Pan Takes - January 2024 Vol 1

Published : February 5th, 2024 Written by Panking

We're kicking off the new year with a sleight of enticing new videos with some interesting concepts to boot. We've got Yuria Yoshine playing a busty NEET, Ai Sayama as a sex-hungry waitress, a new Slut Wagon entry with Ena Koume, and a fun tittyfuck challenge themed release from Fumika Nakayama and Moodyz. As always I'll give a full review for each film and cap it off with an overall score. Now let's kick things off with a titty-focused release from Maria Nagai. Shocking I know.


Tasting The Ultimate Legendary J-Cup Super-Breasts With The Best Of Fetish Play!

Starring Maria Nagai

A titty-focused release from Maria Nagai? I'm just as surprised as you are. Not that it's bad as I've gone on record stating multiple times that I think Maria has some of the fakes in JAV right now. Anyway, this film is very straightforward as it's just a series of vanilla scenes centered around her boobs. If you've seen this studio before you know what to expect. It doesn't exactly break the mold but it at least serves up some tantalizing eyecandy. As is often the case with this studio, that's perhaps the best aspect of the entire film. Maria sports a few nice outfits and spends the last scene covered in body oil making her titties shine spectacularly. The lighting and camerawork are solid in that regard too. Now I won't lie, her performance is mostly just mid at best. Maria's always been just an average performer and here is no different really.

She has some decent moments during the foreplay sections but she's quite lackluster when it comes to the sex scenes with some middling enthusiasm and underwhelming facial expressions. The action at least fares a bit better consisting of two sex scenes, two paizuri scenes, a handjob scene, and a really dull tittyplay scene at the start that is entirely skippable. Avoid that and the action is generally enjoyable with its nice focus on her titties that is sure to please any oppai love out there. Now you do get a few glimpses of her ass occasionally but rest assured, it's all about her jugs here. BOBB-397 keeps it simple but satisfying. If you're someone that has no interest in watching Maria because her ass is too ridiculously big but can appreciate her boobs, this is the film to check out. It's all titties, all the time.

Overall Rating - 8.2/10


After Meeting My Thirtysomething Big-Breasted NEET Sister For The First Time In Years, I Ended Up Impregnating Her Multiple Times As A Live Fleshlight

Starring Yuria Yoshine

Yuria Yoshine as a busty NEET? Sign me up! This film boasts a pretty fun setup revolving around a man visiting his step-sister for the first time in years who happens to be a NEET. She basically just plays video games all day in her room that's covered in anime posters(she's just like me fr). Eventually, he just decides to have his way with her and fucks her. It's pretty light on the setup and gets right into it for the most part which I appreciate. I do think Yuria is a good fit for this role as she certainly looks the part and Lunatica does a good job of decorating the room to fit the theme too. Unfortunately, her performance leaves a little something to be desired. Her enthusiasm is okay for the most part relatively speaking but her facial expressions aren't up to par with what you expect from her. She's way too submissive which I understand is fitting early on but even by the end, she's pretty one-note which is disappointing.

Thankfully the rest of the film is handled reasonably well starting with the action. It features two full sex scenes alongside a blowjob, handjob, and paizuri scene. There's a really nice variety here in terms of both the sex acts and positions that help keep things fresh. Also, each of the non-sex scenes transitions to a brief sex scene. My only big hangup with the action is that most of the cumshots are fake but that's to be expected. And while I usually lambaste Lunatics production values, they're not too shabby here. The lighting and settings are more varied than usual and her wardrobe selection is on point, especially with the glasses. With a bit more of a spirited performance, this could have been truly special. Despite that, it's still absolutely worth a watch for the premise and eyecandy alone.

Overall Rating - 8.6/10


My Personal Divine Breast Maid! Perfect Boobs For Breast Play For Master! Fully Devoted To Nursing And Titjobs While Healing

Starring Noa Haruna

I'm always down for a new Noa Haruna video despite the fact that I'm not exactly a huge fan of the theme here. There's really not much to this one plot-wise. It's a pretty straightforward setup with vanilla sex scenes featuring a variety of different maid outfits. Call me crazy but I've never been too high on maid uniforms all too much so that certainly takes away some enjoyment for me. At least each outfit is different but it still doesn't help too much. Thankfully that aspect doesn't impede the film too much as the eyecandy factor is still excellent. Noa's titties are still an 11/10 and look ridiculous. I do wish the lighting could've been a little better as it's not only very similar across the board but also too bright for my liking in several scenes. This doesn't exactly highlight her chest in the best way.

Another aspect that's disappointing but probably shouldn't come as much of a surprise is her acting.

