Pan Takes - January 2024 Vol 2

Published : February 19th, 2024 Written by Panking


Loving And Naughty Cohabitation Life With Natsumi, The Neighbor I Admire

Starring Alice Otsu

Alice Otsu as your flirty next-door neighbor? Sounds like a great fantasy to me. MIMK-144 serves as an adaptation of an artist's CG work titled ""Akogare no Otonari-san "Natsumi" to no Love Love Ecchi na Dousei Seikatsu". In it, we see Alice playing a lewd gal going through a breakup who takes refuge at her male neighbor's place. She feels extra lonely and decides to have fun with our protagonist. The plot is paper thin but it's no surprise given that this is just adapting a simple artist's CG. The film does manage to faithfully recreate all the scenes and Alice is a decent fit for the lead character. Not quite as busty but she's got the haircut and body down at least. Not only that but her performance fits the bill too. She boasts her trademark high energy hidden behind her sweet and alluring charm.

There's no phoning it in from her here. She's always super reliable and once again does not disappoint as her trademark electric personality is on full display. Her hair and makeup are on point as well along with some nice outfits that match the original work flawlessly such as the cow-print bikini combo. As a matter of fact, the production values as a whole are quite good. The settings and lighting all align perfectly with the original although I wasn't too keen on the overly bright setup in the last scene. Lastly, we have the action which is fantastic. It's a bit segmented consisting of two full-length sex scenes alongside five mini sex scenes. All the fake cumshots feel tiresome but other than that I enjoyed every scene. The pacing is very brisk with a great position variety and lots of squirting. Besides a couple of nitpicks, there's really not much to complain about. This is by far one of the better Alice films in recent memory and should be on every fan's watchlist.

Overall Rating - 9/10


As an Eroge Otaku, I Fucked My Big-Breasted, Obedient Step-Sister For 2 Days When Our Parents Are Away

Starring Noa Haruna

I was pretty eager to check this one out as we all know I'm a massive fan of Noa Haruna and the prospect of her shooting with a major studio was tantalizing. Sadly though, the final results were underwhelming. Here we see a guy who is a major erotic game nerd. His parents go out of town for the weekend and he's left alone with his busty step-sister. He gets the idea to try out some techniques on her that he learned from his games. This of course leads to the two of them having sex all throughout. I enjoyed some aspects of the plot but the toying aspect really weighed it down as we spend way too much time on dull titty play and stimulation. It's just not that interesting personally despite her godlike boobs. This leads me to the action which is a letdown honestly. Now it does consist of three sex scenes and a paizuri scene which is nice but the pacing is so unbalanced. The 2nd sex scene for example lasts about 40 minutes while the final scene is just about 18 minutes. And it's all inflated with some super repetitive toy use that just drags on and on. Not to mention there are tons of fake cumshots everywhere.

The position variety is at least pretty decent and all the scenes do highlight her impeccable chest very well if nothing else. Now sadly the negatives don't end there as the production values leave a lot to be desired too. One gripe I have is that two scenes reuse the exact same location in a row. The lighting is different at least but it still feels like you're watching the same scene yet again. And a more nitpicky issue I have is with her wardrobe. Several of her outfits obscure her tits too much and get in the way. That said I do think the lighting is fine and the camerawork is solid enough. And finally, when it comes to her performance, I think you know what to expect by now. She's pretty lackluster across the board but I wasn't that bothered by it. By now I keep my expectations lowered and just hope to see some grade-A titty eyecandy. But as amazing as her rack is, it's not enough to carry this film sadly as it's marred by some very frustrating technical aspects and meh action.

