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Published : December 25th, 2023 Written by Panking

Rounding out the last First Impressions of the year is Kana Kusakabe. She honestly wasn't on my radar whatsoever until I discovered her through a collab she did with Non Ohana in PPPE-150. I ended up loving that film and she really caught my eye. So I decided to give her a full review as I always do. I'll check out five different films and review each one. At the end, I'll give my closing remarks on her. With that out of the way, let's get it started with my first film which shouldn't be a surprise to anyone as to why I picked it.


My Girlfriend’s Older Sister Seduces Me With Big Tits And Creampies

I had to ensure this film was at the top of my watchlist. This series is (almost) always a good watch and I'm happy to report that this entry delivers just like the rest. The plot for this one follows the tried and true setup you've come to expect from this series. Kana successfully steals away her sister's boyfriend by flaunting her big titties and promising him creampie sex. There's a fair amount of risk in play as always. This leads me to the action first which consists of two sex scenes, two paizuri scenes, and a blowjob scene. Two of the five scenes incorporate some element of risk which admittedly is a tad low. I think three scenes would've been nice but it's not a massive issue.

Beyond that, the sex scenes are all enjoyable minus the fake creampies. And both tittyfuck scenes are solid thanks to them being partly shot in POV. Speaking of which, the production values are mostly satisfying here. My one gripe is that the lighting is a little too bright a couple of scenes. Otherwise, the lighting is fine but nothing really impressed me. Her wardrobe is pretty good and the pacing is nicely balanced across the board. Now one of the most vital aspects of this series is the actress's performance and Kana does a terrific job. Her facial expressions are probably the best aspect of her acting here. She's always engaged in every scene and isn't too over the top. This was the first solo film of hers I ever watched and it certainly left a strong impression.

Overall Rating - 8.6/10


Strict Female Boss

I'm always down for a good OL theme so I made sure to check this one out. As the title and cover indicate, Kana plays the role of a female boss who is rather bitchy and controlling. One of her employees starts fondling her after catching a glimpse of her soaking wet from a rainstorm. And instead of pushing him away, she gives in. This of course leads to her having an affair with him. It's all standard fare for this type of theme culminating with Kana bringing him back to her place to have sex with him while her husband is away. Kana fits this role nicely with her more mature appearance and thick body filling out the OL uniforms extremely well. Her big ass and titties look fantastic here. The production values go a long way in bolstering that aspect as well. The lighting goes for a more softer approach which greatly accentuates her curves with some very lovely shading on her body.

The camerawork is good too and the pacing is well balanced across the board. Madonna always nails the technical aspects and here is no different. Now I will say the pacing of the film is a bit slow to start as it takes quite some time before any real action begins. This leads me to the action which consists of two sex scenes, a paizuri scene, and a fondling scene. I don't have any issues with either the sex scenes or paizuri scene. It's just that the first 40 minutes are a bit of a slog. And regarding her performance, she does a solid job for the most part. She starts out with a more submissive stance before gradually loosening up over time and enjoying herself at the end as she succumbs to her lust. I don't think it's the best performance that I've seen from her but I was satisfied at least. JUQ-187 overall is a great watch for any OL fan with its strong execution and juicy eyecandy.

Overall Rating - 8.5/10


Reunited With A Friend Who I Liked But Made Fun Of For Her Tiny Tits But After More Than 10 Years She's Grown Up Fast As An Adult And Now Is A J-Cup

That's some classic E-Body level photoshopping there on the cover huh? Despite that, this is still a solid watch. The premise follows a man going out for a class reunion when he runs into an old classmate of his that he used to tease over her small chest. But now she's all grown up with a much bigger rack and she ends up bringing him to a hotel room so the pair can go at it. What transpires is just a typical hotel room meetup film. It's a little on the generic side for sure and could've been executed with a bit more creativity. The production values do help mitigate those issues somewhat. The lighting is varied across every scene which helps to an extent with keeping things fresh, despite every setting being virtually the same.

The camerawork is solid too and Kana sports a couple of nice outfits here consisting of a sexy lingerie piece and a schoolgirl outfit that plays into the theme quite well. Her performance here is another highlight as she's got fantastic energy throughout and is very engaging overall. She definitely makes the most of this theme. The action isn't too shabby either consisting of two sex scenes, two paizuri scenes, and a handjob scene. Each scene highlights her chest in superb fashion and there's a decent range of positions used. However, there is a copious amount of fake cumshots that do take away some satisfaction from the paizuri scenes. They're not obnoxiously fake though at least. While EBOD-973 is a tad generic, it's still a good watch especially if you just want some titty eyecandy.

