Asahi Mizuno - Training a Cheating Wife

Published November 18, 2019

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Asahi Mizuno plays a wife in an otherwise sexless relationship who soon becomes a masochistic pet to a high libido cleaning man via ORGA.

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Asahi Mizuno - Training of a Cheating Wife
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

Asahi (Asahi Mizuno) is an attractive young wife with a body so dynamic clothes can barely contain it.  On a fateful day, a repairman let emotions get in the way of duty and was the ignition point to a truly fraught situation.  Photos were taken and promises between distraught wife and blue collar gruffness were made.

From that moment onward, Asahi’s life changed drastically.  No longer a demure housewife trying her hardest to keep the demesne of her always working husband spotless.  Day by day, moment by moment, she found herself exploring her sexuality in ways she never dreamed of.  The word of that perverted repairman:  unbreakable.

For some reason, in spite of his popularity, this is the first SHIMIKEN title we've shown in ages.  But then again, if you're on a JAV site looking at an ASAHI MIZUNO movie, do you *really* care who her male co-star is?  While now retired, she was the bona fide leader of the 'dynamite body' group of freelance actresses who jumped from studio to studio to film a truly varied array of titles.

ASAHI MIZUNO not only has a near flawless face, it's attached to a body that most certainly is nonpareil.  I'm in love, really; Breasts that are perfect, legs that never end, hips that apparently are over 100 cm (!!), and a butt that could command nations.  She's got it all and I bet as she ages gracefully into her thirties and beyond, she'll turn into the most sultry milf Japan has produced since MAKI HOJO.

ORGA did well with TRAINING A CHEATING WIFE.  We've a few more like this on the way and already have shown previous movies shot by SHISUI USABA, the director, that make use of very similar themes.  Ample CMNF moments?  Check.  Stark naked fetch?  Of course.  Cheating wives?  Recall what this one is called?

It was kind of funny to see SHIMIKEN constantly wear his blue collar cleaning man uniform in every single scene.  Aside from that this was a very realistic title (OK, not really, but it looks amazing).  ASAHI MIZUNO I can't ever imagine marrying such an Average Joe nor could I see any actual Japanese woman going from such a demure domestic attendant to all out masochistic freak in such a short time.  That takes training which actually given this movie's namesake...

TRAINING A CHEATING WIFE is a beauty of a film.  The picture quality is outstanding and this was another of those JAV movies that somehow squeaked by with very minimal mosaic.  It's not uncensored and there's no production bloops, but ORGA really went the limit in showing as much as ASAHI MIZUNO's flawless figure they could and still get the A-OK to sell this work of art.

Special mention:  SHIMIKEN eating a big slab of fried chicken while doing ASAHI from behind in the kitchen.  The sex in this scene (but certainly not in the final one) may have been simulated, but he's one of the only few actors who could pull off such a brazen and slovenly feat while impaling himself again and again into true perfection.

Score:  4/5

Pro's:  Picture-perfect footage of ASAHI MIZUNO, scene variety, great CMNF moments
Con's:  Fake creampie in final scene and unrealistic plot

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 599

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