2023 Debut Review - Yuki Nitta

Published : December 1st, 2023 Written by Oppaira

Yuki Nitta

Birthday (Age at debut): 1996-07-11 (27 years old)

Height: 162cm

Measurements: B110 - W65 - H89

Cup Size: L Cup

Debuted: For E-Body on 2023-07-18

Social Media: Twitter


If ever there was an actress that screamed Oppaira it would be Yuki. Giant, saggy, L cup tits? Yes, please! This is exactly what I came for, everything else be damned. While they aren't quite Hitomi's O cup knockers I'll take just about anything that comes even remotely close these days, and Yuki's honestly aren't too far off.


Facially Yuki was a little bit below average for me. She wasn't that unattractive but her face being a bit pudgier ruined it a bit for me. Unfortunately when your face is on the bigger side like this you get it looking a bit puffier and bigger in a way that just isn't enjoyable. I do feel like if she slimmed up she'd probably fall into the average category. She isn't really a looker facially but at least she isn't unattractive enough for it to be a huge problem that I just don't want to watch her.

Yuki's tits were obviously the main attraction. Large L cup tits that bounce and jiggled like no tomorrow. I absolutely loved every second of them with how they bounced, jiggled, and hung. Yes, they were saggy, at this size it's basically an inevitability. At this point I think you all know me that I like tits like this so absolutely no complaints from me about them being too big or too saggy, contrary to popular opinion. She knew how to use them and it was a pleasure to watch them the entire two hours.

Yuki's ass on the other hand was pretty bad. The camera angles from a Samoari film trying to do closeups meant we got basically nothing to see it properly but honestly it seemed underwhelming. I can't say I was surprised, this is exactly what I expect from an actress like this. It did jiggle when the guy thrust into it so it wasn't the worst ass I've ever seen but it still is down in that bottom tier of asses.

Yuki's body was a bit underwhelming. She seemed a tad too heavy to me in a way that negatively affected her. A bit of pudge in her midsection but more so her arms and legs seeming a bit flabby. Even her face itself had signs of extra fat in places that are reminiscent of fat girls. You'd be able to tell she wasn't skinny just looking at her face, put it to you that way. She has mentioned going on a diet on Twitter, which was pinned in September, so I'm a bit hopeful she lost enough weight to brighten her look overall in future videos, but it also is somewhat of a reaffirming statement about my opinion there.


As a performer she was pretty good at maintaining eye contact. I found her constantly looking at the camera the way she was probably directed to. Considering I expected her to be an awful performer and look away the entire time, it managed to be a lot more captivating than I anticipated. She also made out fairly nicely as well, contributing to something that felt a lot more engaging than anticipated. Sometimes it felt a little more dominant when she was looking at you while going hard in the paint, while the kissing stuff felt like it brought it back to a more sensual place. Often times it hit this interesting middle ground where she was doing both at the same time, kissing the guy but finding time to look at the camera quite frequently.

Yuki's paizuri skills were very, very good. She was always having fun during it with vibrant expressions and lots of eye contact as if she enjoyed watching the guy squirm at it. She also had incredible technique, keeping it between her tits the entire time while mixing things up. That's what you expect out of someone with tits like hers, she could use them very well. She is easily among the best in the business in my opinion and it's a pretty bold claim to make after just a single video.

Yuki's moaning was solid. I found myself a bit tired of it the way she lightly moaned sometimes but I also found plenty of times she avoided moaning like that. It was a bit all over the place and really varied from scene to scene and even position to position but generally was rather positive. Especially given that she could keep herself from going off the deep end or even be cognizant to ask the guy to play with her boobs, it felt like she was always somewhat in control. I think the directing really played a huge part as well as she seemed less inclined with the camera up in her face than I think she otherwise would have been.

Yuki also played with her tits a lot herself, something I greatly appreciated. It wasn't just her squeezing them at times (find a clip for that) but her licking on her own nipples. It was incredibly hot as she was sucking on her own tits and then asked the guy to join her, sucking on her nipple alongside him; I can only imagine how hot that would actually be in real life with a pair like that. Not only that but she did it throughout scenes as well, not just during foreplay but even during intercourse. This is probably the best I've ever seen a debut play with herself during a video.

Video Review

Yuki plays a bunny girl who goes around giving guys the time of their lives, whether it's them visiting her at the soapland or her visiting them at their place.

Samoari directed Yuki's 4th video and honestly it wasn't as bad as Samoari videos can be. I felt like it brought the best out of her with how much they focused the camera up close but also just the kind of content they brought to the table. The bunny girl aspect was nice, better than Samo usually does wardrobe wise, and it made things just a little bit nicer. She was able to hold her composure and also use her tits in fantastic ways throughout the video the way a lot of other videos she has / will have won't. I feel like if you're someone who is on the fence about watching it because of the director, I would say watch it because you'll be pleasantly surprised.


Yuki is an E-Body debut which means we're now right up at whether we find out she's going to stay in the business or not. I feel like a Samoari is a great director to work with before you decide if you want to stay just because he brings things to the table others do not. If you want to see what kind of fun you can have in the industry, he's your guy. I feel like some people might make comments about her body size but she has giant L cup tits, we can make some exceptions.


Rating - A

I will definitely watch them again.

Yuki isn't a slam dunk of an actress but I am for sure interested in watching her again. Simply put, she has the kind of tits that make me look twice. If she's retired then I doubt I'll watch her again, I have plenty of others for that, but if she's still active and especially if she leaves E-Body, she could be someone I watch with some regularity. I honestly wouldn't mind seeing her become an Oppai exclusive as she has the kind of tits I think they're desperate for. Maybe when coupled with her weight loss she could be pretty promising there and fill a huge gap they have. Honestly, Yuki after some decent weight loss has S tier potential in my mind. To me her performing was surprisingly enjoyable and made her a little more than just one dimensional like you might have guessed. She has potential to be more than, say An Kitajima, who is I think an actress that probably resembles her rather well. She's no Yuria Yoshine and I don't expect her to ever get there, but I'll be happy enough so long as she isn't retired and puts out a good video here and there.

This year I am doing 31 debut reviews, one each day in December. Make sure to come back tomorrow to see the next one! If you want to see which actresses I've reviewed so far, check out my advent calendar post.

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OppaiLover90 2 months ago
Performs well with big titties. Can't hate.
Waldemar 2 months ago
Yuki is not beautiful, maybe not even pretty, but she is sexy. She obviously enjoys sex and loves doing it on camera, which makes her quite attractive. Not Hitomi's successor, but her huge boobs are heaven to a breast-man.
Panking 2 months ago

You're definitely higher on her than me. I want to like her because as you mentioned she's an all-around solid performer but physically I just cannot get into her despite multiple attempts. She has no ass at all and is kind of a butterface if I'm being honest. And I don't mind saggy tits to an extent but her figure doesn't compliment them whatsoever. As you said, her body is rather flabby as opposed to someone like say Hitomi who has a very slim waist by comparison. Hell, even Yuria Yoshine has some sagginess to her tits too as well as some pudge but she fills out much better. Not to mention is way prettier and is a better performer but I digress. I doubt I'll watch her again unless she slims down and tones her figure. Even then, she likely won't be too high on my watchlist.

Fried Chikan 2 months ago

I'm with you on a lot of points; not much of a butt, looks aren't the best. I thought she was just an okay performer though. Her chest is insane and I think one of the biggest from a debut if not the biggest. Still there's a lot of competition between the busty debuts this year.

ZENRA 2 months ago

Agreed with both.

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