JAV Sales Report - March 2023

Published : April 26th, 2023 Written by Oppaira

Another month another sales report, welcome to the March sales report! I kind of got this one in at the buzzer, hopefully next month I can be a little quicker with it. Better late than never I say, and I haven't missed since we started. With that said it's time to jump into it.

Top Actresses

Karen and Momo are both way up this month from the buff that is Beauty Venus. It's an absolutely fantastic series when it hits, and Beauty Venus 5 is one of my all time favourite videos. The cast of Karen + Momo + Mayuki (a little further down in 32nd place) is a cast that is hard to go wrong with. We've seen Karen and Momo both be incredibly popular and Mayuki is the flagship actress over at Kawaii. No doubt their release is going to top some charts and I look forward to watching it myself. If you're a little more curious about it or Beauty Venus in general, check out my article or FC's article!

Momona is an actress I think is really starting to get the spotlight. I mean, she's been great since I first saw her and even Panking had nice things to say about her. When you've got huge tits like that the world is your oyster. One thing I find super interesting is that apparently her tits have grown two sizes... I'm not sure that I buy it (even if it does say 成長, which is indicating they grew). I suppose we'll all just have to watch it for ourselves and see if that's really the case or not, which help Pan and I if it is because we're already enamored with her. I don't know if I necessarily think that this one specifically looks good but she's got things for you to watch for sure.

I don't know about you guys but Julia continues to be one of my favourite actresses. It certainly helps when Julia gets quality releases like these nurse videos. What's interesting about these pair of releases is the duality of them, where in one she's this more kind and gentle nurse, while in the other she's this total slut. Personally I'm more a fan of Julia being more motherly but whatever floats your boat, and you can do no wrong with either of them. Julia's now on her 13th year in the industry and all I can say is I hope to see another 13 years. Considering how much I've managed to enjoy some older women as of late like Maki Hojo and Maki Tomoda, one can only imagine how amazing Julia will still look when she's approaching 50.

When Riho went to SOD's Kirei label I was pretty unhappy and thought it was a terrible career move for her. It didn't take her all that long to accept that either because she's no longer there and is back to freelancing. Riho always had a lot of interesting content coming out and with everything that's on the docket there's just a ton of fantastic content. If you were a Riho fan before then I expect you to be back in business with a constant stream of quality things if the earlier content is any indication.

Kana has been an interesting actress for me, because despite being someone that isn't the kind of actress I would normally go for I've been enjoying her lately. She's just all around great and really strikes this nice girl next door vibe, especially if you look at her on social media. Her release in March might not be the innocent thing you expect out of her but that's also the charm I find with these types of actresses. I tend to find that more dominant actresses do poorly when shifting down but more innocent actresses do better when shifting up, perhaps something about their hidden naughty side showing up. Kana is certainly one such actress and I think she can really make it work, and I've got my eye on this one.

Yua and Minami might not have their digital release out yet but you best believe it's going to be one for the ages. It's not quite Beauty Venus but it might as well be from the looks of it. Minami and Arina (not on the chart) are teaming up again for this one and bringing along their long time friend Yua Mikami. I mean, can you think of something more insane than Yua doing a partial lesbian video before leaving? Holy moly does this look insane. If you're interested in more about it, be sure to check out my article on it.

Top Videos

Rei Kamiki continues to be one of the hottest stars over at SOD. I mean, she's beautiful from head to toe, and if you don't believe me them my debut review article has the goods to convince you. I can't say that this video looks like it's anything special which honestly just goes to show you how attractive Rei is and how how much that matters to people. She's up 89 spots on the list so she's obviously doing something right. It's also conveniently her one year anniversary and I'm glad to see she's as popular as ever. May's release also looks like a fun time and I hope SOD keeps delivering quality Rei content.

Speaking of SOD, we've also got Yotsuha Kominato continuing to do well. Both her last two releases are topping the charts and it's quite impressive to see. Yotsuha isn't the person I would have expected to be here but I'm obviously a little bit biased about her compared to, say our 8th place release. It's also worth reminding people that SOD is a huge studio, easily one of the top tier studios, and we just haven't always seen it (especially because they left DMM for a while). They've got five of the top DVDs here and four actresses in the top 10 physical which honestly goes to show you just how well they can actually perform. Considering all the big names missing like Suzu Honjo, MINAMO, and Yuna Ogura, who knows what we'll see next month.

We don't get as much time to talk about debuts with the changes DMM has made so I guess now is as good a time as any to highlight Nana Misaki. Debuting in march, her digital release managed to sell quite well, a rarity for digital releases that come out this late. I guess it helps when you have a nice pair of E cup boobs that just look fantastic, and we've seen a lot of the more innocent type of actresses like her at Moodyz do quite well (looking at you Mio Ishikawa). Here's hoping that this TikTok star turns out to be a sensation like Unpai.

I wrote about Mayuki above already but it's worth talking about her seeing a spike here. I think Mayuki is an actress that, while popular, doesn't get enough of the spotlight she deserves. She could be doing so much better if she was at a better studio than Kawaii, even if she is able to be Kawaii's flagship. An eight hour special of her is the perfect thing for people who aren't quite into her yet. It's really the perfect thing if you're trying to prepare for the upcoming Beauty Venus release and want to be a fan of her beforehand.

Hope you've all enjoyed another sales report. We may have some things cooking for the future so hopefully you'll stay tuned until then. Like always, if you have any recommendations or feedback, please leave them in the comments below. Until next time!


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