JAV Comeback Wishlist

Published : March 17th, 2023 Written by Fried Chikan

Who hasn’t been bummed out to hear about one of their favorite actresses have retired? Ever wish that they would comeback for just some more? Well you are not alone. I've put together a big list of actresses I would like to see back on the silver screen. From actresses who quickly exited from JAV to others that had to retire due to outside circumstances. This is Fried Chikan’s Comeback Wishlist.

Saeko Matsushita (2015 - 2020)

One of the more quiet of retirments and the one that stings the most of all. Saeko titillated fans with her rocking tits, slim figure, and beautiful face. Amazing breasts with some of the biggest areolas I’ve ever seen. Pair that with a gorgeous and demure face. Saeko gives off a high class and stately air about her. Body and looks, Saeko’s got them in spades. My biggest reason for wanting her to comeback (aside from wanting more smut from her) is how much a wasted potential her career seemed. For most of her career, Saeko worked with the studio Attackers. Attackers specializes in mainly submissive porn. Many of her videos have her is reluctant and docile roles. There is so little of her in dominate, slutty, perky, or loving roles. Someone as top down dazzling as Saeko deserves to work in more types of videos. As do her fans. 

She is also the rare case of an actress becoming just as if not more popular after leaving. Saeko and her name would be fixtures on the JAV top selling lists for months and years to come after. If Saeko came back I would like to see her with Oppai, Moodyz, or even Madonna. Oppai and Moodyz know how to use their busty women while Madonna with make Saeko flex her acting skills and is more fitting to her previous titles. Nowadays Saeko, like many retired actresses, made a go of it as a social media entertainer. Her channel focused more on beauty and self care, though the channel seems defunct now. I wish her good fortunes in whatever future endeavors but I also wish that she would return to JAV and work for better studios and in more diverse genres.

From Saeko I would recommend: BF-549. The old no masturbating for a month title. I like this title because how much looser, laid back, and cheery she gets to be. A far cry from her usual NTR drama heavy titles. And what I would like to see more from her if she came back, different types of roles and titles.

China Matsuoka (2014 - 2016)

Another busty beauty whose fan’s are clamoring for a return is the short lived but terrific China Matsuoka (Funny enough both ladies have really prominent tailbones too). Large and perky breasts to go with her big expressive eyes, pretty features, and one intense face. China was a game performer and had a pretty diverse catalog for such a short career. Like Saeko, China's popularity lingered far after she left. Her retirement is said to have been due to a car accident that ultimately led her to leave the industry. A real shame and it is my hope that one day she’ll return, healthy and ready to take on JAV once again. If China came back I would like to see her back with her old studio SOD. The JAV juggernaut could give this busty babe a large platform to work with and a budget to boot. Plus she would bloster their lineup with her busty self.

From China I would recommend: STAR-646. A POV title that lets you get up and personal with China. A great title that showcases all of China’s talents. You get to check out her solid performing, her bodacious boobs, that pretty face, and those alluring eyes. It also has a fantastic squirting scene where China just wets herself on a table while trying to keep her voice in.

Chinami Ito (2015 - 2018)

Chinami Ito was one of the cutest girls working during her time and her career ended just as it was picking up some steam. This Moodyz girl was a slender and cute faced little nympho. Minami Aizawa reminds me a lot of Chinami . Two really cute ladies that hide an even sluttier personality underneath. Cute looks and a lewd persona, a dangerous combo.Sadly, Chinami’s retirement is a downer of a tale. Apparently, her private information was doxxed and revealed by people who knew her in real life. Leading her to leaving the industry and ultimately de-list her videos, a process that usually can only trigger after 5 years but an exception was made for her. The harassment and social stigma of those working in porn is sadly still alive.

I would like to see Chinami return, not only for my own selfish reasons, but to see a happier end to her career. For her to comeback and thumb her nose at those that tried to harass her, the extra porn being just a plus. Here is hoping for a comeback for a better ending. If Chinami comesback I think she would be a great fit for Idea Pocket. The large studio loves their cuties and Chinami is as cute as they come. They also give them a variety of roles but also favor their cuties in femdom lite roles. The devilish cutie will be right at home with them. From Chinami I would recommend: MIDE-362. Another POV title and one that focuses on Chinami in underwear. Not only do we get her prancing around in underwear and her close shots of her cute face but we also see how great an actress she is. Chinami is effortlessly seductive and alluring. She’ll entice and tempt you with the slightest of gestures and looks.

