Magic Mirror - Will You Help a Real Virgin Masturbate? - Tokyo Working Women Edition First Half

Published February 19, 2024

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Real virgins reach out to Soft on Demand and find solace via the working women of Tokyo who help them finally become men in a very unique location.

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Timing and Translation by ZENRA

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Being a virgin sucks. Even if you are of the type that is "saving it for marriage", c'mon. It's not fun. Some may take this mindset to its unnatural limit and adopt an incel way of looking at things mixing a misanthropic outlook with masturbation abstination thinking that may lead to some elevated state of being at best or at the bare minimum modify their pheromone output to get the attention of women. The real secret to getting chicks? Approach them! Don't be shy, don't be a dick, but don't be a push over either. That's it! And that's all...

...except when you're set to review a pretty good SOFT ON DEMAND movie all about finding real Japanese virgins who finally want to climb out of the vicious cycle of their lives and graduate into being men. Then things change! Tables are turned and in a unique way to boot. Employing the famous Magic Mirror studio and this time instead of using familiar JAV actors, we get four real "cherry boys" being introduced to four real women around Tokyo (and yes, while it's pretty obvious they're JAV stars, let's let the fantasy roll!), the name of the game is helping these four sorry saps go from zero experience to a bit more than zero!

MAGIC MIRROR - WILL YOU HELP A REAL VIRGIN MASTURBATE - TOKYO WORKING WOMEN EDITION runs a beefy 190 minutes and is a solid example of a JAV movie remaining on point. As noted, a big issue in JAV is the low number of male talent. Sometimes we may even see very known faces with pixel magic trying to come off as virgins though at times its too obvious. SOD, being a studio that is big on satisfying the 'user', really does accept applications from men with no experience and if they're fine with being filmed as these four are, then boy do they have a production happy to take them on!

If you've seen our SADISTIC VILLAGE movies using this set, then the vibe going into this one should be known as it does not change much. This time things are a bit less wild with no on screen host. Instead, it's the director, the lady, and the virgin (plus making unusual use of "JAV GENKI SUDO" as the outdoor scout which is only known due to a reflection in one of the staging shots). The setup is quaint and yes, as these guys are the real deal, the action at the end often ends quicker than you'd think. If anything, it's surprising that all four were able to get hard and even finish. Stage fright in adult video is an issue; some guys can get hard but not be able to finish and others cannot even get there. These four went the mile and then some.

Finishing on a high note, while the first three scenes make use of condoms, the fourth featuring an adorable SAYO ARIMOTO is done raw! The pixels are thin enough that if a rubber was really put on you could tell and those tell-tale signs were missing. A real raw encounter with real creampie finish, something I hope we see more of as faking it again and again has its limits.

The only issue in today and Friday's double update is the audio. Surprisingly for a SOD movie, the ball is dropped. SADISTIC VILLAGE was wise enough to make use of a boom mic whereas this time it seems it's all recorded from the cameras. In a studio setting, it may be fine, but in this studio right by a busy road, it made the subtitling process considerably harder. You can very much hear the constant sound of vehicles and at times it becomes almost overpowering. This combined with a director who has a vocal tick where he has issues deciding when to finish a sentence (and sometimes start one) led to some delays and a little bit more guesstimation than we'd of liked in our exclusive English subtitles, but the end result still stands strong.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 2135

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Real virgins, for better or worse.

+All four women are eye candy.

+Great usage of CFNM.

+Final scene raw with real creampie.


-Audio quality is poor.

-Being real virgins, actual sex goes quickly.