Oppaira's Watchlist Review - January 2024

Published : February 7th, 2024 Written by Oppaira

Hey guys, Oppaira here, back with another watchlist review. Before getting into it I'm going to throw you over to a couple of previous posts. If you want to see my reviews from December last year, please check out this post. If you want to see my initial thoughts on these videos before I reviewed them please check out this post. With that out of the way let's jump into these reviews!

FSDSS-711 - Erisa Kusunoki

Dude is chilling with his girlfriend playing games together when out pops her older sister. In her pajamas? With her tits poking? He can hardly contain himself, and one thing leads to another.

I came into this with somewhat low expectations both from expecting Erisa to be a bit mediocre but also expecting Faleno to mismanage this video. I can say that my low expectations were met; it wasn't anything special but it wasn't hot garbage. Like in the first video of Erisa I saw, she had a few shining moments of passion that you could really latch onto but by and large the video felt way too submissive. She just didn't really deliver consistently and much of the video felt like it was lacking in what makes her shine. Even from a content perspective, only one of the scenes truly felt risky in the style GES needs to be satisfying. That scene's risky elements really shone through because of the lack elsewhere but also contrast a bit against the style of performing that makes Erisa shine. Her moaning was quite reasonable as a result of the plot elements in that scene, so even though the style wasn't for her it still turned out to be the best scene. This video might have turned out better had Erisa done another dozen videos before it but at her current skill level she just wasn't ready to do it justice, which is on top of Faleno not understanding how to do this content properly.

Certified Banger: ❌

EBWH-045 - Yuki Nitta

Yuki Nitta plays a nurse that comes with a little bonus: if you press the button she'll come over and take care of your sexual needs. While she advertises herself as giving paizuri she'll also let you fuck her and even nut inside her.

Generally speaking I thought the video was pretty underwhelming. Even despite it being a nurse video and despite Yuki being extremely busty the video just didn't get there. It had a lot of repetitive nurse scenes and especially repetitive action from Yuki. She wasn't as energetic and it showed not only in her expressions but in the way her paizuri was too basic or her tits didn't bounce and jiggle nicely. It honestly made a lot of the content seem like it was missing something to become even just interesting. I honestly thought that her big tits in a nurse video would be way better than it ultimately turned out to be.

Certified Banger: ❌

HMN-511 - Mina Kitano

One day Mina, who works at a konbini, meets a new coworker she'll be training. The two of them end up in this weird escalating tension where they each keep stealing glances at each other. Their love lives aren't quite what they want them to be and eventually Mina can't take it anymore and comes onto him. Well, it turned out the feeling was mutual and the two started squeezing in every opportunity they could muster.

I thought Mina's performance really hit the spot for this. The video pegged her as a married woman who fell in love with her coworker and I thought she really hit on that passion. You could cut the tension with a knife the entire time and the way she would lean in to kiss him or pull him in closer as he was nutting was fantastic. I also felt the more wild energy from her as well and she somehow managed to deliver both at the same time. The konbini theme was also done pretty well, this time including a fully risky scene where they straight up grabbed their clothes and ran to narrowly avoid getting caught. Even if the video didn't have as much ass focus as I like my Mina videos to have, it did everything else right and was a great time.

Certified Banger: ✅

JUQ-513 - Ririko Kinoshita

Ririko is a hot office lady and one day she sees one of her coworkers getting berated by their boss. She takes pity on him, offering to help him out with his work. When the two are their late at night finishing up she decides to take even more pity on him and suck him off. So begins the two of them messing around all the time at work.

This video wound up being what I would expect the average office lady video from Ririko to be like. It was good, I enjoyed it, but it wasn't special enough to tell people they ought to watch it. I think everything just felt like it could have been better. It took us an hour to get to the first sex scene (and even longer to get to intercourse), for example, and I think they could have paced it better. They also could have given us sex in a more interesting place than the main room, especially when they had an extended blowjob scene in the washroom. The performance also felt like it was a bit all over the place where she was supposed to be the one in charge (and typically was) but was a bit too much on the submissive side. It wasn't just her performance being more submissive than was right for this but the content following suit, often putting them in less risky situations despite how willing Ririko was to engage in such frisky content. There were certainly moments here and there that shone quite nicely, like shoving her tits in his face, small orgasms with some real looking squirting, or even moving her hips in interesting ways, but those were the exceptions not the rules and it felt like they were out of place. Again, an enjoyable film but just not quite the mark you needed to go around telling your friends to watch it.

Certified Banger: ❌

STARS-979 - Rei Kamiki

Rei Kamiki plays a hotel worker who loves to fool around, especially with married men that she knows she shouldn't mess around with.

The plot/theme of the video were done very well in the first half and very poorly in the second half. The idea of an hour long sex scene in a hotel room that has foreplay for more than half of it just doesn't excite me at all. What does excite me is seeing her bring a cup of coffee that comes with a blowjob on the side, or pulling a dude into the storage room to have sex. Hotel videos like this need to focus on what makes them unique because that's the strength they have. Rei is a capable actress if you give her the opportunities and this video did so only half the time. Had they managed to keep the second half great I would have been singing its praises, but skimping on it with a bloated, lame sex scene just wasn't it. If you're willing to watch only half of it you may find yourself loving it, but watching the entire film it gets put in its place a bit too much.

Certified Banger: ❌


Madonna has part two of their incredible 20th anniversary group video, this time around featuring all 19 names from the first part but also adding in Sayru Hayama and Yuka Oshima.

