People Monitoring - Investigating If Real Friends and Coworkers Will Have Sex Together First Half

Published December 1, 2023

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We find out just how porous the wall between real friends and coworkers are. What would it take to get them to have sex together?

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People Monitoring - Investigating If Real Friends and Coworkers Will Have Sex Together First Half

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It's not everyday we get to pen a review introducing a new studio on ZENRA. When these happen, we try to begin by providing a short bio on the studio before jumping into the meat and potatoes of their maiden release. Today will be no different!

PETERS is a long-running maker that began decades ago. The reason they decided on such a very non-JAV name is a story for another day. If I had to describe them briefly, it would be "HOT ENTERTAINMENT but with lesbian massage movies and slightly more focus on nanpa that combines unusual themes". This is actually the reason why in spite of being on good terms with them for a few years through non-ZENRA ventures and being asked early on if we wanted to show their movies on our site, it only is now that they finally are appearing. A big apology there because be it those aforementioned lesbian massages and non-vanilla nanpa movies, what they shoot is gold. What's more, as we will see in today's update, PETERS is also capable of producing some really unique 'mobile studio + amateurs + unique theme' releases. And with that said, let's dig into today and Monday's fat double update.

Be it Japan or elsewhere and be it coworkers or friends, there exists a 'wall' separating what one can and can't do. Social norms, if you will. You won't make love to your friend or piston pound your coworker...normally. It can get in the way of things. It can destroy relationships, get people fired, break marriages...usually. But still, this type of wall is not solid concrete. Porous, amorphous, not set in stone. The walls that form our relationships change over time and said change can happen quickly if certain buttons are pressed. Of course offering big wads of cash can certainly speed this up!

That's the theme repeated across four scenes and five or six movies in PEOPLE MONITORING - INVESTIGATING IF REAL FRIENDS AND COWORKERS WILL HAVE SEX TOGETHER, a massive dialog-heavy reality-infused movie that frankly is really, really good, but has one caveat we'll touch upon soon. Each scene consists of either real life friends or real life coworkers. A folksy and blessedly easy to hear (we subtitlers love this!) host invites them into a studio van seemingly parked in a coin parking lot off the beaten path and there the fun begins.

With each envelope full of yen notes, the dares increase in audacity. Just how far will friends and coworkers go with money on the line? Hugging? Kissing? Caressing each other's private parts (over their clothes!)? What about sex while being filmed? In this unique island of JAV land PETERS concocted, anything is possible. It's no spoiler to say all four scenes end in sex. Any shorter and the blue balls would be throbbing beyond belief!

The one downside to PEOPLE MONITORING which Japanese reviewers noted as did we--and something that for better or worse seems to be the norm for future releases in the series--is the very slow buildup. There is more talking in this movie than actual sex. The act itself in all encounters is mostly shoehorned at the end of each scene, but before one write the series off, it should be noted the dialog is GREAT. The pacing from initial encounter to that final fraught decision to tear down the wall of normalcy flows like the Nile during the rainy season. Everyone nails their roles and the reactions really make for an immersive experience where we see friends slowly questioning where lines should be drawn (if any!). Even more so for coworkers such as the last scene featuring one who is married (!). PEOPLE MONITORING - INVESTIGATING IF REAL FRIENDS AND COWORKERS WILL HAVE SEX TOGETHER is a phenomenal release that may take time to fully enjoy, but that journey makes it more the better.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 2495

4 Files 4.03GB


Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Realistic theme.

+Each scene follows said theme, but with enough twists to keep it fresh.

+The building of passions is a joy to behold.

+Super thin mosaic.

+All four women are very cute (#3 gets my vote though!).

+Dialog and pacing make the talking portion enjoyable to watch.


-There is way more (clothed) talking than sex.

-Lighting a bit darker than ideal at times.

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