Oppaira's Watchlist Review - March 2024

Published : April 8th, 2024 Written by Oppaira

Welcome to the March batch of reviews. If you're keeping tabs on the count of bangers this is an interesting month and you should take a look at that. At any rate let's get into the reviews.

SONE-131 - Momoka Kagura

Momoka Kagura stars in a variety pack of scenes from an office lady to exercising at the gym.

This video was definitely a masterclass in how to show off her tits. I felt like it had a lot of good content from both the gym theme and the office lady theme. Hot outfits work nice and both of them were superb. Watching them bounce when hanging out of her blouse or jiggle as she ran on the treadmill, really nice. I especially liked her giving a clothed paizuri with the sports bra on, a really interesting and fun little bit. Speaking of fun bits, Momoka actually seemed into it compared to what we often get in these videos. I felt like it was better to have her be like this instead of completely submissive. In Haru's it felt like the guy initiated and she wasn't so sure, but Momoka sensed what was going on and invited the guy in the office lady scene, for example. I would say the other scenes definitely felt weaker by a fair margin and that we got so much of her tits that her ass was really underutilized. Normally I wouldn't complain but she does have a nice ass and you generally do want a bit of both. All in all though I was still happy with the video. It showed a bit of life from her but honestly her body is nice enough that you might honestly watch it even if it was bad. She's turning out to be Shiori Tsukada 2.0 and who knows, maybe Shiori at S1 compared to lower tier freelance studios will actually be worth watching.

Certified Banger: ❌

START-006 - Rei Kamiki

Rei Kamiki plays a gal schoolgirl who loves to get naughty after class. One day Yuki walks in on her and another guy and finds himself alone with Rei. When she senses he's a virgin she decides to have a bit of fun only to find her usually naughty self being humbled by the innocent virgin and falling in love with him.

I found this video to be a bit interesting based on the way the narrative was spun. You had Rei being this gal chick getting off in the classroom so you expected her to be a lot more dominant than she actually was. She somehow managed to take this guy's virginity and then turns out she's an extremely sweet lover. Who knows, maybe she was done with assholes in her life and ready to fall for the good guy but it felt so strange. That's probably the best guess I can come up with but the video not really having a more dominant Rei was a bit lame. I came in with rather strong expectations of her personality that ultimately didn't come to fruition. I wouldn't say her performance was bad or anything and she got into it on a passionate level quite nicely, but I think a gal spin with an assertive personality really would have been for the best. As much as I complain though it had sex in the classroom with a schoolgirl outfit, bloomers in the infirmary, and when they finally left the school Rei put on a Boa Hancock cosplay. It simply looked nice visually and I still have to accept that Rei looking great is a good recipe for a good video.

Certified Banger: ❌

BBAN-470 - Ena Satsuki & Rima Arai

Ena and Rima go out on a date before settling in for some sexy time. The two then go out again before ending the night with some more sexy time.

I felt like this video presented itself as a date video in a way that I couldn't really enjoy. A large portion of the video was them out and about just having fun, eating or playing games like table tennis or darts. Sure, they smooched a time or two but watching them out on a date with everything blurred for an hour was just too much for me. The actual sex bits weren't half bad, including a double-ended dildo that felt like a strap-on. Hell, I could even enjoy them just being cute while making out. Unfortunately the video just dragged on way too much because of all the other stuff and by the end you kind of just wanted it to be over. Especially with the two sex scenes each being an hour, it felt like the pacing was just completely off. I didn't hate the video but it had too many issues to really be noteworthy.

Certified Banger: ❌

WAAA-351 - Ai Sayama

Ai is an erotic novelist and goes to stay with her sister and BIL. While there she finds herself drawing inspiration for her work from a fling with her BIL.

I feel like I came into this video with the wrong expectations from it. I felt like the narrative would be this hot, sexy, seductive novelist doing her thing but it failed to quite be that. On some level that came as a result of the lack of understanding of the dirty talk, which I suppose is my own fault for not realizing that would be an issue. At the same time part of it was the video failing to carry the narrative well. It kind of devolved into Ai cheating with her BIL and that just wasn't satisfying, especially when the actual cheating element was left to the end of the video just as a plot portion. The video could have had some more risky action to sell that side of it, or perhaps honestly just a better performance from Ai. Ai is way better than this and I wanted to hear her be seductive and whisper some hot dirty talk, not just moaning uncontrollably and forgetting about the narrative. The video simply felt like nothing went well and if Ai in glasses in POV is the highlight of the video (which I felt like it was), it probably wasn't going to be that good. I mean if you can enjoy that then by all means but it's just wasn't enough for me and this video really failed to be that good.

Certified Banger: ❌

PRED-553 - Aika Yamagishi

Aika stars in a video premised around seven different scenarios where she makes love.

The video felt very hit or miss to me. While some of the outfits were good, especially the succubus, police officer, and leopard, most of them were not that interesting. On top of that only the succubus one was used in a sex scene, so most of it felt pretty weak. Aika was also way more submissive than she should have been, which was a real problem in some of the scenes. She was very submissive in the succubus scene and it made that scene feel like a waste, and really only one of the scenes capitalized on her more submissive performance. I do find that Aika is one of the better submissive performers but this one really needed more dominant things to match up to the content. It ultimately felt pretty lacking in many ways, and while not a bad video it was nowhere near the quality I had hoped from Aika. It makes me a bit disappointed because the cover says part 1 and I expect another one like this, and I came into it essentially committing to watching the second as well. I would hope that the second one stands up a bit better with some better outfits and performance, which I know is certainly possible so I'll just have to hope for the best.

