Ramenboss's Top 5 Unique Ichika Matsumoto Titles!

Published : July 7th, 2022 Written by RamenBoss
Name Ichika Matsumoto
Hobbies & Skills  Basketball, Camera
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Hello JAV fans, welcome!  I doubt there are many of you who don't know Ichika Matsumoto.  You can't look into JAV without seeing her face.  Ichika has put out what feels like a billion titles already.  I wanted to show the JAV world these wonderful titles that I find are special in some way shape or form, whether it's a specific concept or an unusual specific kink.  These top 5 are not just unique but they are my personal favorites as well.  Vanilla JAV titles just bore the hell out of me.  Additionally, as I have mentioned before, I don't always go for such a plastic surgery look.  Ichika is a huge exception.  I can't get enough of her these days.  Let's dive in.


5. BBAN-365 They're Partying Down and Getting Serious and Involved and Spending the Day Fucking Each Other's Brains Out! A Documentary About Two Best Friends Who Party Hard and Get Their Lesbian on.

Ichika talks about this title in her most recent interview on R18 last month (https://www.r18.com/news/ichika-matsumoto-shining.html).  When asked which of her films in 2022 she recommends the most, the first one she mentions is BBAN-365.  To quote Ichika, "Bibian’s March release – They’re Partying Down And Getting Serious And Involved And Spending The Day Fucking Each Other’s Brains Out! A Documentary About Two Best Friends Who Party Hard And Get Their Lesbian On. Yui Nagase Announces Her Retirement Ichika Matsumoto – I was excited and nervous when I was shooting the movie with Yui Nagase, but we had a great time shooting the movie.  Plus, the package design looks like an old purikura (Japanese photo booth), a cute little thing."  Previously I have written about Yui Nagase (link) and these two together are cuteness overload.  First the negatives.  I will say is that it's obviously quite different.  I entered this title with no specific expectations.  I found it to be extremely boring at first.  That's not the case anymore, but at first, I didn't appreciate it as I do now.  I realized I had overlooked the word "documentary."  Don't look to this one for your average lesbian JAV with passionate lovers.  It's basically a Vlog with a light date vibe to it. 

I feel since it is styled this way, international JAV fans might not get much out of this.  Obviously, regarding all JAV titles, I would love to either understand Japanese perfectly or have the privilege of professional subtitles like ZENRA offers.  I think without either of these features, this one is a little disappointing to watch (in a good way).  As mentioned in the title, Yui Nagase announces her retirement?  I have no idea if there is any validity to this claim.  Enough on the negatives, here's what I love about it.  The number one reason to love BBAN-365 is the fact that it's simply Ichika Matsumoto and Yui Nagase together.  

It's worth it just to see their pussies rubbed together while scissoring.  Be there and witness the pussy juice connecting them after they pull apart.  There's some double dildo action, one of my favorites.  To top it off, there is some POV strap-on blowjob happening, which is very rare in JAV.  The last thing I'll mention is that a very cute feature.  What do I mean by this?  It's a ton of giggling and funny faces.  If you love both of those things, watch the very last part, it's freaking adorable.  It truly looks like they are best friends not taking anything very seriously for the majority of the title.  I can understand if this is a plus for some fans and a negative for others.  I suggest you watch it and you decide.  At least give it a try! 


4. HMN-179 I'm Invited on a Date By a Younger Girl Who Wants More Than Her Boyfriend After Enjoying a Date with This Girl Who Isn't Satisfied with Her Boyfriend, We Had an Erotic Kiss and Ended up with Her Getting a Creampie!

This title also has the linguistic issue, but I am choosing to ignore it since it feels a lot less like a documentary title (even though it's listed in the documentary category on R18).  It's right on the line in my opinion.  This feature is an above and beyond girlfriend experience.  It's an incredible experience seeing Ichika in a variety of exciting public locations.  It's exciting enough thinking about talking to her in person and seeing her in public.  However, add a special setting and it's pure JAV relationship POV magic. 

Honestly, I don't even want to spoil the surprise of what some of these unique places are, with one exception.  The cable car ride was very enjoyable to watch.  It's romantic and not overtly sexual in any way.  The sex is great.  The camera work and style compliments it.  It's a mix of normal professional camera work and of more of an amateur style.  As if it's the lucky guy's camera being held and set down on different surfaces.  It's not lacking it all, just that the sex is mostly in a dimly lit hotel room/Airbnb type deal.  Very difficult to not fall in love with her work here.


3.  SVDVD-809 Embarrassment! Breaking Her Down in Public! Squirting Orgasm Date on Which a Very Risky Big Bang Rotor is Inserted in Her Pussy! 

Remote control vibrator play with this JAV goddess is breathtaking.  The views and the action.  Ichika mixes perfectly with this type of kinky sex toy play.  She looks like she's having the time of her life.  It's not all laughing, Ichika has moments that seem like some of the best pleasure in her life.  Well, most of her work is like that!  My favorite location is this high-up building outside overlooking the ocean.  The most unique spot is the food court!   It's wonderful.  I can't stand how they pixelate the entire setting around her.  Just enough to both hide and disguise the area but also leaves just the ride amount of detail for you to identify.  That has to be exciting if you are familiar with that location.  I was pleasantly surprised by the decent threesome at the end as well.  Seemed a little random, however, it was not my favorite but I believe it was better than just a normal vanilla one-on-one hotel episode for the end closer.


2.  SDDE-640 Remote Pussy Controller: Just by Inserting Her DNA, I Can Control Her Vagina!  I Can Make Them All Cum Like Crazy!

Disclaimer:  This is completely fake.  It's role play with consenting adults!  This is one of my favorite JAVs of all time.  I recently discovered this and it's hot as hell.  I love JAV's creativity and also the acting and production commitment to that idea.  This is no exception.  These girls act like whatever happens to this rubber pussy sleeve product actually simultaneously happens to them in real-time.  It's so sexy.  One of the sexiest JAV I have ever seen.  There is an insanely huge variety of different situations regarding this toy.  There are simply too many to mention here so I will mention my favorite moment.  Ichika masturbates and licks her own pussy sleeve and this is before some very exciting lesbian and group sex.  I feel there is just too much amazing sex here that less is more here for the review.  I very strongly recommend this title for anyone that loves JAV in general.  It's one of the best titles I have ever seen, it's pure art.


1.  MIAA-629 Right Here After School Every Day This Succubus Possesses His Classmates and Summons Them for Some Naughty Fun! Creampie Squeezed Out.

I recently reviewed this beautiful film.  You can read it here.  I watch this constantly.  Ichika Matsumoto in vinyl panties and (fake) horns with a (fake) tail?  One of her best looks in my opinion.  I think we need more of these creative kinky ideas in mainstream JAV.  I think you should watch the trailer and look at the pictures to start!  Every time I look at this masterpiece I feel so lucky it exists.  It's not perfect and it obviously has pros and cons like most JAV.  However, not every actress looks like Ichika Matsumoto and can pull off a succubus roleplay like she did. 



I am so grateful this beautiful actress exists.  I'm so happy that she makes all of this content for us hungry fans.  Not just boring titles but she actually takes on these challenges and makes it look easy.  How passionate is this girl?  Every time I see her online, I take a moment to appreciate her lips and tight petite body.  I am very positive about the future.  Who knows what kind of titles she will release.  I am afraid that she will retire sooner than later but I have no control over that, do I?  Thank you Ichika Matsumoto.  I hope this short list did her art justice and I honored her work enough in your eyes.  Her eyes too. 



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