I thought this video took the great results the previous entry had an made it better. The video started off with back to back POV scenes featuring three and four actresses respectively. Especially when the second one featured a lot of lesbian action between the actresses, such as making out and sucking on each other's tits, it felt like a more engaged film that really pushed Madonna to their limits. Nothing screamed that than the finale that just let the actresses go wild. Many of them started making out, grabbing boobs, or eating each other out, and it was insanely hot. The fact this video was a full hour shorter was quite nice as it helped it from being far too long. Especially when the finale was shorter than the previous one and didn't focus on each actress getting creampied while the others stood around, I felt like I was able to enjoy the content a lot more. Just a fantastic video that will easily be one of the best videos of the year.

Certified Banger: ✅

SDDE-711 - Rei Kamiki

Rei Kamiki is a konbini worker stuck at work on Christmas Eve. From a strange series of events a man wakes up in her body and decides to have the most wild ride of his life.

This video was honestly all over the place the way I expected it to be. This style of video (and this is the third I've seen) have this difficult task of blending actual porn with a lot of non-porn content. Watching Rei run around the store half naked or have a cake fight (yup, that happened) set a very unique tone for the video that you simply won't find elsewhere. I felt like they missed the mark a little bit on the porn content as there wasn't enough, and honestly making the video 15 minutes longer to add an extra sex scene (especially if it was a gangbang) would have aided quite a bit in making sure it had the right content. That said, the performance from Rei was brilliant. It's far and away her best performance but one that also stands up with some of the best performances I can think of. Having to pretend to be a dude trapped in a woman's body can be difficult and Rei was genuinely having the time of her life this video. The way she would cheer at the top of her lungs or show such emphatic enthusiasm at touching herself was a level of quality you basically never see. I also quite enjoyed the Christmas theme, it just added an extra layer to the video that pushed it into the great territory for me. I think whether you decide it's worth watching or not depends on how high you place the performance over content. If the performance is that important then by all means this is great, if you think the idea of a cake fight in your porn is absurd, it's not worth watching.

Certified Banger: ✅

SONE-021 - Haru Minato

Haru stars in a film where she takes on various roles from an office lady to working out at a gym.

What can I say, Haru is a very lovely actress that can make mediocrity works. The video's theme wasn't the greatest and only two of the scenes (office lady and gym) wound up being good from a content perspective. It turns out though that you can make mediocre content look good when you look as nice as Haru does. Of course you will like her tits bouncing on the treadmill, of course you will like her bent over the table at the office. Honestly the video looked great visually, captured with a lot of good camera angles and utilizing the outfits extremely well. Hell, even her ass looked nice in the final scene in a very unexpected way. The performance wound up being quite submissive from the directing and I felt like I would have strongly preferred giving her some more upbeat things as she does seem to excel quite a bit in those. There were pockets of her being a bit less submissive that felt strange in this video but also very welcomed just because it was nicer stuff. I can't say this is a Haru video that you should all go watch, it's not that good, but Haru is good enough that you might just be happy seeing her in some hot outfits looking as amazing as she does.

Certified Banger: ❌

SONE-018 - Miyu Kiyohara

Miyu plays a busty schoolgirl who catches her attractive teacher peeping at her. She decides to see where it leads and he's just completely unable to do anything but bury his face in her beautiful bosom.

A schoolgirl plot video made sense to me as the first plot video for Miyu. It was relatively light on the plot with it being her and her teacher having sex. You really don't need a lot to show it and the dialogue from her was relatively limited. I didn't mind it too much considering the aesthetics were very nice. It's hard to not love Miyu giving paizuri in the library in her schoolgirl outfit or her skirt hiked up getting railed from behind in the classroom. I felt like they abandoned the schoolgirl theme a little too much for me with the first and last scene taking place in a love hotel rather than the school. Her performance itself was also still relatively awkward, not really having the best expressions and even shying away from paizuri at times. I do think the video suffered from failing to give her a particular style and she kind of fumbled mixing too many at once, being not quite assertive or passionate enough to make any of it feel great. I still liked it but it seriously could have been way better.

Certified Banger: ❌

IPZZ-182 - Himeka Iori

Himeka's stepbrother returns home and finds that Himeka has become a hikikomori. She spends all day lounging around without a bra on, snacking, playing her 3DS. One day he stumbles on her masturbating and realizes not only is she cute but has a massive rack, the one he's basically been getting glimpses of when she doesn't even bother wearing a bra. Unable to help himself he has a taste, and the horny Himeka soon realizes she likes it just as much as he does.

I felt like I overhyped this video in my mind and that I expected it to be way better than I had any right to expect it to be. Himeka isn't that strong of a performer and tends to do well when she's prompted to be a sweet, kind, innocent lover. This sort of disinterested performance isn't necessarily bad for her but also doesn't make her shine. Himeka also shines when her tits are on full display and when you have her being very lame like she was they weren't shown off the way they need to be in order to excel. I think both of those things contributed to a film that felt like Himeka herself was underutilized. It was just a far cry from great, or even good content from her. The dynamic of her being a neet who sure into it eventually turning into someone who needed it got lost on the fact that all of the video was extremely muted. The production quality was really a saving grace with some great camera angles and outfits, but honestly it couldn't quite make up for the fact that so many other elements were done poorly.

Certified Banger: ❌

I hope you've enjoyed this last batch of reviews. As I mentioned before, I am hoping to continue doing this and so far that looks to be doable. I'm very interested myself to see how this turns out by the end of the year and whether I was making good selections or not. How many will actually turn out to be bangers? At any rate, which videos from January were your favourites? Did you watch any on my list? Let us know in the comments below. Until next time!

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