2022 Debut Review - Rei Kamiki

Published : December 25th, 2022 Written by Oppaira

Rei Kamiki

Birthday (Age at debut): 1999-11-30 (22 years old)

Height: 169cm

Measurements: B95 - W60 - H85

Cup Size: G Cup

Debuted: For SOD on Apr 7th, 2022

Social Media: Twitter


Rei is someone who caught a lot of attention with her debut release cover. With her name titled just as Shiori, her pretty face and G cup boobs instantly made people excited. I knew it was just a matter of time and that happened to be her fourth release, especially as friends of mine kept hounding me to watch her and watch that particular video.


Facially I found myself enjoying Rei. She was very pretty, probably prettier than the rest of the SOD roster except for perhaps Suzu Honjo. In fact, I've seen some people comparing the two because Rei is quite pretty, which I think is less that they look alike and simply more that the two stand out amongst the SOD crowd.

Rei's tits were quite nice. Big and supple, they bounced and jiggled quite nicely in every position she found herself in.

Rei's ass was also surprisingly nice. I found they downplayed it a lot to focus on her tits in ways I didn't like because her ass actually seemed up to the task.


Rei's performing when not having sex was pretty pleasant. I found she had this more innocent, upbeat style that suited her. Watching her smile and laugh was definitely enjoyable.

Rei during intercourse was actually not half bad either. There were moments where she actually remembered to smile and look like she was enjoying it through the content. I found myself also enjoying her moaning as well, never being too whiny.

Rei even managed to squirt once, which isn't a hell of a lot but it's at least something.

Video Review

Rei stars in a cosplay variety video for SOD Star. As is extremely evident from the title, 6 cosplay 3 sex scenes is the name of the game. The cosplays range from the ever-popular bunny girl to nude nurse to slutty schoolgirl.

I found the outfit variety to be fairly solid, providing a wide range and fun spin on things. Even if schoolgirl and nurse are things we get all the time, the less traditional things like the almost nude nurse or the western-style slutty schoolgirl were nice variations. I found the action to be fairly good as well, three sex scenes amidst it was hard to argue with. I might have enjoyed a bit more variety in some of the scenes as there was a large massage theme that made some of the content feel a bit too similar. Rei's surprisingly enjoyable performance kept the video feeling quite lighthearted too, especially when she was able to keep her composure relatively well. At the end of the day though the video's length was the huge asset as it was well over three hours long and gave you plenty of time to enjoy her.


So far Rei's career has been pretty standard for SOD. SOD actresses can be all over the place with how large their studio is, so you often find a wide mix of actresses. Rei, however, feels like someone they want to keep on the main roster as long as they can. Give her a little bit of variety to keep people from getting bored but I think she's a very attractive person that will slot in well at their studio. I think especially when I think about someone like Iori Kogawa retiring and how it seems like SOD fans are fans of the studio, she has a lot of potential there. Honestly, even as someone who isn't much of an SOD fan, I find myself paying attention because of Rei.


Rating - S

I'm excited to watch them again very soon.

I actually found myself quite enjoying Rei. She's pretty, she has nice tits, and she even has a nice ass. It's not clear she has the best in any category but it's hard to complain when she's physically this nice overall. It really wouldn't surprise me if she wound up having the highest average among debuts I watch. While that alone is probably enough to get a good rating from me the performing being there as well helps out. She may not be the best newcomer I've ever come across from a performance standpoint but she's definitely in the upper half and I'll take that. When comparing her to S ranks from last year, she strikes me as a more balanced version of Alice Kisaki. Alice had nicer tits and a nicer ass but Rei is prettier and already a better performer. SOD can be a bit here and there with videos but I have a feeling I'll be willing to make some exceptions for Rei.

This year I am doing 31 debut reviews, one each day in December. Make sure to come back tomorrow to see the next one! If you want to see which actresses I've reviewed so far, check out my advent calendar post.

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Moonlight 1 year ago
I agree with you. I would like to rate her S as well. She has both pretty and cute face. She has a good size of breast (not too big) with nice nippes and areolas. Also, she is not chubby, making her breasts standing out more. Nice skin tone too. Her smiling really makes her stand out even more. She is definitely someone who I recommend. Thank you for the review.
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