2023 Debut Review - Sayaka Nanjo

Published : December 11th, 2023 Written by Oppaira

Sayaka Nanjo

Birthday (Age at debut): 2002-11-15 (20 years old)

Height: 162cm

Measurements: B92 - W60 - H90

Cup Size: G Cup

Debuted: For Idea Pocket on 2023-07-11

Social Media: Twitter


Sayaka is an IP actress that I was a bit on the fence about. She seemed fine to me but she was no Himeka Iori in the physical department and for me, IP actresses don't exactly have a great track record. After my top three there of Kana, Momo, and Himeka, it's basically a desert, so I didn't exactly have a lot of confidence. That being said, IP is a big enough studio that watching one actress can't hurt, and Sayaka stood out to me.


Facially Sayaka was decent. She didn't strike me among the most attractive I've seen this year but she was at least middle of the pack. She's definitely in this group where you're not happy but also not unhappy. As much as I tend to prefer the less makeup approaches, something about Sayaka struck me as a little too plain, and perhaps a bit of eyeliner and eyeshadow would have added something.

Sayaka's tits were solid. They are very much middle of the pack for me, probably even in the bottom half for debuts this year, which is a wild thing to think about. It's not that her tits are bad so much as I have a strong preference for giant tits and with the quality of the tits on some of the ladies we've seen this year, Sayaka's just don't get there for me. They were big enough to give paizuri and honestly probably big enough for her to lick her nipple if she really gave it a go, so it was probably borderline on the holy trinity for tits.

Sayaka's ass was whatever. It wasn't highlighted, it wasn't anything special, and I really didn't care much for it.


Sayaka had some solid expressions and moaning throughout. She was often able to keep herself in check, looking at the guy, not moaning too loudly, even sticking her tongue out for fun and doing some of the work herself. I would say it didn't happen as much as I would have liked but finding opportunities to balance herself like this was pleasant to watch. What was also pleasant was just seeing the wide range of expressions she would go through, and while some of them weren't necessarily the best it was still fun to watch.

Sayaka's moaning and expressions were really interesting at times because of how powerful her orgasms were. Some actresses surely fake it but Sayaka's seemed very real to me with how much her legs trembled. More than that though, she also squirted a bunch at the same time. Very reminiscent of what you see from miru, and as a performer that's pretty good company to keep.

Sayaka played with her tits at times or got the guy more engaged in them which was nice to see. All the little things like this really add up in an actress, especially when looking at a debut and hoping that they will become great down the line.

Sayaka's paizuri was quite interesting. On the one hand her boobs were a tad bit on the smaller size for paizuri so she struggled a little bit with keeping cocks between her tits. That being said, she was very enthusiastic during it, both from how fast the motion was but also her vibrant facial expressions. Considering she even mixed in sucking cock during paizuri it felt pretty good overall

Video Review

Sayaka plays a nurse who goes around the ward helping out all her patients.

Nurse videos are pretty easy to enjoy when the theme is done right like it was here. Just Sayaka out there helping out all the patients whether in their, the exam room, or the lobby, not to mention her having a variety of outfits that all fit the nurse trope. It had scenes filmed both in the day and at night to give you the full experience of her helping them out day and night. I felt like it missed a sort of group or gangbang scene you tend to see in videos like this which is weird it felt like it was missing when those scenes are often a bit awkward. Sayaka did have a liveliness to her that you often rarely see from nurse videos as the actresses tend to let the visuals do all the heavy lifting, and I found myself really enjoying the video as a result of simply everything being done well.


Sayaka has a fairly standard IP debut so far. She has had a release each of the last six cycles which is great given some actresses have been skipping cycles. She also has an IV release for Fine Pictures, and while they aren't my favourite I can at least be happy she has any IV release in her first year.


Rating - A

I will definitely watch them again.

Sayaka is an actress I would say I'm fairly interested in watching. She certainly didn't wow me physically like some have but she was solid enough. Where she shone was her performing though, which while not quite perfect was far better than I expect for a debut, especially for her fourth video. Being upbeat at times but also just the way she orgasmed reminded me so much of miru, and miru is an actress whose biggest downside in my eyes is the fact she doesn't have big tits. A miru with bigger tits is like a slam dunk for me so I'm really hoping that Sayaka turns out to be exactly that. As long as Sayaka can learn to keep her expressions a bit more in check I think there's a lot there to like, but again for someone new to the industry I think I was very pleased with it. All the little things really added up with Sayaka and it wouldn't surprise me to see her turn out to be a really strong performer and one of the top actresses at IP a year from now.

This year I am doing 31 debut reviews, one each day in December. Make sure to come back tomorrow to see the next one! If you want to see which actresses I've reviewed so far, check out my advent calendar post.

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