JULIA: 2023 Films Ranked Part 1 (Videos 25-11)

Published : February 18th, 2024 Written by Oppaira

Hey guys, Oppaira here. As many of you know, JULIA is my current favourite active actress. A lot of people like to talk as if she's washed up, and while she certainly isn't in her prime anymore I think they're mistaken. Last year I got a crazy idea in my head: what if I just watched every video from JULIA released that year? I realized I could do a post exactly like this, just like Pan did with Hitomi films. So, here we are taking a look at my top 25 videos of the year. As you've probably noticed it says part 1, that's because this is going over the first half of the list. Without further ado let's take a look at the first half JULIA's 2023 releases.

25. HMN-339

JULIA plays a married woman who doesn't get the attention of her husband. Her thoughts immediately dwell on her aging body: am I not pretty enough anymore? She decides to go to a rejuvenation clinic for some help and winds up having sex with the masseuses there.

JULIA is an actress that needs plot or passion to make things work and this video had neither. The lame plot of her husband being disinterested in her leading into an equally as bad oiled massage theme was terrible. JULIA moaned like her life depended on it and I generally prefer to see her doting on the guy and making out with him. Sure, JULIA will always physically look great, but when you produce 25 videos in a single year you need more than this to make it worthwhile watching. Maybe if you enjoy JULIA having sex on a massage bed with her tits covered in oil it can be a pleasant experience, but for me that is nowhere near what I want to be watching. Really just disappointing all around and easily my least favourite release of hers this year.

Rating: 6 / 10

24. HMN-332

JULIA and her fiance get married, doing all the customary marriage things, from visiting the shrine to cooking dinner together to making sweet love.

I came into this expecting a video where you get engaged to JULIA to be decent but this one was really underwhelming. I think a good part of that was due to a lengthy intro showing them getting engaged and being hard to follow without understanding Japanese. I mean sure, they were out on a bit of a date, but we've had more entertaining date videos from JULIA before in things like her Garcon stuff. That date vibe continued with them making takoyaki together back at home, which was the best part of the plot for me. That scene also had the best action which included naked apron sex in the kitchen. So much of the video had terrible camera angles, I'm talking Samoari level garbage from far angles that made it difficult to see. At least Samoari's stuff is artistic (or tries to be), this one wasn't that and just felt bad the entire time. The 15 minutes of good action didn't make up for how awful the rest was and it was easily one of my least favourite from her this year.

Rating: 6.8 / 10

23. PRED-536

JULIA's BIL comes to visit and she confides in him how frustrated she is with her husband. Her husband's not giving her the attention she would like, especially as lovers. Fortunately for her, he's game to play and step in as a substitute lover.

Generic NTR videos like this are always going to feel generic, especially with an actress like JULIA. I like her a lot, more than most people that's for sure, but I'm not above saying she's often an average performer. She needs above average scenarios to bring out the best in her, not some sex scene on a futon after they decide they're lovers now. The video failed to not only bring out the best in JULIA but also make the narrative interesting. It didn't really give you the sense of who the guy was, and if it was her BIL they could have pushed it in different ways to illustrate the relationship a bit better. It just felt so bland so often and the action didn't really make up for it. Okay sure, she might look good, her tits might be great, her paizuri nice, but those things are true of every video of hers and after a while just start becoming large non-factors. After you've seen a hundred of her videos or watched all 25 videos of the year, JULIA videos blend together so much. At least do this while she's cheating on him with his coworker at the office or something, not some lame theme like this where you're having sex in the bedroom or on a futon. Just an absolutely dreadful video from JULIA and an easy skip.

Rating: 6.8 / 10

22. MEYD-826

JULIA lives alone with her stepson and finds herself in a relationship with his friend. It's a bit awkward for them but he tries not to let it bother him. As JULIA senses this she tries to move on but realizes she can't and needs him.

