JAV Sales Report - February 2023

Published : March 22nd, 2023 Written by Oppaira

Another month another sales report, welcome to the February 2023 sales report! I know this month is a little bit late but better late than never. At least we've got some interesting things this month to talk about.


Top Actresses

By now I think everyone has heard that Yua is retiring. She's set to retire in August but S1 has preempted that by kicking off some special retirement content early on. That's a very unusual move from a studio but at the same time it's also Yua. Anyone who has followed the scene to any degree in the last 8 years has seen what a force Yua has been. She's easily rivaled some of the best of all time and is no doubt someone that would make it into a theoretical hall of fame. I'm sure plenty of fans were devastated but they've got nearly half a year before it all goes down and that's enough time to grapple with the news. Not to mention, hopefully we'll get some interesting retirement videos. I'm not holding out for anything like some deepthroat gangbang but we shall see where the chips fall, maybe we could manage a creampie video. At least we can be sure Yua is going to top the charts for a few months, and honestly I expect Yua to still sell well for a while to come.

Speaking of crazy news we had Yuna Shiina return to JAV after an eight year hiatus. Pretty wild to see that she's here again and honestly it opens the doors for so much. You'd figure after eight years you'd totally count her out but evidently not. Yuna was a pretty big force to be reckoned with back in the day, and while I don't think she's quite going to live up to that I'm still pretty hype for it. The video above already came out at this point and she's already got her release for next month lined up, so hopefully she's here for a while yet. Madonna typically signs actresses for 3-4 videos so we'll see where she lands in the summer if she's still with them or moves over to freelancing. She was a top tier freelancer before and I'm sure a few studios wouldn't mind offering her a contract or two. I expect fans to be all over her regardless of what she does and I'm sure I'll be checking out some of her content in the upcoming weeks. This sort of news also paves the way for just about any name to come back, and there's certainly a handful I'd love to see back in the game. Fellow blogger FC has a post on just the subject if you're curious about who he, myself, or other people want back.

This month we've got a spicy one here with Aoi lifting her creampie ban. I feel like this happens more and more, we recently saw Rei Kamiki lift hers and we had a few major ones recently like Shoko Takahashi and Momo Sakura. If you're asking me, I'd love to see Minami Aizawa, Himeka Iori, or Momona Koibuchi follow their fellow studio mates. Anyway, I'm always hopefully for where one's career can go after it. It feels strange that she's only lifting it now considering she's at Moodyz but hey, I'll take it. I know I rated her fairly highly the first time and I think that this is exactly what I need to really become a fan of hers. Hopefully we get a few more interesting things instead of some unlimited soapland creampie video.

Nanami is an actress that you just have to love. Cute face, juicy body, and some fantastic titties. Then you've got Misono Mizuhara, another that is rather similar to her in many ways. I mean, just look at the picture of the two, a lot of similarities between them if you catch my drift. There's a good reason the two have been paired up a lot lately, and despite me being a much bigger fan of Nanami than Misono, I've made a lot of comments in the past about how the industry need more pairs of actresses like this. Personally I'd rather see her with the likes of Monami Takarada, Yuria Yoshine, or even Shiori Tsukada, but I'll take Misono to the bank if that's what's on the table. It's simply nice to see busty actresses work together when so much of the time the actresses are working solo, and the last year has really brought us a ton of pairings. I can't wait to see what's next on Nanami's radar.

Akari Niimura is an actress I have yet to watch but I feel like her career is going in directions that I'm just going to have to at some point. I mean, how can you say no to videos like the above? These kind of wild performances are always fun and awesome to watch and some of the better performers in recent years like Kurea Hasumi have excelled with these. That Madonna video is also the kind of release that the studio needs to get away from the heavy drama they so often have going, bringing a more lighthearted narrative the way Royal or Moodyz might.

Mina has been taking a little bit of a break recently so fans were delighted to see her finally release a video. It looks like we're getting the same Mina we all know and love, which means that big booty perched atop a wonderful performer. I'm a little more interested in her April release than the March one but hey, she can make anything work with those skills of her and that booty. I think especially with the likes of Kurea being retired now, an actress like Mina can really shine. I don't think I would go as far as to call her the next Kurea but with that ass, those bolt on tits, and some great performing skills, she does seem to be a pretty good second choice. Hopefully we get a ton of banger content out of her and we pick up right where she left off. 

Top Videos

Sometimes I think the industry has a hard time coming up with interesting content and then other times we get stuff like this. Mio starts a literal soapland club at school and dons some fun cosplays to kick it off. Let's be real, Mio in a bunny girl outfit doing soapland stuff at school, no doubt about that being incredible. These type of school videos tend to be quite nice and I've seen a few others like school festival cosplay from the likes of Rena Momozono and Momona Koibuchi. Like I say, do something a little different and fans will appreciate it, I know I do.

When an actress shows up at someone's place and it's filled with trash you have a certain opinion about how the video is going to go. Then there's this one that went completely opposite, having Minami get really into it. I had a friend reach out to me to tell me to watch it and I think they made a good call. I don't think it's her best video but it's definitely good and definitely worth the watch. Minami is a good performer, has a lot of skill, and truly shows you what she's capable of in this one.

A little birdie must have told Rookie that people like bunny girls because this compilation video is exactly that. It's got a ton of great actresses in it too, from Julia to Hitomi to newer actresses like Mina Kitano and Hana Himesaki. If you like bunny girls there's absolutely no reason you wouldn't love watching eight hours of it. It's bound not to be all of the content from all of the videos but it's sure to please.

Karen Kaede has kind of been all over the place in recent years. All I know for sure is that she hasn't had anything release in quite some time and we've got a nice compilation of some of her last works. The complete box set of hers is listed above at #1 in the DVD sales and it's absolutely wild to think that they produced such a thing. That said, I think there's a market for both, from her most hardcore fans to those just looking for the value. Hopefully we see this for some other actresses as they retire.

This is one of the shortest sales report we've had, which maybe isn't a bad thing. These things can get kind of long, I just start writing and writing and suddenly it's pretty long. Part of me doesn't mind it as it helps me get out other articles sooner. At any rate, here's hoping that this is another good year for JAV. Until next time!


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pachuli4666 1 year ago
Does anyone know if Akira Elly retired?
1 0
Mangochin 1 year ago

She never made an official statement (to my knowledge) but has moved to do other things like Fantia, photoshoots, and hostess stuff. You can find her on her twitter.

3 0
Moonlight 1 year ago
I guess I didnt pay much attention to sales report until recently. It is good to see my fav actresses in the list as it tells me I am not the only one who likes them. I did not know about creampie ban. Thanks for the blog!
0 0
Oppaira 1 year ago

I mean, basically every actress is going to start off not doing creampies. Partially because you want to start off more innocent and have room to grow, partially because it changes a lot of the videos you do. You can see in an actress like Momo Sakura who gets a lot of creampie stuff now. It's almost all faked anyway so you'd think actresses wouldn't care, but I guess they got a pure image to uphold.

1 0
Moonlight 1 year ago
I didnt even know about fake creampie lol how can that even happen lol thanks for the reply :)
0 0
Shinmai 1 year ago
Akari has been on my radar since MKMP-392 she has a lot of good movies and gets really wild, im glad shes growing in popularity
0 0
Oppaira 1 year ago

I honestly didn't even know she was in that one, I recognized the video immediately though.

0 0
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