It's no secret that she's not exactly the best performer and sadly that doesn't change much with this film. Her facial expressions are lousy and she's pretty devoid of any genuine enthusiasm. But hey at this point if you're not watching Noa for her insane rack then what are you doing? Fairing a bit more positively is the action consisting of three sex scenes, two handjob scenes, a paizuri scene, and a few lame tittyplay and fingering scenes that are a waste of time for the most part. I do appreciate the range of different sex acts and the sex scenes themselves are good at least. But the numerous fake cumshots plaguing the non-sex scenes really drag them down. I'll end this on a positive note by saying that the camerawork at least is solid and captures some really nice angles of her chest in action. When it comes to Noa Haruna, beggars can't be choosers really. Gotta take what you can get and this film is a serviceable enough release that should whet the appetite of any diehard fan.

Overall Rating - 7.6/10


Role Reversal! Housewife Turns Into A Sexual Monster

Starring Ai Sayama

Here we have Ai Sayama's latest release with a pretty tantalizing plot. It casts Ai as a part-time waitress at a cafe. One day her boss makes a move and tries to fondler her. However, she flips the script and turns the tables on him as she relentlessly fucks him over and over. I definitely enjoyed this premise and it's one that certainly fits Ai Sayama's acting ability. She feels right at home with excellent enthusiasm, passion, and nice facial expressions. Plus, she takes the lead in every scene in a relatively convincing fashion while feeling completely natural and not being too over the top. Now speaking of Ai herself, I can't help but notice her very slimmed-down physique. She's far from the worst victim of the "slim reaper" but I still miss all the chub she once had. There's no doubt that she's lost weight due to being in the J-pop group, Black Diamond. I understand but it's still a bummer nonetheless.

Another issue I have is with the camerawork. It's not terrible, far from it. But some shots here are just not ideal, are too close up to the action or filmed at low angles. One prime example of a missed opportunity is when the two are fucking in the hallway at the cafe with a customer nearby. We only get one shot or two of the full room barely acknowledging the customer. It's such a waste of a nice risky setup. One aspect I can praise is the action consisting of three sex scenes and a handjob scene. The pacing is very lean wasting little to no time at all and we get plenty of lovely facesitting moments. Some more position variety would've been appreciated as it's mainly just cowgirl but to be fair it does make sense given the premise. Also, there are barely any real cumshots at all which you know I'll always harp on. I still had a good time with this one but the execution at times does hold it back from true greatness.

Overall Rating - 8/10


The Slut Wagon Goes! Happening A Go-Go!! A Bizarre Journey With Ena Koume And Liz’s Sweet Sadistic Busty Mistress’s Extreme Pleasure Hyper Drive

Starring Ena Koume

Liz has picked up a new rider onboard her slut wagon and this time it's none other than Ena Koume. I'm not gonna lie, it's a bit of an odd choice. Mainly because most of the time they'll pick actresses who have more of an outgoing personality while Ena doesn't quite fit. Anyway, this film enfolds just like any other entry in the series with Liz and Ena enjoying some time out and picking up "random" guys to bring back to her slut wagon to have some fun with. Now action wise the film fares decently well consisting of two sex scenes, a handjob scene, and a paizuri scene. Sometimes the pacing is to slow but I understand it's all a part of the experience. Beyond that, it's fine enough.

The actress's performance is always a critical element to any entry and overall I think Ena does alright but not quite hitting the highs you expect to see. She does show more emotion and personality than we typically see from her which is nice. And to her credit, she's not half bad during the tittyfuck segments for example. It's hard to pinpoint exactly why but she just doesn't feel completely natural at times here. Again I still think this is one of her stronger performances but that bar isn't set too high. Another issue I have is with the camerawork as some angles here are really wonky and ill-framed although I get there are limitations with the setup and to some folks that's part of the charm. YMDD-358 is one of the weaker entries and one only worth watching for major Ena Koume fans.

Overall Rating - 7.4/10


Big Breasted Sluts Are The Best. A Vulgar Life Of Having Sex With Bitches Has Begun

Starring Nene Tanaka

Nene Tanaka is such a good fit when it comes to these doujinshi adaptations and that is once again the case with this film here. This entry is an adaptation of a CG hentai work titled "Bakunyuu Chijo Koso Saikou Desu". Admittedly I'm not 100% sure what the exact plot is but it seemingly centers around Nene playing a big titty slut who one day approaches this man in the park and pulls him away for some lewd sex in the bathroom. Eventually, they wind up back at his place and continue fucking nonstop. It's a straightforward setup that seems to faithfully adapt the source material despite it being pretty limited. Nene fits the lead role very well with her matching hair color that doesn't look outlandish at all and of course, she's definitely meaty enough. That leads me to one of the biggest positives which is the eyecandy factor. Nene looks absolutely amazing here, especially in the first scene. The camerawork is flawless as we're treated to multiple great angles of her juicy figure in motion.