I felt like the narrative just wasn't all that. I can see what they were trying to do but I never really felt like it was actually interesting or enjoyable. Sure, the friend is cute and makes for a good lover. Okay sure I can't do this to my stepson. All of it just honestly felt like whatever. Maybe there was a way to make it more interesting with them being in the stepson's face a bit more but the video didn't really try that for the most part. The video just did this standard bit of her touching herself at night to indicate she needed him, then an awkward sex scene where she meant for it to be the last time only to realize her true feelings. Like yeah I get it but that's just not really interesting content. They did have sex a couple of feet from him studying at one point but it was too little too late. They could have been a lot more in his face or perhaps even better, run a narrative where he got jealous of it. JULIA can do well when she gets nice plot opportunities but this video executed in a way where she didn't and it just felt too underwhelming for me.

Rating: 6.8 / 10

21. PRED-449

A guy visits his boss at home and is greeted by the boss' lovely wife, JULIA. When the boss goes on vacation, the guy comes over to help JULIA around the house, and one thing leads to another.

Honestly one of my major gripes with this video is about a theme that just fails to be thematically satisfying. You set it up as the boss' employee coming over but then do nothing to actually convey that outside of how the narrative was set up. Oh, are you just going to have her appear like a lonely housewife? That's like half of her videos and really doesn't inspire any confidence. Giving her a lack of strong prompts when there were no in-your-face narrative elements really made JULIA quite weak. Maybe you could have had a scene where JULIA brought him lunch at the office and then fucked the coworker right under his nose. You'd get a stronger sense of the narrative, a nice thematic scene, and some more engaging content. As it stood it felt like the video didn't really do much of anything. I could enjoy JULIA's glistening body or her pigtails in the second scene, but honestly her pigtails being the thing I enjoyed are evidence of how lacking this video truly was. Not a video to watch unless you're a JULIA super fan.

Rating: 6.9 / 10

20. REBD-789

JULIA stars in her 15th image video for Rebecca.

JULIA starring in her 15th IV means that a lot of the stuff you're seeing is stuff you've seen before. As nice as JULIA is it's hard to enjoy her walking around nude when there's so much else. You've probably seen it before and if you haven't, well, there's the dozen videos she released this year where you can see her nude. The two good parts were her running around nude on the beach and squeezing her tits as she soaped them up. Unfortunately those were only a small minority of the hour long content that just didn't really seal the deal. The rest of it was met with a lot of reservation from JULIA as she was just standing around being stoic for the camera. Even the BTS failed to live up to years past, especially the recent stuff with Suzu and Hikari where they were quite playful with each other. I also honestly hated the music and kept wishing they had given us the classical stuff we often get instead. Overall just not an IV to recommend.

Rating: 6.9 / 10

19. CJOD-402

JULIA likes her friend and wants to have sex with him, only catch is that he has a girlfriend. But what if she convinces him otherwise? What if she's so lovey dovey with him that she persuades him?

The date concept wasn't half bad as we saw JULIA flirting with her friend in public. It gave you a sense of where the plot was headed and if you enjoy JULIA as much as I do, the thought of her flirting with you like that is nice. That being said, the content didn't really hold up. A lot of it was fairly standard stuff and JULIA didn't have the right persona to sell the content. You wanted to see her either being dominant or loving, neither of which were done well enough to make you enjoy the performance. Instead you were left with generic sex scenes in hotels that felt rather limited. Sure, there were a couple of semi-public things like her blowing a guy in the backseat of a car or in a secluded garage, but neither of those were enough to change the feeling of the video as a whole. Ultimately you were left with another fairly basic JULIA video that just doesn't stand out.

Rating: 7 / 10

18. MEYD-849

JULIA is in a relationship with two guys, one an older guy and one a younger guy. The interesting part of this is that she only has sex with the younger guy and the older one knows it. The video then chronicles their complex relationship.

