Hitomi: 2021 Films Ranked

Published : February 28th, 2022 Written by Panking

Another year of Hitomi's career has come and gone with rather mixed results, to say the least. It seems to be the general consensus that Hitomi's 2021 was underwhelming and I'm inclined to agree. She definitely had a few great films but most felt lacking either in its premise or most often with Hitomi's general performance. I hate to say it but it feels like that "spark" is gone and she's just phoning it in at this point sadly. On one hand, you can't really blame her when she's been in the business now for over 13 years. Perhaps a studio change would reignite her enthusiasm but I don't see her splitting from Oppai any time soon. I think she's sooner to retire than to start up with a new studio. Anyway, let's break this year down and see what films are actually worth watching. As always I'll start with what is easily the worst film of the year from her.

12. PPPD-976

"I'm Underneath The Futon, Having Sex With My Bro's Girlfriend, Trying Not To Get Caught"

Coming in dead last to no surprise from any Hitomi fan is PPPD-976. The plot here centers around a man living with his bro and his girlfriend played by the lovely Hitomi. She accidentally catches him jerking off and in the moment he grabs her taking her under the covers. Once underneath they eventually have sex as you'd expect. The rest of the film follows the pair fooling around with much of the emphasis on sneaky, undercover sex. The plot itself is fine but the under the covers theme is just absolutely terrible. All the under the cover scenes suffer from abysmal shots that give you an extremely poor angle of the action or are just shot way too damn close. It's not enjoyable at all since the intensity is very underwhelming too.

Also, the location variety is really lacking as many scenes reuse the same exact room and bed over and over again. It certainly doesn't help that her performance is pretty hit-or-miss overall but some of that can possibly be chalked up to the general theme constricting her. The action itself was mostly disappointing too with a worthless masturbation scene and 2/3 sex scenes taking place under the covers making them completely unsatisfying in every way. There is an enjoyable paizuri scene and sex scene at least that take place outside the covers but it's not nearly enough to salvage this film at all. This is easily one of the worst ideas that Oppai has ever had. This theme just doesn't work or make for any enjoyable scenes as a viewer.

11. PPPD-942

"Unscripted At-Home Sex Until Daybreak! Naked Lust And Passionate SEX With World-Class Porn Star Hitomi"

PPPD-942 is one of the most painfully generic and forgettable films Hitomi has ever produced, despite its enticing cover. The premise for this film is pretty simple as it revolves around Hitomi and the actor going on a date together and then having lots and lots of sex. All of which seem somewhat unscripted and presented in a typical "gonzo" type fashion. That's all there is to it. It's extremely basic which isn't inherently a bad thing but this film was her return after a 3-month hiatus which made it sting even worse. A vanilla plot like this is fine as long as the action makes up for it but it really doesn't. It does feature 3 full sex scenes which are nice and to be fair they're mildly enjoyable. But there's one major issue and that is too much fake cum.

I mean this when I say that there are no real cumshots here whatsoever as it's just fake creampies all over. It's laughable and severely ruins the satisfaction of the film as a whole. The production quality is a mixed bag too. The lighting for example is terrific and suits the film nicely. However, the camerawork leaves a lot to be desired. In this film, there's no crew on hand which means the film is shot entirely via handheld or static cameras. The handheld shots make for some superb POV shots I must admit. But the static camerawork features some shots that are downright terrible. Hitomi delivers an average performance as well which doesn't really help to elevate the film at all. It's an overall dud that feels like a complete waste of time.

10. MEYD-691

"Commemorating 15 Years With Goro Tameike Collaboration No.7 An Unusual Full Option Creampie Adultery Fuck Fest With A Soapland Princess Lover"

For the 15th anniversary of Tameike Goro, they've reached out to one of the more notable actresses from their past in Hitomi. Unfortunately, the resulting film was lukewarm at best. The central premise here is extremely basic as it revolves around Hitomi very loosely playing a soapland girl going on a date with a male client. They spend a whole day together and do the deed several times. It's a theme that you've seen done many, many times before with this entry not offering up anything particularly unique. Just like the previous film the action itself is decent. The sex scenes feature a nice position variety and intensity. But just like the last one the cumshots are nearly all fake which is a major problem. 

Not to sound like a broken record too much but just like before the production quality really suffers here. The camerawork is incredibly hit-or-miss. At times it's not too bad really capturing some really nice angles. But then at other times, it's terrible with the use of static camerawork. Many of the shots are so unsatisfying here and leave you feeling irritated. The pacing is another major issue. These scenes drag on for way too long with some of the typical soapland fluff. Couple all this with a rather unremarkable performance you've got yet another super forgettable film. It's particularly awful but just so utterly bland and devoid of any memorability.