Kaname Otori (2016 - 2017)

Next we got the youtuber turned JAV actress back to youtuber, Kaname Otori. This uber cutie wowed viewers with her fair complexion, petite body, and devilish persona. Don’t let her cute face fool you, Kaname is a little freaky when getting down and dirty. Her naughty giggling being memorable even now. A devilish nymph in an angelic package. My biggest reason for wanting her to comeback is because of how short her career was. With about 20 about titles to her name she has the least amount of videos on our list. One of the actresses with the most untapped potential on the list. Her popularity has also lingered with Prestige still using her image in some compilation covers and marketing material. Kaname was good for them and they probably would want her back.

Since leaving, Kaname has returned to her youtube channel but hasn’t left the sex industry completely. She occasionally works in the Health Delivery service the last I checked. Giving hope that one day she will give JAV a go again. If she comes back she should head right on back to Prestige. The pale beauty with a love for wild sex and light dom roles is a match made in heaven for Prestige. Why fix something if it ain't broke? From Kaname I would recommend: BF-549. A terrific title that puts Kaname is all sorts of scenarios and loads of costumes. Like an edging blow job, soapland, and massage. But the most interesting ones are the BDSM scenes. Kaname takes turns being the sub and the dom. From putting on clothespins on her nipples to whipping a guy in a wonderful leather outfit. Kaname shows her range in this smorgasbord of a title.

Nana Ogura (2010 - 2014)

Nana Ogura; one of the happiest, laid back, and chillest girl you’ll find in JAV history. Very comfortable with sex and all the messiness and goodness that comes with it. Nana can be a breath of fresh air compared to the carefully manicured and presented actresses we see today. This tan loving cutie released only about 60 titles before disappearing from the scene and she was as close to a cult classic as we'll get in JAV. A cute and great performer with a solid variety of videos and a bit of an exhibitionist. Fans loved her refreshing energy and freeness. Nana left us too soon and could’ve become a fixture in JAV if she stuck with it. Today, Nana is happily married and living her best life. So she's probably the most unlikely of returning actresses. It is only this selfish writer’s own desire for her to return to porn.

If Nana would ever make the cross I would like to see her with Dandy or Natural High. She was a real exhibition freak and would be a good match with those two studios and their love of the public. From Nana I would recommend:  XV-1029. See for yourself, how much Nana likes fooling around out in public. Nana and her tan lines head out for some fun in the sun with this beach themed title. A fun and light hearted title that puts her pleasure first and is all about making her uninhibited while being outside.

Matsuri Kiritani (2016 - 2020)

Matsuri had a quiet retirement, she stopped filming JAV and only gave a small announcement years after her last released title. She was beloved for her bountiful big breasts. Large low hanging naturals with a whole lot of sag. I’m usually not into huge chests like hers but Matsuri’s pair really won me over. Plus she was a solid performer, had thick pouty lips, and a sweet face with a goofy expression to boot. This busty babe was only climbing in my ranks when she stopped filming. Matsuri’s career was really chugging along and it was a shame to see an actress in her prime to end her career so quickly and with so little fanfare. If Matsuri comes back I would hope it would be with her debut studio SOD again or with Oppai again. Or even with Premium if she wants to star in less boob centric titles. Either way I’m hoping for the return of this heavy set bubbly babe.

From Matsuri I would recommend WANZ 897. The old hostess at a night club scenario who offers some extra services under the table. With her body and personality, Matsuri was made for these service type roles.