I think one of the biggest issues with this film was just the narrative itself. I don't know about you but this cuckold fantasy she had going on didn't really satisfy me at all. Maybe some older men might enjoy the idea of their wife getting pleasured by someone more virile by them but I was hardly into it. Maybe you might be the younger guy enjoying the idea of stealing her away from her husband but that didn't really feel satisfactory either. I found JULIA was good at making out with the younger fella while glancing at her husband but so much of the rest of it felt underwhelming. Especially with no paizuri to speak of and weak blowjobs the video felt like the action was very weak. The interesting angles as they portrayed her husband onlooking or however nice she looked really didn't do enough to make this a worthwhile video, and honestly I would skip it if I were you.

Rating: 7 / 10

17. WAAA-298

JULIA is reunited with an old love and before she knows it their old love is rekindled.

I felt like the plot was rather bland. I think JULIA needs strong plot elements to get her going and this idea of her just making love with a former lover doesn't sell it enough. It gave her too much room to be rather basic and a lot of the film I kept hoping that she would figure out a way to be better. She didn't really dive into it as passionately as she is capable of and there were just a few moments here and there that stood out while most of it was underwhelming. I needed her to make out with him more or gaze into his eyes with a longing, not just give me the generic stuff she's often doing it. Paizuri was good, interesting positions in the bath scene were good, but make a film those do not. It might make it tolerable if you enjoy JULIA enough but I suspect most people would be underwhelmed and question why people even enjoy JULIA.

Rating: 7.2 / 10

16. PRED-469

JULIA gets remarried and finds herself with an adult stepson. As he has been without a motherly figure for some time he immediately clings to her, but being an adult finds himself doing it inappropriately so. As JULIA feels sorry for him she decides to go along with it until she realizes she has desires that her husband can't satisfy and finds herself needing him.

I thought the concept of the video was kind of so-so at best. This spin of him being an adult but clinging to her just didn't really go over as well as you thought. This was kind of frustrating because Julia is much more capable in these kind of roles. I think she can really play stepmom roles very well but the plot was just a little clumsy and awkward. He needs you to let him suck your tits because he's too needy? Yeah, not really selling me with that one. Even as the video progressed it didn't really go anywhere interesting. The finale was the expected "I want it now" that wasn't satisfying at all. I think the video really needed JULIA to be all-in on it and instead we spent most of the movie with her going "umm I guess you're just adjusting so I guess it's okay". Put mediocrity in, get mediocrity out, and this video just didn't do it for me.

Rating: 7.4 / 10

15. PRED-487

JULIA plays a married woman at work who attracts the attention of a younger coworker. He then pushes himself on JULIA and films it, pointing it out to her after the fact as insurance for later. He then continues to have sex with her over and over again.

JULIA in office lady themes is great but only when she's actually into it. This narrative didn't really do that and as a result I was not that into it the same way JULIA wasn't. Especially when the finale decided to oil her up in a hotel room it felt like they just took the worst idea they had an ran with it. At least early on you got her having sex in the office or parking garage, which admittedly weren't actually half bad. Even if JULIA wasn't so into it I could at least enjoy the aesthetics of her bent over against the car in the parking garage or lying on a desk while getting railed. At the end of the day it's not my favourite from her but I can still somewhat enjoy office lady stuff because it's generally one of the best themes.

Rating: 7.8 / 10

14. WAAA-274

JULIA stars in a video focused on her having fun with some guys where she makes out a lot.

I felt like the plot was a little too basic and underwhelming in this one. They focused super heavily on JULIA just making out with the guy to be the entire theme of the video. I wouldn't say it was terrible but JULIA already makes out more than most actresses do. Did I enjoy watching her make out? Sure. Did it cut through whatever moaning she might have otherwise done? Sure. Did it make the video feel more passionate? Sure. At the same time I also felt like it not having a more passionate plot meant there were limitations to it. None of the production quality was terrible but it also never stood out to me either. Unfortunately JULIA in a bra and panties or in what came across like a sheer qipao just didn't really do enough to entertain. It just always felt like it could have been just a bit better and was ultimately just an okay video.

