JAV Studio Profile: Prestige's Top Ten Videos to Watch

Published : July 3rd, 2024 Written by Fried Chikan


“Working Lascivious Older Lady vol 8”

Kicking things off is the ever lovely Mion Sonoda. You are always getting a good time with Mion and her long legs, sweet chest and good looks. A solid performer who is at home in our costume heavy title. The video places her in various scenarios with fun costumes to boot. We get office lady Mion, nurse Mion, net café owner Mion, flight attendant Mion, and masseuse Mion. Lots of Mion. Outside of the café owner scenario these are a basic sample of JAV usual costumes but made all better with Mion’s pretty looks, supple body, and most of all her confidant attitude.

Mion is hot and she knows it. The entire video oozes with her confidence as she takes over every scene. She plays a bit of femdom as a demanding office lady, a horny owner who preys on her clients, a pleasing nurse to her patients, and a controlling masseuse with a deft hand. Mion’s not some shy wallflower, she’s confident, bold, and this all makes for even hotter sex. A simple mostly vanilla title with costumes and scenarios that have been done to death. But one that is well made, well-acted, and well worth your time.


“Ejaculation Officer 07

Not simple at all is our next title. If you want weirder more out there plots than this is for you. This series is about female Ejaculation Executioners, law enforcement tasked with doling out justice with sex and cum. Criminals and evil doers getting their just desserts from women in office lady like outfits. Heavy on the roleplaying this title has both dominant femdom and submissive sex. Our title stars the domineering Asuna Kawai whose got the best set of breasts at Prestige today in my opinion. Round, creamy tits that are soft as can be. She’s a solid performer too; playing both sides here.

The video starts out like any other Ejaculation Executioner series with officer Asuna sucking and jerking off prisoners as punishment. Comeuppance comes quick here as our officer is subdued and fucked by criminals later one. So in one scene Asuna is talking down to man while riding him and in the other helplessly getting fucked from behind. The series flips the power dynamics from scene to scene (in some scenes they even switch roles multiple times) and Asuna does a great job playing the role reversals. A fun roleplaying series with a comically serious plot.  


“Suzumura's 4 passionate sex scenes”

Next up is a one off video starring Airi Suzumura. For the sake of variety I’ve only included two Airi videos but I could’ve easily made the entire list with Airi. One of my top five actresses, Airi is incredible and best underscores what modern day Prestige has become. A pale short haired beauty with a slim and skinny body. A quiet and shy woman who can get absolutely wild, sweats easily, can casually deep throat cocks, and take one heck of a pounding on that big round ass. Airi has become Prestige’s best star, most synonymous with the studio’s signature style, and required viewing for any Prestige fan.

This video, which hasn’t be replicated but deserves it, is about Airi reminiscing about her steamiest hook ups. Dressed to the nines in flashy tight fitting outfits for a night on the town, Airi goes looking for ass and finds plenty of it. Her outfits in the first half are so hot and I wished we saw more of Airi in these party girl outfits. The latter half is solid but it is hard to beat Airi having passionate sex in a bar lounge in a little backless red number. Prestige is known for their many running series but this one off video sits among their best.


“Female managers are our sex pets 23"

Now we get to the female sports manager series. A great, simple little series about sports manager’s serving their teams any way they can. This series is known for their great blowjobs, group sex, and bukkakes galore. In this video Kaname is the manager of a basketball team. The video starts out with her, in the series trademark red outfit, lining up players and sucking them off. So while some guys are running shooting drills and lay up lines, she’s running her own shooting drill and letting guys shoot their loads all over her face.

Kaname with her innocent and playful personality is a great fit for this video. The lewd sounds she makes as she sucks off players or that wide eyed face taking thick facials from all the players. She gives great head, takes on the whole team like a champ in the group scenes, and puts out a big smile with her face splattered in cum. Aside from the bukkakes and group sex, the production is just so fitting. The outfits and setting all splendidly emulating the school and gym vibe. A fantastic effort on the production side. Kaname’s tenure with Prestige wasn’t a long one but she’s one of the best girls to come out of the studio.


