Low Key Sexual Harassment at the Bathhouse

Published May 16, 2022

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Camp! Huge groups! Variety! Harem for a Newhalf?! This one features darn near everything. A must-see for any JAV fan.

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Low Key Sexual Harassment at the Bathhouse
Timing and Translation by Patonyan

Gather around followers as it's time to venture back--way, way back to everyone's favorite time to be alive:  198--I'm joking.  Today's update, while far from new, isn't that old either.  While I'd love to show JAV movies from the 80's, the absolutely massive mosaic used then would be a hindrance few could tolerate and sadly, the chances of uncensored masters popping up are slim to none (and either way, we're looking at VHS quality at best!).  Today, we're showing a near perfect example of Golden Age JAV doing what Golden Age JAV does best:  hiring well over a dozen actresses and bleeding through money like a hemophiliac...uh, suffers their potentially dangerous condition.

Far from good puns and with a focus on laying out my cards, let's smash towers of Jokers, Kings, (busty) Queens, and whatever else is there and see what LOW KEY SEXUAL HARASSMENT AT THE BATHHOUSE has to offer.  This was shot not too long after V&R PRODUCTS came into being.  Years before they had a rebirth as V&R PRODUCE (though sadly appear to have been on ice since last year), we see everyone's favorite ROCKET director TAROU KAMBE going absolutely wild with a pile of blank checks.

This is a movie that combines ample eye candy, the very Japanese location of a bathhouse (or more of a sento here, but does it matter?), and camp so campy it almost feels like this shot at a JAV version of Camp Anawanna gone onsen'ing.  If there ever was a movie that has something for everyone, it's probably this one.  From an eager Korean masseur providing some truly raunchy extras to a chair with massager hands (you'll have to see it to believe it), a horde of JAV stars in various states of undress engaging in a surprise reverse harem with a newhalf (!) in the locker room to a gargantuan bathing soapland harem, I can only fault LOW KEY for being older and thus shot on less than stellar equipment.  

This is a short movie compared to what we get now, but it covers all bases.  It will be matched by a short review that I hope adds some succinct praise to a release that few subscribers were know about.  Most likely, few were even JAV fans (let alone old enough to watch it!) when it came out.  The director and main actor in the last scene both remain active--the latter with years of tanning salon abuse catching up to him.  The actresses?  Probably all happy 'arafo' (look it up) housewives by now!

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 908

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Massive huge group, unlimited budget movie.
+Funny, campy, and varied!
+Great use of a newhalf in one of TWO harem scenes.
+Soapland finale is epic.


-Older release and it shows.

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