Rating: 7.9 / 10

13. CJOD-396

JULIA goes to an onsen for a date.

I liked the video presenting itself with a lot of interesting camera angles. Doing things in POV or up close gave you a perspective that you rarely ever see. Oh sure, here's an innocent blowjob, but we'll shoot it really close up to give you something a bit more unique feeling. That was true even in the sex scene prior or the scene outdoors in the warm water. I think one of the things that really, really dragged down the video was the finale. They had a nice thing going until they decided not only to oil her up in a bedroom but use strange toys and give you such a lame scene. Especially with it being 40 minutes long, it just felt like way too little for way too long and I couldn't enjoy it at all. Maybe it was just the creative camera angles making the video feel better than it otherwise was though as onsen videos rarely ever actually make me excited. They're always low effort videos that inspire low effort performances, which JULIA definitely had. It was more so the visual aspect of this video, especially when it started with some nice visuals of JULIA's boobs up close. Even if it was completely out of left field for the video, I still enjoyed it and it got me in the mood for the rest of the video. Not one of her better videos but the unique perspective made it a lot better than you might expect.

Rating: 8 / 10

12. WAAA-254

JULIA works at a konbiniand one of her younger coworkers has a bit of a thing for her. One day he shoots his shot and JULIA finds herself reciprocating as her husband isn't so into her anymore.

Kobini themes like this are a bit of a weakness for me and even if they're done poorly the setting makes up for a lot. I found this one was a lot heavier on the narrative, focusing on how her husband wasn't making love to her and how she was enjoying the younger guy caring for her instead. While I get the need to mix things up and make compelling narratives, I find konbini is one that's used infrequently enough that it can sell itself. The setting provides so many unique locations and interesting opportunities, which the video did a decent job of early on but it faded in the end when they had sex in a bedroom. That and other smaller nods to the narrative made it feel like the narrative was more important to the film in a way that just didn't sit right with me. Her performance itself also really failed to be interesting and came off more like she was along for the ride. It's not like she planned to cheat on her husband but the stud from work coming onto her was enough to set things in motion. JULIA tends to be somewhat mediocre in those performances and I would have preferred to see her training some virgin guy just to give it a more interesting spin. I still thought that the konbini theme was decent enough but all the other things around it really dragged it down a bit too much.

Rating: 8 / 10

11. CJOD-379

A guy is out with his female boss JULIA and the two of them make their way to a love hotel to spend the night. When he awakes he finds her deciding she wants a piece of him and sexy times ensue.

I think there's just something about having sex with your boss in a hotel room. It plays to these fantasies you build up in your head about all the different ways you might wind up with your boss. What if we were here late at work? What if we were at the bar and things got steamy? What if I went to her place to work on something? All of these things add up to make a theme like this, even as basic as it is, feel a bit more interesting. Especially when the boss is the one coming onto you as was the case here, it just feels a bit more enjoyable. The video honestly had quite a few good moments throughout it whether that was JULIA tugging on his tie during sex, interrupting while he was on the phone with his girlfriend, or her tits pressed against the glass while being fucked in the shower. I think that kind of conflicted with what otherwise felt like a pretty generic hotel video. Those themes are so overdone at this point and her being the boss moved the needle a bit but not nearly enough, especially with JULIA being JULIA. She wasn't terrible but it was underwhelming considering the narrative and you just wish she could channel a bit more dominant energy to really set the tone. Certainly not a bad film but certainly nothing you'll be impressed about.

Rating: 8.1 / 10

With that we have my first half of JULIA releases for the year. It's really not all sunshines and rainbows at the bottom, some of the videos end up being quite bad. That's the simple truth of actresses, not everything is going to be great. This is especially true for JULIA who can be a bit inconsistent if the theme doesn't strike just right. If you're looking for JULIA videos to watch I'd recommend saving yourself the trouble and watching stuff off the second list (which will be out in a couple of weeks), although the last two or three might tide you over. Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed and I look forward to sharing the next one with you. Until next time!

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