“Natural ingredients derived from Matsuoka 120% 68”

Finally we get to Natural Juice aka Natural ingredients derived from. This is the best and most well-known series from Absolute. The goal of these videos is to get the girls as wet as naturally possible. Steam, heat, drinking water, or even eating spicy food; whatever they can to make them sweat, spit, and squirt more. They clearly fudge things with water but even without that aid, these ladies can get quite wet. None more so than Suzu Matsuoka. Suzu is a bit of an outlier in Prestige; she’s not a skinny nor pale nor shy. No but this bottom heavy babe is an ideal match for Prestige’s wet and wild style.

Here we get one blowjob scene and 4 sex scenes, each wetter and wilder than the last. All of them being big wet winners with Suzu giving her best performance. Sweating like a demon while red faced and deep throating cock, she ups the mess with sloppy spit and loads of squirting. Unlike most girls in Prestige, Suzu is much raunchier than others. A natural slut who is loving all this nasty sex with a lewd and long tongue to boot. I would recommend checking out all the scenes but the threesome in particular. Suzu in an office lady outfit taking on two dudes and ends up dripping with sweat and cum on her face. Yes please.


“Classic Situations 2

Before Airi became their de facto star, Prestige was carried on the shoulders of Shunka Ayami. The big eyed pretty JAV idol was known for her curvy slim figure and good performing. Our video places her in an assortment of POV scenarios. Picking up men in a restaurant, getting frisky with a guy in a hospital, having sex with her boyfriend in front of you, and later cheating on him. Fun risky POV situations in nice outfits while highlighting her pretty looks and acting skills. A solid start to watching Shunka and one of her best overall titles.

I’ve spoken about the boyfriend scene as it is really fun. Seeing her getting railed and later on cheating on him while he’s still in the room. But all the other scenes are no slouches either. Like the hospital scene were Shunka gets it on with a guy all laid up in bed. It’s risky, fun, and best of all shows off her rocking body close up. Shunka has a hefty fat chest and a sweet round ass which you can see for yourself here in POV glory. The camera does great work zooming in and out of the scene. Giving up close ups of her face and zooming out for full body shots of that fantastic body as her ass is taking a pounding.


“Natural ingredients derived from Umi 120% 71”

Natural juice makes it onto our list again and for good reason (and deserves more attention to be frank) with Umi Yatsugake. Prestige has got a budding star in their hands with Umi. A long haired innocent cutie with big ears and a small face who is shy to the max. Umi looks so perfectly innocent and normal while personality wise matching that. She is really shy and reserved which makes all this jarring and so much hotter that a girl like her can do this. Like many Prestige girls; Umi sweats, spits, deep throats, and fucks until she is red faced and panting for air.

So that makes her a good match for this series which ranks among the best. The tiny Umi getting nice and nasty. Where else will you see someone as innocent as Umi spitting into the mouths of men as she gives them deep head. Or rims them and later on taking a hard pounding. Umi is nasty and it is a joy to see. By the end of scenes, her hair is sopping wet, she’s gasping for air, and her face is dripping with cum. Umi’s best video so far and one of Prestige’s best videos, get it while it’s hot and sweaty.


“Prestige Exclusive Actress in Omotenashi (Hospitality) Tourist!

Back in the day studios used to compete with each other with bigger and bigger titles. Production levels went rampant as they all tried to outdo each other like in the ludicrous Bako Bus Tour series. Taking a cue from them Prestige made their own jam packed, super star heavy title with the Gold Red Project Label. Taking some of their biggest names and putting them all together in one massive, extra-long video. The theme is hospitality vacation, imagine your flight attendants and inn keepers being hot AV stars who treat you with great service with a smile (and sex). A great and rare group sex title from Prestige and a rarity today.