Overall Rating - 7.3/10


Temptation That Captivates Men Megaton Clothed K Cup That Can't Be Hidden

Starring Haru Minato

This is easily one of my favorite series from S1 so you can imagine my excitement upon discovering this entry starring the new busty favorite, Haru Minato. The end result is good but not without a flaw or two. The setup centers around Haru in various scenarios where her boobs prove to be too much and tempt random men into fondling her eventually leading to full-on sex most of the time. A few of these examples include her working out at a gym and playing an office lady. I'm a big fan of this premise due to the variety of the scenarios and the tantalizing eyecandy. This aspect is further enhanced by the stellar camerawork. They always manage to capture the best angles of not only her figure but her boobs too in the best way possible. Whether she's getting bent over a desk or railed on a treadmill, it all looks fantastic. I will say that the lighting could've been better. Not only is it pretty similar across every scene but it's just too washed out for my liking.

It doesn't really enhance her curves in any way. More variety in the lighting would've made a huge difference. I will say that her wardrobe is quite nice at least. I love clothed sex and every scene caters to that such as when she's donning a sports bra or an open blouse and stockings in the office scene. Now one aspect that left me underwhelmed is her acting. I was expecting more but she's just too submissive with somewhat middling facial expressions. Her general enthusiasm can be okay at times though. Lastly, we have the action consisting of three sex scenes and a paizuri scene. The paizuri scene was sadly rather forgettable but the sex scenes are all great thanks to some terrific position variety and actual real cumshots. The pacing is also fairly balanced throughout with no scenes dragging on for too long. All in all a satisfying film but could've been something truly special if not for some lackluster lighting, meh performance, and a weak paizuri scene. Still a good watch though.

Overall Rating - 8.5/10


Big Breasted J-Cup Nurse

Starring Nina Nishimura

Nina Nishimura as a big titty nurse sounds like a no-brainer to me. Well, the film is ultimately a fun watch but weighed down by a couple of flaws. The plot here is pretty simple as it just tasks Nina with playing a nurse role in some rather loose scenarios. Don't expect anything too in-depth from this one. Now by far one of the best aspects of the film has to be her wardrobe. It may only consist mainly of one nurse outfit but it looks great and the best part is she keeps it on throughout every scene. It makes for a juicy sight seeing her huge tits spilling out from it. All the settings are nice too and fit the theme quite well without being overly repetitive. I also found her performance to be pretty solid for the most part.

She didn't blow me away but her facial expressions were mostly consistent and her energy was good throughout. When it comes to the action though, it begins to falter a bit. It features two sex scenes, two paizuri scenes, and a handjob scene. I appreciate the variety for sure and the sex scenes are generally enjoyable. However, many of the cumshots are fake which really takes away from some of the tittyfuck scenes. Not only that but the pacing is a little whack as it spends about 25 minutes on a dull titty-play scene at the start. Some of the lighting could've been better in the first few scenes as well. Despite those issues, I still had a good time with BOBB-398. It's certainly worth a watch for anyone into big-titty nurses.

Overall Rating - 8.2/10


Nipple-Tingling Horny Nurse

Starring Nene Tanaka

Katsuo Butsusan studio is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. I understand it's simple, chock full of fish eye lens, and follows nearly the same structure every time. But the eyecandy factor is always cranked up with this series and makes for some stellar sights. This one casts Nene as a home care nurse tending to an older man. She's constantly flaunting her juicy proportions and soon enough the guy starts coming on to her. The film then follows the two going at it and engaging in a variety of different sex acts. I'm admittedly not the biggest fan of this specific theme but it wasn't too unbearable and Nene does a solid job at playing the role. She's far from perfect but does boast decent enough enthusiasm and is relatively engaging.

The real reason you're here is for the eyecandy and that aspect certainly does not disappoint. Not only does she sport a few sexy outfits that highlight her immense cleavage and tease her booty, but the fisheye camerawork works wonders for her here. I know not everyone likes fish eye but I don't mind it as the results here look fantastic. Now one element that is a minor letdown is the action. It consists of just one sex scene mixed in with a range of blowjob, handjobs, some paizuri, and a bit of outercourse. There's basically just 20 minutes of sex at the very end. Plus, the majority of all the cumshots are fake too. Another sex scene in the middle would've been extremely beneficial. KATU-123 is definitely not for everyone but if you're a big Nene Tanaka fan, I think you'll enjoy yourself.