9. PPPD-903

"Seduced By My Private Tutor - Wild Slut With Colossal Tits Only Raises My Erection, Not My Grades"

PPPD-903 is definitely one of the biggest disappointments from Hitomi in 2021. This cover is absolutely stunning and the concept is fantastic. But the execution really misses the mark here. Hitomi indeed plays a slutty tutor who does her best to teach her clients, by using her feminine ways and her massive bust. It's a premise that should write itself and sounds like a home run. But instead, it's more of a swing and a miss sadly. The theme is slightly underutilized as a few of the scenes barely incorporate her as a tutor. It's a big missed opportunity. The most egregious aspect though has to be the spotty production values. On one hand, the lighting is quite nice overall and she sports some super sexy outfits like the "slingkini" on the cover.

But then we have the pacing which is a bit off as the first sex scene runs for 40 min roughly but also just features 4 minutes of actual sex. It's pretty ridiculous. My biggest gripe is the camerawork for sure. It's not all bad but at times they shoot at a really low angle or zoom in way too close with the camera making for a frustrating viewing experience. The action suffers from a few missteps too. For one thing, the position variety is severely lacking with only cowgirl used in 2/3 sex scenes. And then there are the two paizuri scenes that end up being very forgettable. The last sex scene is the highlight for sure but it's too little too late. Leave it to Oppai to take a promising setup and muddy it with mediocre action and weak production values.

8. PPVR-009

"[VR] I Was Bullied By My Tsundere Female Boss And Made To Cum 10 Times By This Slut"

You'd probably expect a Hitomi VR film to rank higher up on this list but this one left me feeling very whelmed. The central premise is as simple as the title states really. Hitomi plays your controlling female boss who seemingly loathes you and enjoys ordering you around. She proceeds to have you lie on the floor and sit your face ending with her fucking you silly. The plot itself is fine as who wouldn't want Hitomi playing your dominant boss? Although the last scene feels a tad disjointed from the rest as it doesn't really use the OL theme at all. While the plot is terrific unfortunately there are a few issues keeping it from greatness. One of which is the action. Overall it features two sex scenes and a very lackluster paizuri scene.

The paizuri scene suffers from featuring 100% fake cumshots. That issue pervades the sex scenes too as they also contain nothing but fake cumshots. It's downright insulting. Another issue is the lack of position variety as cowgirl is used 90% of the time. While it's a nice position and leads to some facesitting, it wears thin afterwhile. The technical aspects are mixed too. Hitomi does sport some sexy OL outfits and the lighting is amazing in the last scene. But the lighting in the first two scenes is drab and dull on top of Hitomi's makeup looking off. And on a more personal note, I don't really like her hair color here. PPVR-009 is an okay VR film that fails to reach the heights of her previous VR outings. Oppai and Hitomi are capable of much better.

7. PPPD-986

"With The Most Colossal Tits In The World And A Filthy Outfit, She Comes To Jack You Off Many Times"

If nothing else Hitomi's covers for the year have been absolute fire. They've all looked stunning. The overall premise centers around Hitomi playing a sexy masseuse who loves to give a little more than just a "happy ending". Most of it boils down to her inducing multiple ejaculations from her customers, hence the title. Other than that it's a typical massage-themed film with all the bells and whistles you've come to expect. It's not a bad setup by itself but you can't help but feel deja vu as Hitomi has done many massage themed films before. Now one aspect here that I must mention is her underwhelming performance. Throughout the entirety of 2021, Hitomi has really felt like she's been missing that signature "spark".

It just feels like she's holding back at times. That aside, it's still an average performance so it's nothing too awful. The action as a whole is pretty good with some enjoyable sex scenes and a fantastic paizuri scene. However, there is a major focus on handjobs which I find quite boring. You can also expect plenty of fake cum too which is always a bummer. Also the pacing a little bloated with the emphasis on massage play. I can't forget to talk about her wardrobe though. Every single scene features Hitomi sporting a super sexy dress that makes for some incredible eye candy. PPPD-986 is a good film but probably not one that will be remembered down the line thanks to its run-of-the-mill setup.