A big problem people have with orgy and group videos is that it’s too chaotic and the woman hardly play with each other. Two issues this title knocks right out of the park by keeping the number of people lower and having actresses that will get nice and dirty with each other. The numbers here aren’t on the massive orgy levels of say Bako Bus but makes it easier to follow. While, in a big surprise, many of the girls here get hot and heavy with each other. This is the rare time where you will get to see Airi make out and play with Shunka. Here you’ll get to see Prestige’s girls have hot and wild group sex with guys and each other.

A rare opportunity to see Prestige’s older actresses getting down with each other make this worth a look alone. But the sex is why you need to check it out. The group sex scenes are blistering hot. From the air plane scene were a bevy of beautiful flight attendants service their passengers. And were Airi gets hot and heavy with both a passenger and her fellow attendants. But also the fantastic finale at the inn. Prestige’s roster vs a small group of guys for an old fashioned orgy. Great little moments everywhere like Kaede Fuyutsuki sweetly licking cum off of another girl’s face before making out with her. One of my favorite orgy scenes, on par with the best from Bako Bus.


“Sporty sweaty sex 4 times! Gym Kaname 09”

We enter the last stretch with a couple of returning girls. First is Kaname with a simple sweaty sports title. Kaname as a volleyball player seducing an older man, her playing with herself at the archery club, giving an oily massage at the pool, and best of all taking on three dudes at once for the tennis team. Sports outfits and sweaty sex, pretty basic but so great because of Kaname’s fantastic performance. As the volleyball player she’s devilish and playful as the seducer. In the pool and archery scene she’s more innocent and naïve and lets the men take charge. While the finale is pure lusty Kaname as she loses her mind in a devil’s foursome.

Kaname is so great at playing things slightly different from scene to scene. She’s got big eyes and subtle facial expressions that is put to nice use. The volleyball scene has good sex and Kaname’s quite cute in the pool but the clear stand out scene is the tennis one. These three dudes go to town on Kaname until she sweats through her tight white shirt and her nips peeking out. Lots of spit roasting with Kaname getting filled with cock on both ends and plenty of hard fucking. Deep throating, face fucking, and doggystyle poundings that leave her legs weak. This is Kaname’s best title and my second favorite from Prestige. A simple concept done to perfection.


“Endless Sex”

Finally we cap things off with Airi again in the Endless Sex series. This was the video that turned me onto Airi and still holds up to this day. It perfectly encapsulates what Prestige is all about in one video. The premise is about putting Airi up against waves of men, giving her unending sex from start to finish. As soon as she enters the building she is greeted with a cock from behind as the pumping starts and rarely lets up for the almost three hour runtime. The video is intense, involved, messy, and kind of funny. Airi hardly takes a step without a dick in her. She moves from room to room, floor to floor with a guy inside of her. She gets dressed with a guy still pumping away. Hard and frantic sex, a Prestige trademark.

The video only gets more and more wild as she gets put into rooms with amateur looking men who fondle her, shove their tongue down her mouth, and cum all over her. Later on the pro dudes come in to really give it to Airi. The action is messy and chaotic and by the end of things Airi is gasping for air, shaking with pleasure, and covered in cum. My highlight scene has to be with her and the schoolgirl outfit. She takes such a vigorous pounding you have to wonder how a thin and skinny chick like her can keep going on. Her outfit and hair getting more messed up and tattered as things go on. A bit more hardcore than the rest of these titles but the best of the bunch. Check this out if you are into rough and messy sex, it’s the best of Prestige.

Honorable Mention

Honorable mentions go to ABP-013 with Rola Misaki. Rola was only with Prestige for a short time and in general JAV. But that hafu had a unique look and had a few gems in her short career like this Natural Juice entry. Totally losing herself and getting real down and dirty in this wet as can be video. Another mention goes to Prestige’s current top dog Remu Suzumori in ABW-096. A lingerie focused title that Remu wears the hell out of. Prestige might not be known for their figures but girls like Remu have great figures even if they aren’t plus sized.

And that closes things out for us. Prestige might not be for everyone but their love of petite women and messy sex makes them one of my favorite studios in JAV. If this all sounds like your thing then give them a look, they deserve it.


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