Overall Rating - 8/10


I Want My Beloved Papa-in-Law, Who Received a Terminal Diagnosis, to Live Longer… For a Month, I Secretly Made Him Ejaculate So Much with Life-Prolonging Titty Fucking and Creampie Sex!

Starring Kana Kusakabe

It's no secret that I love paizuri so combining that with a nurse theme sounds like a homerun. Does it deliver though? Let's find out. The setup centers around Kana playing a nurse whose papa-in-law is hospitalized with a serious illness. She offers to lift his spirits up the best way she knows how by using her tits of course. She starts out with a tittyfuck before transitioning into full-on sex. This continues throughout the entire film until the end when he makes a full recovery. Maybe they need to offer up this treatment everywhere huh? Needless to say, I really enjoyed this plot as Kana's natural bubbly and cheerful performance makes for a great fit. She's got terrific energy while being quite expressive and engaging from start to finish. Her performance really goes a long way in boosting this setup.

Now one aspect that didn't impress me quite as much is the lighting. It's more so just a personal preference but I wasn't a big fan of the bright and almost dreamlike lighting setup here. It's just not my cup of tea and is sadly present in nearly every scene. When it comes to the action it's pretty solid but not without a few flaws. It consists of two-and-a-half sex scenes, a blowjob scene, and a paizuri scene. The sex scenes are all satisfying and I even enjoyed the blowjob scene at the start. However, the copious fake creampies were a tad obnoxious and the paizuri scene is frustratingly disappointing and dragged out. I'll end this on a positive by saying her wardrobe is very sexy with several nice nurse outfits. Overall a fun film weighed down by a couple of annoying elements.

Overall Rating - 8.5/10


Reunion With Karen Senpai Who Had Become An Angel White. Hospital Life Where I Relied On Her Kindness And Creampie Sex

Starring Karen Yuzuriha

I don't know what's going on but it must be nurse month or something. This is the 3rd themed release I checked out so far. The plot follows a man who is pretty down on his luck and is checked into a hospital after getting injured in an accident. He soon finds out that his nurse is none other than Karen, an old caring classmate of his. Before you know it the two start having sex and the rest is history as they proceed to go at it several more times. It's a fine enough plot but one I didn't care too strongly for personally compared to some other nurse scenarios. That said, it didn't impact my enjoyment all too much as everything else here is generally solid starting with the action. It consists of three sex scenes and a blowjob scene. Now my only issue here is that there seem to be no real cumshots at all which is a damn shame. There are just tons of copious fake creampies which get extremely tiresome and aren't really a crucial aspect of the plot in any way.

That said, everything else about the action is superb. The range of positions is fantastic with a nice mix of cowgirl, doggystyle, and missionary with several variations of each. And there's a fairly high level of intensity throughout. Another positive is her wardrobe variety that's chock full of nurse uniforms and a few nice bra/panties combo. The best part is that she keeps the nurse outfit on at least in the first sex scene which I'm always a fan of. The lighting is also generally pretty good although a tad too bright in a couple of scenes. And there's a fine array of settings that keeps each scene fresh. Lastly, we have her performance which I found to be pretty decent. Her facial expressions can be hit or miss but her enthusiasm is terrific and she always sells the scenes very well. The diagnosis for PRED-549 is quite good. The plot may be forgettable and the fake creampies are obnoxious, but everything else is generally on point and makes for a satisfying watch.

Overall Rating - 8.6/10

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ramp_it_up 1 month ago
why does Noa Haruna hide her face on covers
Panking 1 month ago

Well, to be fair I doubt it's Noa's decision. It's more than likely coming from the studios themselves. I guess they don't think her face is up to standards, to put it nicely. I think her face is fine personally. She's not a beauty queen don't get me wrong but sheesh, she's nowhere near bad enough to warrant this kind of treatment that could potentially lead to negative self-esteem issues for her or possibly push her to get plastic surgery.

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