Ryoko Yabuki - The Anal Liberation of a Married Woman

Published December 22, 2021

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

Because as a wise JAV star once said, “only after anal can you truly see the light”.

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Ryoko Yabuki - The Anal Liberation of a Married Woman
Translation and Timing by JM84

What can drive a real married woman to do JAV?  Why not just a casual fling?  Granted, I'm as far from RYOKO YABUKI as one can possibly get, but from prim and proper to bound, blindfolded, a dildo jammed in the back door while being stimulated by an actor/director in a movie soon to be available to watch nationwide (and later, worldwide!)?  That takes guts.  Oh, pun spotted!  GUTS happens to be the name of the studio that shot THE ANAL LIBERATION OF A MARRIED WOMAN once upon a time.

The title hints at what RYOKO wants and sadly cannot get from her current living environment:  true blue sexual release.  A husband whom like others we have encountered in the many interviews that make these cheating wife movies what they are:  uncaring, inactive, busy all the time.  Never home.  Never there.  And certainly finding 'enjoyment' at certain establishments that those in committed relationships best not visit.  That's the life of a Japanese salaryman.  Hurray...I guess?

While most cheating wife JAV movies are very low budget, I think that's part of the charm.  Seeing a married woman on some professional set with known faces doing various lovely acts with her may visually look better, but lacks the realism something like ANAL LIBERATION brings to the table.  I can't speak for every fan of this industry, but when it comes to movies depicting flings, I want them to look hastily put together.  I don't want excessive planning.  I want car ride masturbation.  I want kinky action in a low-priced love hotel.  Extras?  Who needs 'em!  My only weakness is good lighting and at times an extra helper to man the camera to capture harder angles.  Too much to ask?  Fortunately, that's what we get here and in many other movies of this genre be it ones made by GUTS or by modern maker GOGOS (and per the latter, expect many more like this one in the future!).

RYOKO YABUKI may not be an absolutely gorgeous woman.  Mind you, she's not ugly either.  If anything, in spite of what she may think, she's certainly above average and is down for the type of rear entry play most claim they have no interest in, but in reality...

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Realistic through and through.
+Anal activity in JAV!  Rarer than you think.
+A real cheating wife.  I think.


-At times, an extra cameraman would have been nice.
-Final bath-time sex scene had to use post-processing magick to increase lighting and it's quite obvious.