6. PPPD-910

"After The Company Party, I Missed The Last Train Home, So I Ended Up Crashing At My Colossal Tits Lady Boss' Home"

This film boasts one of her best covers of the year and thankfully the film mostly lives up to it making for an enjoyable experience. Hitomi takes on the role of a lewd office boss who seduces her male employee when he stays over at her place after a party. It's set up quite nicely initially with her grabbing his phone and shoving it into her bra and then making him fish it out. This eventually leads to the pair going at it all night long and into the morning. It's a simple but effective plot. One of the best elements here has to be the action. It features four sex scenes along with a healthy dose of paizuri throughout. The position variety for one is superb with a great mix of doggystyle, cowgirl, standing, and missionary.

This is on top of boasting some pretty nice cumshots too. On the production side of things, the film fares decently well besides a few minor hiccups. The camerawork all around is excellent. It captures some really nice angles of Hitomi showing off her massive bust as well as capturing full-body shots. The lighting all around is good going for a more natural feeling which certainly fits the tone of the film. However, in the last scene, it feels a bit too unnaturally bright. Last but not least is her performance which is about average. She's great during paizuri but when it comes to the sex, she can get rather whiny with some hit-or-miss facial expressions. All this makes for a decent film that won't blow you away but makes for a satisfying good watch.

5. PPPD-917

"This Shy Librarian With Colossal Tits Is Secretly A Cock-Loving Slut"

Once in a while, Oppai will grace us with a fresh new concept and that's precisely the case with this film here. Hitomi plays a timid librarian who is secretly full of lust and unleashes her inner nympho on an unsuspecting student. She's quite relentless as she fucks him in the library, in the stairwell, and even jerks him off in a bathroom stall. This leads to a nice little element of risk for some scenes. Oppai executes this concept pretty well making for a refreshing watch. First off I need to mention the weakest aspect which is sadly her performance. She's not terrible but her enthusiasm is really lacking here. She doesn't exactly exude "nympho" vibes as you'd expect with a plot like this. Maybe a few years ago she'd knock it out of the park.

That negative aside the rest of the film is terrific starting with the production values. The set designs are all pretty well varied making each scene feel fresh. The lighting is great and the pacing moves along at a steady pace although it can bog down a bit with some heavy foreplay. Couple this with fantastic camerawork and a sexy librarian wardrobe and you've got a well-executed film. The sex scenes are all solid although I do wish they could have been a little more intense but it's understandable given the setup. One glaring omission is doggystyle. It's a big missed opportunity. The element of risk in a few scenes does help to elevate the excitement which is nice. PPPD-917 stands as a unique watch in a sea of repetitive plots.

4. PPPD-960

"I Reunited With A Married Woman In My Home Town Whom I Had A Crush On Her From Childhood And Was Seduced By Her Bouncing Tits As We Fucked Hard For Three Days"

Now we're really getting to the good stuff. This film here features a pretty nice plot. The plot follows a man going back to his hometown and meeting up with Hitomi who was an old crush of his. She's married now but that's not gonna stop her from seducing him. She uses her massive tits to lure him in and before you know it the two are going at it. We then learn she's quite sexually frustrated in her marriage leading her to ramp up the affair to the point where they fuck right behind her husband's back. It's not an innovative plot but it works and has a decent narrative. Regarding the action, it's all generally very good. It consists of 4 full sex scenes alongside a brief solo masturbation scene.

Even that is worthwhile due to her appearance and the setup. The sex scenes are all enjoyable with a nice position variety and little filler to bog it all down. On the production side of things, everything is generally terrific. Her wardrobe is superb and when coupled with the sweat aspect it makes for some sexy eye candy. The lighting is top-notch perfectly matching the tone of the film going for a softer and natural feel. The only issue is the somewhat repetitive settings. This film could've ranked higher has her performance been a bit better. Her enthusiasm is just really lacking that signature spark. She's far from terrible but still leaves you feeling "whelmed". It's an all-around enjoyable film that is surely worth a watch for any Hitomi fan.

3. PPPD-896

"I Started Dating My First Girlfriend, But The Busty Girl Next Door Got A Hold Of Me And Now I Can No Longer Get An Erection Unless I See Some Big Tits"

PPPD-896 is definitely one of her best highlights of the entire year. The plot revolves around a man and his girlfriend with Hitomi playing the girl-next-door. Soon after meeting him, Hitomi starts to lust for him. After showing up at his house late at night she seduces him into sex and the rest of the film follows the pair going at it while trying to keep it a secret from the girlfriend. The film makes good use of its plot by incorporating an element of risk in several scenes making it much more exciting. Such as in the last sex scene when he's talking to his girlfriend on the phone while Hitomi is riding him. Or when they go in the kitchen for a quickie with the girlfriend in the living room.

