The Perverted Box Guessing Game 2

Published December 23, 2019

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V&R brings us one of the most epic JAV sets of all time—in miniature form.

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The Perverted Box Guessing Game 2
Translation by ZENRA
Timing by PKinoko and ZENRA

It was almost a year ago to the day where we showed the first edition of THE PERVERTED BOX GUESSING GAME,  a perverted big budget love story involving crazy Japanese game shows by V&R.  Since then, we've seen other makers mimic this vibe (most notably ROCKET which began as a studio helmed by former V&R directors including the guy who directed today's update!), but few have come close.  Movies like this one are gargantuan affairs that take forever to prepare for.

I mean compare simply having sex in a bedroom set with a dancing clown behind the couple versus *any* of the four incredible miniature locations in THE PERVERTED BOX GUESSING GAME 2.  We go from a massage clinic to Hawaii to A FARM WITH ACTUAL ANIMALS to a rowdy New Years Day celebration*.

*Take note today's update was originally released in Japan in January, but we're jumping the gun a bit early to coincide with an aforementioned anniversary.  Thus, you'll see many New Years references that will be much more appropriate in just under a week.

The amount of cast members alone in BOX 2 is astounding:  almost a dozen challengers and the return of Tarou Kai, the most energetic host I've ever seen.  Seriously, while I prefer cute female hosts in my JAV, HE is that one exception.  The amount of charisma he emits makes him the ideal candidate to lead such a zany title.  I couldn't even imagine RIRI KOUDA handling this one as well as he did.

The plot is simple, yet spectacular:  guess what's in the box.  Challengers have headphones on playing who knows what and are unable to look down due to an ingenious blinder setup.  Two tries and if they guess wrong twice, it's penalty game time!

THE PERVERTED BOX GUESSING GAME 2, like the first one, has its hardcore moments, but there is a journey to get there.  Some of the original Japanese reviews did not like the wait and we're sure some of our own subscribers may get a bit antsy too.  I can understand that not everyone may be happy to find out the only instance of actual sex is in the last scene, but do realize every encounter with a penalty game does get rather raunchy.  After all, this a most decidedly adult take on Japanese variety TV.

My favorite encounter is the third one taking place in Hawaii as it stars an actress we've shown on ZENRA previously:  HIKARI SAKAMOTO.  I found it interesting to see someone whom until now I've only encountered in a really hardcore and dark uncensored do something so light-hearted--and do it well!  Sure, this was not filmed on location, but aside from the female eye candy, I was in awe at just how much effort V&R went into creating such beautiful mini-sets that sadly were most likely destroyed shortly after filming.

As I tend to write at the end of many reviews for titles like this, the optimist in me sees an eventual return to truly zany JAV.  Sure, there's ROCKET along with a few other makers, but we can do better!  I'd be crestfallen if there ever was a day where nearly all titles were simple love hotel one-on-one sex affairs.  We need variety, humor, pure insanity, and why not--hungry Ruru-chan grazing near her farm.

Score:  4.5/5

Pro's:  Jaw-dropping mini-sets shows a maker going the extra mile to create something beautiful.

Con's:  The journey to hardcore play.

Note:  V&R requires all titles licensed out to third-parties like ZENRA to retain their small and nearly transparent watermark in the top right corner of the screen.  Thus we apologize for the footage containing both their logo along with ours in the bottom right.  If you find recently released movies by V&R on websites without their watermark, then consider reporting the web addresses to them.

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