pushing out an update we don't totally enjoy.  That's not what we're about.

Believe it or not, an issue with production companies that push out drama AV's is that their titles are almost entirely geared for much older men--think 60's and higher.  On the other side, you've companies that do make "youth-oriented" drama titles, but the story oftentimes falls to the wayside early on in lieu for lots and lots of sex.  There's a fine balance we want where there is an overarching story that works with the sex rather than having one or the other cause an unnecessary imbalance.  Naturally being adult video, nudity and sex are a given, but five minutes of talking and 115 minutes of sex just won't cut it either.

Thankfully last summer we found the answer to our woes.  We found a Japanese AV production company that is a mighty combination of the unthinkable:  100% independent and churns out nothing but drama titles with a whole assortment of themes.  You've unfaithful wife titles aplenty along with debt payback tragedies and a lot more.  This studio even produces movies that take place in post-WW2 Japan.  All these genres and more will be shown at ZENRA in good time and it all starts now with today's and next week's insane double update.

Welcome to the world of vice delivered by Japanese AV drama masters ORGA.  This is CRIME AND PUNISHMENT, their 4 hour epic thriller about the high life and also the downfall of living out one's immoral dreams in Japan's water trade.

CRIME AND PUNISHMENT stars MAKI HOJO and YUU KAWAKAMI whose roles are outlined at the top of this review in the translated summary from ORGA's official site.  Both play their parts with the type of finesse only legends in the AV industry can carry out.  This is a full-on extra-long story title that younger actresses may have problems carrying on their own.

The quality of CRIME AND PUNISHMENT and all ORGA titles is unbelievably good.  We're talking on par with your average mainstream Japanese TV show drama good.  This is due in part to the number of staff present and also the abilities of the director (head ORGA director TEI JAGA).  For example, the lower end of the AV spectrum would literally be one-on-one:  one actor/director and the actress.  Uncensored AV titles with famous actresses would still be low with maybe 3-5 staff members  Censored titles by big makers may in some cases have in upwards of 10 staff members.  CRIME AND PUNISHMENT going by its ending credits (yes, another rarity for Japanese AV!) had 16 people on the production crew.

A huge undertaking like this requires a big staff and we're glad it paid off so well.

We WILL NOT be giving a scene-by-scene summary of what goes on in this title.  The last thing we'd want to do is spoil it--especially the ending as there are some twists along the way.  We even went out of our way to ensure the screenshots appearing to the left of this review and next week's as well don't contain any plot-destroying spoilers.  This title wasn't named CRIME AND PUNISHMENT for nothing; in the eyes of the law, there is a CRIME and someone does receive a PUNISHMENT, but the who, why, and when are all wild cards that you'll never guess until the end.

One thing we will note is just how awesome the final sex scene is for men in 'sexless' marriages, but also have a secret fetish for cuckoldism.  Imagine you find out your wife's been working as a call girl.  Now imagine the call girl you've been seeing knows her!  In a way to get back, you and her agree to arrange a meeting where your wife under her call girl persona services you.  Of course the moment she opened the door, the jig would be up.  But what if you had a mask on and remained mute?  You'd have your wife FINALLY acting hyper-sexual giving you the time of your life.

Drama titles by ORGA will be a regular feature on ZENRA from here on out.  Expect one *about* once a month.  Although we went in with guns blazing by starting with CRIME AND PUNISHMENT, there are many, many more incredible releases on the way.  All feature the same high quality production and all star famous AV stars.  And of course all are encoded straight from the production-run master tapes in Full HD with our exclusive English subtitles.  You will not find them in this quality with captioning ANYWHERE else.

A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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