Itazura Onsen

Published March 2, 2020

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Stark naked and embarrassed Japanese women find themselves in a mixed bathing onsen without any clothes in this prank JAV title by SADISTIC VILLAGE.

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Itazura Onsen
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

It's always fun writing the first review for a new studio at ZENRA and today's in particular is going to be extra special.  Let's get down to business right away:  who is SADISTIC VILLAGE and why should I care about them?  SADISTIC VILLAGE in a nutshell is--and this is going to be a bit rude, but it needs to be said--DEEP's when they actually still were making big titles.  So basically take what they were doing from their creation to up around 2013 or so, but pretty much only produce movies that lead to any women taking part being in embarrassed states of undress and you get SADISTIC VILLAGE.

If you're a fan of what I like to call "instigator porn" where you have one or two people who are our real world normies and where everyone else is "in on it", then every single title we'll be showing by SV is up your alley.  That's pretty much all they do and in spite of not being the most well known of JAV studios for some reason, they've consistently been producing high quality big group movies for over a decade.  My take on this is they are very successful, but also are so busy shooting that they don't put much effort into self-promotion (their homepage is just a blog!).

We're psyched to be showing them and just how we kicked off ROCKET by showing a release from their most well-known series, we're doing the same again today.  While SV has many cool titles and series under their belt, their most legendary is ITAZURA ONSEN.  ITAZURA means 'mischief' and rather than rename this update (and it's multiple sequels down the pipeline), we opted to simply keep the Japanese as-is.  Besides, 'BATHHOUSE MISCHIEF' just doesn't sound as cool!

ITAZURA ONSEN originally had a short run in the late 2000's (and yes, we'll be showing those as well at a later date) before being put to rest for half a decade.  Fortunately, SV brought the series back and our update today is the first from the reboot.  We get nothing but amazing footage of extreme onsen trickery with a major focus on being stark naked, extremely embarrassed, and trying to find modesty in extremely public places.

That's the format for each of the three scenes, by the way; a pair (scene one and three) and a solo traveler (scene two) book rooms at this real ryokan (yes, this was filmed on location and was NOT a set) and once they strip down to take a dip in their outdoor bath, MISCHIEF begins.  Clothes are snatched, bathing area genders are switched, and suddenly they find themselves bathing among loquacious and quite healthy geezers without a way to cover up.  Being a full-fledged JAV, embarrassed nudity soon leads to them fleeing back to the main building for even more odd-ball encounters that eventually lead to brazen group sex right out in the open.

What I love beyond all those visuals is the fact that real cum is used.  No fake creampies here (except for the final one).  No big name JAV stars are employed, but I won't fault SV for that.  Titles like this are costly enough to produce and frankly, they work best when you don't immediately know the name of that pretty girl in her birthday suit attempting to sneak her way to safety.

What I thought was missing:  a wee bit of variety.  Each scene followed a pretty similar mischief order and format.  What would really be cool and would totally fit with the "what is wrong with this place?!" vibe is to have a newscaster and crew suddenly barge into the onsen to interview the female bathers and while doing so have one of the old men start pegging her from behind (and all the while the reporter and crew don't seem to notice it happening!).  Future iterations of this series incorporate more variety including an awesome impromptu erotic massage portion.

And before we leave, a subtitling note:  yes, this is an onsen title and yes, it's a huge group one at that.  There will be times throughout this update where the audio was too low, too muddled, or just too hectic to caption.  We did our best, but there are some gaps.

Score:  4.5/5

Pro's:  A fantastic way to introduce a new JAV maker on ZENRA.  High budget, huge cast, amazing setting, and wonderful pranks!

Con's:  More variety would be nicer.  Some audio issues.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 939

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