Certified Banger: ❌

WAAA-348 - Akari Niimura

Akari Niimura stars in Wanz Factor's 10 Minute series where she has 10 minutes to get a guy to cum with anything except intercourse. If he can last he gets to have sex and give her a creampie.

I feel like I am often disappointed by 10 min videos, particularly because I set the bar so high. An actress like Akari Niimura has all the right qualities to make it great and this one just didn't quite reach that level. I wanted to see a really assertive Akari shove her vag in a guy's face or deepthroat his soul out of his body. We did get some deepthroating but honestly it wasn't enough and the video in general didn't do enough of the right things. It felt like Akari had trouble loosening up and tried a little too hard to be seductive and sexy. While that's certainly more of what I expect out of Akari I also feel like she should have gone all in on it rather than be a bit relaxed in that sense. If you've ever seen Aimi Yoshikawa's entry where she was really bitchy the entire time, that sort of style would have been very welcomed here and really elevated it. I still don't think it's a bad entry but it's probably only about average or so for the series which is disappointing for an actress as good as Akari. Maybe if I stopped coming into it with strong expectations I wouldn't get so disappointed but it's hard not to when I've seen 50+ entries and they get some of my favourite actresses in it, especially when some recent entries (like the triple cast of Chitose + Ai + Yuria) was one of the best videos from last year.

Certified Banger: ❌

JUQ-612 - Nami Okimiya

Nami Okimiya lives in an apartment complex and is madly in love with her husband. Some of the other housewives are infuriated by it because their husbands no longer treat them the same way, causing them to tease and bully Nami. Frustrated by their actions, Nami decides to get back at them by putting on her makeup, wowing their husbands, and enacting some hot NTR action.

This video did some things well, somethings poorly, and fell a bit shy of being a banger. The good was Nami's performance, which was honestly quite wild and passionate at the same time. I found myself really enjoying her getting sweaty while riding a guy and making out with him, and in general she seemed really into it. On the flip side I felt like the execution of the plot was lacking. While the narrative itself (Nami NTRing the other wives in the apartment building) was good, watching her show up to his house with a small gift in back to back plots was weak as was a threesome between them. I feel like if they had created more interesting setups it could have easily been a banger, or if Nami's performance had carried equally as well into the final scene. Don't get me wrong, it was still very good, but not quite banger level.

Certified Banger: ❌

FPRE-028 - Rena Momozono

Rena plays a schoolgirl who goes to her friend's house. While there she catches her friend's dad checking her out and soon decides to fool around with him.

I found myself generally enjoying the video, feeling like the video came together despite a bit of general awkwardness of her seducing her friend's dad. Like yeah it was weird but you got past it fairly quickly. Her performance was pretty solid actually, having fun with him, having some solid expressions, not being too whiny. I think part of that came from the risky elements of the video of which there were quite a few. Her needing to keep her voice down multiple times was good and you could tell when she was holding it back. I think with maybe a slightly more assertive performance or a final scene that had some risky elements (as opposed to them getting oily alone in the bedroom) we could have had something quite memorable, but as it stands it was still pretty good.

Certified Banger: ❌

MEYD-890 - Ai Sayama

Ai Sayama plays an older NEET landlady, and when someone comes to stay with her while studying she finds out that the two of them are equally horny. It doesn't take long for them to become fast friends with benefits.

This was honestly the NEET video I had been waiting for. Unlike the other ones where the actress has zero personality, Ai had a very vibrant one. She was into the action both during the plot and during the scenes. I felt like she stopped caring a little too early in the scenes, making the performance fall a bit flat. I think the narrative having her being a functional adult was good as a way to change the pace. Like yeah you still got all the messy room and video game bits that these videos rely on but the change of pace was very welcomed. Ultimately I think the video had a lot of opportunities to turn it into something great and just missed the mark. Ai being a little more assertive (even in just one or two scenes) or maybe a more interesting setting could have made it into a banger. That being said, I'm way happier about how this one turned out compared to the other NEET videos I've seen and despite feeling like it's too much of a bandwagon theme right now, the right actress with this sort of spin could get me. Maybe give me something with a high functioning gamer who is so good they don't care about anything else so they can be more assertive and I'd be all over it. But for now, at least we can be happy that Ai's was pretty good.

Certified Banger: ❌

CJOD-415 - Julia

Julia and her husband are in a bit of a rut but have no fear, Julia's got a plan. She grab some old school uniforms and her husband is all over her, rekindling that old love.

I came into this video thinking there was no way I wouldn't like Julia in schoolgirl outfits. I was a little wrong about that. Look, the schoolgirl outfits were great, but that was really the only thing. The video presented itself with next to no narrative and focused on the outfits for no reason other than that was the entire theme. To some extent you can enjoy Julia in those outfits if you're a lifelong Julia fan like I am. She's in her mid 30s now so she doesn't exactly scream youthful so the contrast is appreciated. That being said, I really do need more than this, and there were so many ways to run this other than just not doing anything. It felt like they had the idea, didn't bother trying to come up with anything else, and just sold it knowing they'd sucker people like me. Well, it worked, because I was extremely hype about it, but honestly it just didn't do enough. It's about a middle of the pack Julia video, which isn't something I would typically recommend. It ultimately comes down to how much the cover entices you, and if Julia in that outfit alone does then watch it otherwise I wouldn't bother with this.

Certified Banger: ❌

Honestly I found this month to be quite interesting because there were so many videos just short of meeting the banger level. Of the four months that I've now done this, March actually has the highest average rating, so it interestingly wasn't a bad month despite nothing actually standing out. I'll be curious to see if this is the only time that happens because we've seen 10 bangers among the other three months so it's quite the anomaly to see none. At any rate, I hope you've enjoyed seeing more reviews and hope you'll join me again next month for more reviews. Until next time!

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