Crazy World Where Office Ladies Have Nonstop Sex

Published July 24, 2023

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Can this really just be taken as a bizarre JAV movie of extremely nonchalant free use sex or a serious visual discussion of what may be ailing Japanese society?

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Crazy World Where Office Ladies Have Nonstop Sex
Timing and Translation by ZENRA

There's two ways one can go into writing about CRAZY WORLD WHERE OFFICE LADIES HAVE NONSTOP SEX.  One is simply to go wild about insane the plot is which is the easy route.  The other--which I will attempt to take for a bit--is addressing this one of a kind SOFT ON DEMAND movie for the social commentary hidden beneath the thrusting.  The movie, after all, begins with a serious voice-over about how nobody seems to be minding all the sex happening at work.  It happens, it happens out in the open, it happens in front of coworkers.  It's also important to note that this is NOT one of those 'invisible man has his way with women' movies either.  In those, the women act surprised when engaging in the act.  Here, it's simply another natural part of the clock-in/cock-out process.

Is working as a blue collar employee in Japan so stressful that anytime anywhere sex is needed?  When it's delivered via the "sex is simply a normal part of life" sub-label SENZ, the answer is a resounding YES.  Employees at this company staffed almost entirely by women who all look a lot like familiar JAV stars (surely coincidental) seem to have mastered being able to work on a spreadsheet while having their own equations programmed from behind.  It's a sight to behold and isn't even restricted to the office as one scene even is filmed at a cafe.  Interestingly, this cafe seems to be well known among JAV studios as a previous free use update also made great use of it.  Perhaps it's the one pubic eatery in Japan that doesn't mind such brazen coitus to occur out in the open?

The show-stealer is obvious because HIBIKI OTSUKI has a one of a kind look.  Being able to lead company presentations while resting supine on the big table as the recipient of not your normal workplace romance is JAV doing what JAV does best.  She isn't alone; all actresses really nail their roles.  Going in, you know you'll be getting something special and SOD does not disappoint.  Strangely and sadly, given how unique this movie is how it surely was a popular release in Japan, there isn't much in terms of sequels.  Finding ideal sets is probably the biggest hurdle.  As great as CRAZY WORLD WHERE OFFICE LADIES HAVE NONSTOP SEX is, its Achilles Heel is even with a cast refresh, sets can only be used once for best effect.

Lastly, like the PENIS CAFE update from the other month, only the initial voice-over is subtitled.  This is another example of slice of life talk (here, work banter and presentations) that has no relationship to the sex happening.  Given our site's concept, we would normally side with not showing movies like this, but this and the previous CAFE movie were too unique to pass up on.

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+There's weird JAV and then there's taking weird JAV back to its roots!
+If sex was normalized, this could actually lead to a more productive society.
+Hibiyan steals the show, but all women were cast well.


-Cafe scene is kind of out of place given the movie's theme.
-Movie follows title too literally:  sex is almost all that happens with close to zero foreplay.

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