Oppaira's Watchlist Review - April 2024 - Part 2

Published : May 28th, 2024 Written by Oppaira

Hey guys, back with my second half of this months reviews. Make sure to go check out the first half if you haven't. Let's get started with this one.

JUQ-718 - Reina Kuroki

Reina Kuroki plays a baseball fan and finds herself hanging out with some local players. She ends up taking a real shining to one of them and becomes friends with benefits with them.

I thought the video was a bit hit or miss. The obvious plus was how great the outfits were and how great Reina looked in them. Her tits and ass are both quite nice and make it easy to show off good qualities for her. Seeing her riding or in doggy look great no matter how you slice it, though they look even better when she's pumping her hips like she did here. I felt like at times the amount of kissing she had cut through some of her weak performing making it seem better than it otherwise was. I think the biggest miss though was the final scene, which was unfortunately completely off of the baseball theme for no good reason and a third of the video. This was definitely not the video to finish with a plot ending, especially when you could have just kept up the theme. Overall it's visually appealing but that only goes so far.

Certified Banger: ❌

IPZZ-254 - Sayaka Nanjo

Sayaka plays a teacher who loves to play with her students' cocks.

First off the theme was generally great, dominant teacher films are right up there with the best possible themes/narratives. Seeing her have sex in a classroom or the nurse's office in her teacher outfits was nice, including one with glasses. My only gripe was their insistence on some fisheye lenses to help in the non-sex scenes when they made it ass focused; her ass isn't good enough for that type of content and it felt like a waste. The sex from Sayaka was good even if I was hoping it would be a little bit better. She did the dominant stuff fairly and I think I just had high hopes for it believing she could be incredible but also because the video was going well that she could produce one of the best of the year. The biggest piece that leveled up her performance was her squirting, which she did in spades both during sex or at times she specifically wanted to squirt on the guy's face. While I think she was a little more reserved in her powerful orgasms in a bad way I think if that's the tradeoff for squirting that I would take it. Overall just a good teacher film that I can easily recommend to people.

Certified Banger: ✅

MIDV-673 - Riho Shishido

Riho Shishido stars in a creampie gangbang.

Like last year Riho had a fantastic video where she got absolutely gangbanged and this one was more of the same. Good deepthroating and squirting aplenty to keep you entertained the entire time. Riho really got into it where she could handle the roughness of the content and still deliver notes of passion. Where it differed from last year's was the addition of creampies which made it all the more enjoyable. Watching her in a fishnet bodysuit getting absolutely railed was just incredible to watch and so many of the camera angles emphasized every great quality of the film from her passionate notes to the scale of her getting railed by several dudes. It's a banger for sure and one to keep in mind when looking at the best films of the year, and honestly it's making me reconsider watching Riho much more than I do.

Certified Banger: ✅

Akari, Mikuru, and Mizuki team up for some hot kissing lesbian action.

Spicy lesbian action like this film is right up my alley. If you watched it I wouldn't blame you for wondering if Nao Masaki directed it. It wasn't, for the record, it was done by Sylvia Takiguchi, who has been directing basically only lesbian content for U&K for like a decade now. I say that only because it has this wild style to it Nao is known for but I found instead it was dialed back a bit to provide something much more sensual. It was a nice mix between the two, the sloppy kissing was really hot the entire time and was very prominent throughout the video especially in the first scene. The video also had some strap on sex which of course was hot as well. There were parts that left me wanting a bit, better camera angles during strap on sex, maybe better threesome positions, which instead were often met with a little bit of reservation from them to focus on kissing instead. It's not as if what we got was bad but what we could have gotten... I just would have liked to see a few different things. The performances were good throughout, especially Akari who is the wildest of the bunch and did as she usually does; watching her get spanked while taking it in doggy was hot as hell. Simply a great film all around and one I will be checking come end of the year to see if it's on my top 25.

Certified Banger: ✅

A bunch of hot new additions to Madonna's roster plus a familiar face team up to help some virgins lose their virginity.

Samoari isn't a director I love but sometimes he can pull off a good film. It certainly helps when you have a great plot of busty milfs taking a dude's virginity. Even if there's close to no actual narrative that doesn't really matter compared to just seeing multiple hot women banging a lucky dude. Especially giving both pairs of actresses and the full four, very easy to enjoy. The fact that all four of them are busty and actresses I quite enjoy was a big selling point for me. Rena and Yuri are among my all-time favourites, Kana had a great year in 2023, and Rei was an S tier debut from last year, so very easy for me to enjoy every bit. Yeah, there were some of the usual Samoari problems but this wasn't as bad as usual. I don't know if multiple actresses mitigated it or what but there weren't as many cuts, the camera angles weren't as terrible, and the outfits really shone. There are certainly plenty of ways this could have been improved to push it over the edge to an amazing film but considering I do think it's a banger level film I would take that as a win. I would describe it as me being willing to watch a mediocre Samoari film and being surprised with what we got. Turns out if Samoari tones things down a bit he can give us some good results. I'm probably incredibly biased due to me preference of busty milfs getting creampied but I know who I am and there's a reason it was my number one film for the month despite being from Samoari.

Certified Banger: ✅

This month turned out to be really great. After last month's disappointing results with zero bangers it's nice to see that this month has a total of six bangers. That's the highest we've seen so far and what's crazy is that three of the videos that weren't bangers were with 2023 debuts (where I expect them not to be bangers this quickly into their careers). April was a great month and I can only hope May is equally as good.


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