Not only that but her wardrobe is just as good. She's sporting some sexy drip here with a few highlights being the thigh-high stockings and a bunnygirl outfit. The action is almost as nice but not without a flaw or two. It features three sex scenes, a paizuri scene, and a super brief scene of the guy cumming on her ass while she's cooking. That scene is a waste really but it doesn't overstay its welcome at least. Also, there's a tiresome drawn-out masturbation play segment at the start of the last sex scene that is painfully boring. Other than that all the scenes are enjoyable and boast a terrific range of positions. If there's one criticism I have is that her performance is underwhelming. She's not very engaging or expressive and is lacking in proper enthusiasm. I'd really love to see more of a spark from her. Despite a few minor gripes, I still loved this film. The eyecandy factor alone is worth the price of admission.

Overall Rating - 8.8/10


Paizuri Male Actor Audition – Rewarding with Intense Sex and Creampies!

Starring Fumika Nakayama

This was easily one of my most anticipated new releases from this month and I'm happy to report that it mostly lives up to the hype. A large reason I was so eager to check this out is because of the fun setup. It centers around a contest pitting 10 amateur actors against each other to see who has the best endurance and can survive Fumika's tittyfuck game. Those who perform well enough actually get to fuck her. It's a really entertaining and engaging premise that you don't always see too often anymore, even if it's staged to some degree. Give me more plots like this, please. A huge component of this film's success is no doubt Fumika's bubbly performance. I feel like Fumika is often underappreciated in the acting department as she can easily hold her own. She's got a really nice spunky attitude matched with lively facial expressions and excellent enthusiasm. Her performance really helps to bring this premise to life and bring out its true potential.

The action is also pretty solid featuring two sex scenes and two paizuri scenes. The sex scenes are good for the most part except for some of the pacing to be a little dragged out as no real penetration occurs until 90 minutes which is rather ridiculous. And the paizuri scenes are mostly great as well mainly thanks to Fumika's exceptional performance. Now it's not all perfect as unfortunately there appears to be some fake cumshots which really damper some of the scenes, mainly the 2nd one. Let's end on a positive note as the production values are terrific. This is mainly in reference to her wardrobe as she sports a few nice outfits with the highlight being a glasses and pantyhose combo in the 1st sex scene. The camerawork is generally on point as well. The lighting could perhaps be a bit better in the first few scenes but that's just a minor nitpick. Fumika's brilliantly bubbly performance really elevates this to a much higher level. It's definitely one of her best films in recent memory.

Overall Rating - 8.6/10


Dream Paizuri Specialized Fuzoku Land: 6-Course Menu for Absolute Tit Sliding Ejaculations

Starring Yuria Yoshine

It's no secret that I love paizuri so a video starring Yuria Yoshine focusing exclusively on that had me interested right from the start. What you see here is what you get really. It's a simple setup casting Yuria in a variety of different sex worker roles such as a soapland girl, masseuse, dominatrix, and hostess to name a few. The variety here really does help keep things fresh and prevents the scenes from getting too stale which would be easy to do with such a theme. First off let's talk about the biggest draw here which is the action. It consists of two sex scenes and four paizuri scenes. Now I can't say for certain but it appears that most of the cumshots are indeed real but at the same time, they're really quite lackluster which kind of brings down the satisfaction of the scenes for me. But the quality of the paizuri at least is solid and the sex scenes are both enjoyable all around even though one is set in a soapland setting.

Speaking of which, we have the production values which feel like a mixed bag. On the one hand, the wardrobe variety is terrific with some really great outfits like a reverse bunnysuit and a slutty schoolgirl uniform. And the settings are decently varied too. However, the lighting often feels quite drab and flat. It doesn't do her body any favors. Also, her makeup isn't too hot either. But they do a fine job at styling her hair at least for the most part. Last but not least we have her performance which is a bit disappointing. She can be one of the best around at paizuri but her facial expressions here really leave something to be desired at times. She's not all bad as her technique itself is still on par but she isn't her usual bubbly and expressive self which is a letdown. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little underwhelmed by this film overall. It's still a decent watch but the drab lighting, weak cumshots, and so-so performance left me wondering what could have been.

Overall Rating - 7.5/10

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