Overall Rating - 8.3/10


Control Their Sexual Desires To Control Their Academic Success!” If It’s Okay With Step-Mama, Do Whatever You Want!

How can you say no to that cover? It captures your attention in a flash. This film is a doujinshi adaptation of a work titled "Okaa-san de Ii nara Suki ni Yarinasai!". The setup centers around a guy who is struggling with his grades at school. His stepmom learns of a tip that taking care of his sexual urges will help him concentrate more in class. So sure enough she gives it a try and the positive results start coming in. It's a fun and lighthearted premise that will undoubtedly please any milf lovers out there. From what I can tell it's pretty faithful to the original up until the halfway mark where the doujinshi ends and they added on a few more scenes. And I think Kana is a good fit for the lead role. She certainly has the figure for it and delivers a pretty spot on performance for the most part. For most of the film, she's a bit more reserved and just going through the motions which makes sense but in the last scene she really begins to embrace it.

The production values are another highlight overall. The settings and wardrobe match the original work very well and the lighting is quite solid to boot. Also, the camerawork does a fine job of lining up shots to reflect similar angles from the manga. The action here is probably the weakest aspect but I can't fault the film too much for it since it's just following a blueprint of sorts. It consists of two sex scenes, an assjob scene, a blowjob scene, and a paizuri scene. One critical element weights many of the scenes and that is the gratuitous fake cumshots. I understand why they're implemented because it's a doujinshi adaptation, it comes with the territory naturally. But it's a disappointment and ruins several of the scenes. The blowjob scene is at least watchable thanks to it being shot in POV. While the action is no doubt underwhelming, the other aspects do help make for it resulting in a pretty enjoyable adaptation.

Overall Rating - 8.3/10


Intense Kissing And Luxurious Lingerie Sex With A Beautiful Married Woman – My Urban Uncle’s Wife Tempts Me, A Country Boy

Here we see Kana in a role that she is perfectly suited for. The plot for this one follows a man who is visiting his Aunt and Uncle, played by Kana of course. She finds him rather cute and decides to have a little fun with him. You can guess how the rest of the film goes as the two go at it time and time again while keeping it a secret from her husband of course. As I mentioned this theme is tailor-made for Kana and her more mature look. My only minor gripe is that I wish risk was a more prevalent factor besides being utilized in just one scene. Another complaint I have is with the camerawork. It's certainly not all bad but there are plenty of shots that are too close up or improperly framed. It's a very mixed bag.

On the plus side, she does sport a nice array of sexy lingerie wear and the lighting is solid. Kana just overall looks amazing here. Now we have the action which is good but could've been better. It features two sex scenes, an assjob scene, a handjob scene, and a paizuri scene. As I mentioned earlier I think there is a lack of risk involved which could've greatly heightened the excitement factor and the handjob scene that does feature said element, is really underwhelming. And the paizuri scene gets off to a pretty slow start. But the other scenes are mostly satisfying and get the job done. Kana's performance goes a long way in supporting that as she exudes this lovely sultry and flirtatious vibe. All in all, a decent watch that is marred by some unfortunate wonky camerawork and some hit-or-miss action.

Overall Rating - 7.8/10

Overall Thoughts

Five films later, how do I feel about her? I think she's quite nice overall. I'm always down for another busty milf type actress and she's all about that. Physically I think she's fantastic. Her plump natural titties look amazing and compliment her curves amazingly well. Speaking of which, her figure overall is superb. Her midsection and waist are slim with lovely hips to boot. Not to mention her ass is surprisingly juicy as well. It likely won't crack my top ten but it's decently plump and provides some good eyecandy when she's in reverse cowgirl or doggystyle position. Not only is her body great but I think she's reasonably beautiful too. Her eyes and smile are very nice and really go a long way in enhancing her facial expressions and performance. She's quite a lively performer overall with consistent enthusiasm. I was never disappointed by her acting in any of the films I watched. I will surely be watching more of her going forward as she's certainly earned a spot on my watchlist.

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Ownerd 5 months ago
I am so glad she escaped Attackers. Her movies are so much better since then
Oppaira 5 months ago

I'm glad you finally saw the light with her. She wasn't quite a slam dunk with me when she first debuted but lately she's been quite good. As you said, PPPE-150 is an incredible film (and I'm glad you listened to my recommendation). You said it best, she has a great body that's highlighted by an incredible pair of natural titties. Cheers to the busty milf club!

Shinmai 5 months ago
JUQ-187 Im a fan of that OL series so when I saw that movie I became a fan of Kana straight away haha she has a lot of what I like in AV would love to see her with Yuri Oshikawa in the future
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