The action overall is quite good with one exception which is a rather lackluster paizuri scene. However, the actual sex scenes fare much better thanks to each featuring a unique setup. One slight bummer is the presence of fake cum and mediocre cumshots but it's not a dealbreaker. One of the best aspects is the production values. The lighting is exceptional as it goes for a more natural and practical approach. The camerawork is fantastic too with its on-point framing of each shot while highlighting Hitomi's figure. And lastly, she delivers a solid performance all around. She takes the lead in every scene in a convincing fashion along with boasting great facial expressions. Don't be fooled by the terribly photoshopped cover, it's a standout film.

2. PPPD-954

"Cherry Boy Sex With The Most Amazing Tits In The World"

I'm a big fan of this theme personally. It's usually pretty entertaining and getting to see the actress be themselves without adhering to a strict role is great. The premise here of course centers around Hitomi taking some lucky "fans" virginity in a fan thanksgiving style setup. Are they actual fans or virgins? Probably not but the fantasy is of course nice to imagine. Overall the action is fantastic minus one complaint which is the lack of any real missionary. It's a slight bummer but we do get some lovely doggystyle and plenty of paizuri, even hands-free at times. Now the film does make use of fake creampies and a condom for some of its cumshots but at the very least she continues to tittyfuck them afterward which is pretty entertaining.

As a whole, the production quality is solid. Each scene takes place in a different room which is nice and prevents any scenes from feeling too repetitive. The lighting is mostly good with a few small exceptions where at times it can be a bit too harsh. The pacing is well balanced with no scenes overstaying their welcome and the camerawork is good across the board. Best of all is Hitomi's wardrobe as she sports some memorable outfits like a skimpy sports bra and thong combo while donning pigtails. She looks stunning in every single scene. Lastly, Hitomi's performance is terrific. She displays some nice enthusiasm and seems to really enjoy herself here. It's easily one of her best performances from 2021. A quality film from top to bottom.

1. PPPD-964

"The Rabbit I Helped Came To Pay Me Back!"

I think many Hitomi fans would agree that PPPD-964 was her best film of the year. This film capitalizes on the big reverse bunnygirl craze that swept the year as it casts Hitomi as a literal bunny turned human after getting adopted by a younger guy. It's an amusing plot for sure and if nothing else pretty original which is always nice to see especially from Oppai. Helping this plot come to life is Hitomi's terrific acting. She's not entirely perfect as she does lack a little "spark" at times but she plays this role well and boasts great facial expressions. It's definitely one of her better performances from the year, if not the best.

As a whole, the action is fantastic boasting three full sex scenes alongside a handjob and paizuri scene. The sex features a nice variety of positions and one is even shot in POV which is always a treat. The cumshots though are rather weak or just fake altogether. And when it comes to the production values the film succeeds quite well. Starting off with the wardrobe variety which is absolutely a massive highlight. All the reverse bunny girl outfits look absolutely stunning. The camerawork is fantastic and the pacing is very evenly balanced across the board. All this combines to make for what is easily her memorable film of the year with the hottest cover as well.


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the76th 2 years ago
Would have been great if Hitomi went out with a bang instead of a mixed result in her final year. Even though Hitomi is irresistibly sexy I haven't watched many of her films over the years since it feels like many of them were very vanilla premise-wise. Looks like much of her final content was very fresh in premise which was seriously needed but since she's just phoning it in now, it still ends up not being as good. That's a real shame. Still I am very much looking forward to what this upcoming final movie will be.
ZENRA 2 years ago

Most likely she filmed her final release in December.

Waldemar 2 years ago
Of course it is a shame that not all of her 12 films in a year are great. Still, half of them worth watching and four of high quality is not too bad. As she apparently will retire soon we can hope that her last performances will be at her top level and she goes out with a bang. Fortunately we have so many great movies from her 13 years of glory, which have made her my porn sweetheart due to my love of her gorgeous breasts, her curvaceous body, her overall striking beauty, her magical erotic allure, and her bewitching talent of sexual performance. Yes, a true legend, having pleased so many so much. Heartfelt wishes for a happy future.
OppaiLover90 2 years ago
She just announced her retirement on Instagram. Truly a legend
Oppaira 2 years ago

Can we go back to yesterday?

Ace 2 years ago
Hitomi announced her retirement and for her last video thus april
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