GOGOS Female Employee Crashes Cheating Wives Onsen Getaway First Half

Published June 3, 2022

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New employees regardless of gender are often given the type of tasks most would rather not do. Case in point: filming sex while not being able to take part.

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GOGOS Female Employee Crashes Cheating Wives Onsen Getaway First Half
Timing and Translation by Patonyan
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Here I go again starting a GOGOS review and talking about their cinematic universe.  Yes, you heard me right.  Among the hundred or so (more, probably) 'proper' JAV studios out there, GOGOS is perhaps the only one I can consider having a real "cinematic universe".  We're talking movies with multiple directors shooting simultaneously making for multiple movies sold at the same time.

But wait!  Those who have spent time reading reviews know we've already touched upon this concept with other studios.  Yes, just how SADISTIC VILLAGE obviously shot this super popular Magic Mirror movie while also shooting the legendary ITAZURA ONSEN 2, they were not marketed as being twin productions.  This was a more common occurrence of a studio simply filming two movies at the same time and trying not to let fans in on it (though any who have seen one can instantly tell the other was shot at the same time).

What GOGOS has been doing for ages is shooting a "Side A" and a "Side B" for their cheating wives onsen getaway movies that feature two women.  This entails two directors releasing two movies that are best watched back-to-back (or spread over multiple 'sessions') to appreciate the full picture.  From what I've seen, you do get some identical footage, but these movies also feature situations when the parties split for their own private activities only to merge together for a big foursome at the end.  Even in situations where the scenes are shared, footage from "Side A" remains unique to "Side B".

Once in a blue moon, however, GOGOS will go all out and introduce a "Side C".  Of course simply having another dude be an awkward fifth wheel shooting his own footage of the same two women would be near pointless.  What GOGOS has been doing is introducing a third woman into the mix.  In GOGOS FEMALE EMPLOYEE CRASHES CHEATING WIVES ONSEN PARTY, the title helps explain their game plan for this extended outing.  We get the cutest new female employee I've ever seen tagging along with a director-in-training to observe two veteran directors do their thing.  If you've seen their YEAR END ONSEN PARTY updates, then you should know what to expect.  The biggest difference here is we get 'only' three women versus the five (counting the employee).

What CRASHES CHEATING WIVES ONSEN PARTY has that the YEAR END ONSEN PARTY lacks is a more fleshed out story.  The other series features a heavy voyeur vibe mixed in with bacchanalian festivities before an orgy to even things out.  Here, we get something that combines everything I want in a fantastic JAV movie and then some from the cheating element, peeping on unfaithful wives, the stress of scoring new footage while being pleasured from behind, intimate encounters when the higher-ranking staff members aren't looking, and yes, a sweet orgy also is present.  Running close to four hours, we get more here than the other series and it's worth it.  While this movie is a slow burn with 'action' not even happening until 40 minutes in and while it lacks known faces, both help enhance the realism GOGOS is known for.

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+Perfect casting of wives and adorable female employee.
+Extreme realism done right.
+No fake cum/creampies.


-Slow burn.