Medical School New Students Stark Naked Demonstration Day First Half

Published March 22, 2021

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With graduation almost upon them, medical school students must take part in embarrassing all naked demonstrations to ensure they’re up to task.

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Medical School New Students Stark Naked Demonstration Day First Half
Timing and Translation by Patonyan
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Everyone knows the best way to learn a new skill is trying it with your own hands.  Yes, practical demonstrations rather than burying one's head in a textbook can lead to the best outcomes.  This goes double in fields that may lead to its practitioners finding themselves in real life-or-death situations.  After all, you wouldn't want an unskilled bookworm attempting to give you CPR, would you??

SADISTIC VILLAGE takes the concept of try, not observe and mixes it with extreme embarrassment; their mainstay, really.  Their mantra after all is taking innocent women, snatching away their clothes for various uncanny reasons, and ensuring they're surrounded by big groups of (mostly male) instigators who act like their newfound naked state is normal given the circumstances.

Earlier this year we showed the spiritual prequel to today's update, MEDICAL SCHOOL NEW STUDENTS STARK NAKED DEMONSTRATION DAY.  The scene order may be different, but the overall format is near identical.  This time we sadly only get three new female faces in the hospital rather than the previous four (reason is probably financially related), but they all play their parts well and most importantly, believably.  I can't pick any favorites this time.  Out of three RIKA MARI may be the most known so her star power may make her stand out more.

The male cast does solid work.  This goes triple for ABE-chan who really nails a no-nonsense doctor professor like he may have been one in a previous life.  I wouldn't want to learn under him if I was a woman due to his habit of having his erection always falling into one.  Besides ABE, we get the usual cast of characters SADISTIC VILLAGE is known for.  I've no complaints there and the production quality as usual is solid.  This is a brightly lit, semi-realistic (if you take out the sex and unexpected employee nudity) take on actual training medical school students may undergo before graduation.  Like it or not, this is how it is.

Again, if I had to make one nitpick, it would be with the sex shoehorned at the end.  Almost certainly done that way due to scheduling (there are only so many ways you can film a 4 hour JAV movie in one single day), I'd still prefer sex scenes that feature all the women taking part watching in shock rather than seeing them go off on at a time for 'private lessons' or whatever excuse the medical staff can come up with.

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Great production values.
+Big cast.
+Take out the sex and this could actually happen...maybe.


-Sex shoehorned at the end.
-Slightly smaller female cast compared to previous movie.

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