Shelby Wakatsuki (2013)

Shelby is a little known hafu and one of my favorite Hidden Gems to discover. Part Portuguese, this hafu is full stunner with her slim and slender body. She also has some killer sexy looks with piercing eyes, a narrow nose, thin brows, and some sweet plump lips. And best of all a fat little ass and full legs. Her uniquely sexy looks and diverse background (Shelby spoke English quite well); made Shelby one interesting actress. She was only around for a couple of titles, both censored and uncensored before dipping out of JAV. What a shame she did because Shelby wasn’t just looks and body, she was a solid performer too in the short time she worked. If Shelby stayed in JAV, I would’ve bet on her becoming a well-known star for MAX A or any studio. She could’ve had appeal to both fans home and abroad. If Shelby came back I would to see her go to Idea Pocket. A big studio who likes their pretty and cute stars with a variety to titles offered for them.

With Shelby I recommend CWPBD-93. From an uncensored studio Catwalk Poison where you can see the whole kit and caboodle of Shelby (I’m talking about unpixellated pussy). We also get some choice shots of her sweet little ass all oiled up too.

Rena Aoi (2015 - 2022)

This is a more unusual come back wish. Rena Aoi retired in 2022 and has since been making a go at it as a director. I’m so excited to see what she makes and it is so cool to see an actress move into the director’s seat. I want Rena to come back as a performer slash director like fellow actress turned filmmaker Nao Masaki. Think of all the fun you can get with a director/actress. All the premises and scenarios you can get into. It opens up a whole new door of smutty fun. As much as I am interested to see Rena the director and was to see Rena the actress. Rena the actress/director would make her must see JAV. Not many actresses or directors could compete with her in that category. I would like to see actress/director Rena with Premium or better yet the lesbian maker bibian. I'm sure she can get out some nice performances from other actresses (and orgasms).

From Rena I recommend HND-983. A tightly shot POV video with Rena showcasing some serious acting and performing skills. Her stellar performances are why I think she’ll be a great director.

Karen Kaede (2018 - 2022) ??? Lemon Tanaka (2023- )

2022 brought a lot of sudden retirements. None more so sudden than Karen Kaede’s. A quick announcement in 2022 brought her relatively modest 4 year career to a close. A missed opportunity considering how much Karen was heating up in the JAV world. She becoming a fixture in the top sales charts and quickly the face of Idea Pocket. She was also on my shortlist of making it to my Best Actresses of 2021. Karen was only trending upward, so her quick exit feels like a lost opportunity. If she comes back I don’t doubt Karen would return amongst the best sellers of JAV. If she does run it back, I hope she does it with Idea Pocket. If not with them then with Prestige and their love of the skinny girls. But hope isn't gone yet. Karen has returned under a new name Lemon Tanaka. However they have yet to announce her back in any AV titles at the time of writing. Is Karen back for AV or just gravure model work? Time will tell.

From Karen I recommend IPX-811. A hot and heavy NTR video with some rough play.

Touka Rinne (2018 - 2022)

The 2022 pain train continues with Touka Rinne’s untimely exit. 2022 was a terrible year for retirements and Touka was among the body count. She was my favorite milf of 2020 and took a bit a of break when Covid hit understandably. When she came back around 2021 she wasn’t as active as before and finally retired in 2022. Like with Karen, Touka’s career was really starting to get going and ended too soon. With a killer body that few could say no to, Touka was prime A milf material. I chalk up her truncated career as a side effect of the pandemic’s aftershocks. Just another reason to hate that virus. If Touka came back I would love to see her with Chijo Heaven aka Slut Heaven. She made her best videos with them and I would love to see another team up between the two.

From Touka I recommend CJOD-239 with Chijo Heaven. A gym focused title with lots of tight fitting wear. You can see for yourself how great Touka’s body was/is.

Yuma Asami (2005 - 2013)

Topping us off and the entire reason for this list is the legendary Yuma Asami. Active during the 2000’s, Yuma was one of the few who dominated the industry. Fans worldwide loved her for her soft breasts, adorable face, and mainly her terrific personality. Cheery, fun, and charismatic, Yuma could win fans over with the appeal of her character alone. Sadly her career was cut short due to a a battle against cancer that led her to call it quits early. Despite that she still has one of the best careers in the history of JAV. Today she is cancer free and entertaining fans on social media. Particularly her YouTube channel where she has appeared with other retired actresses like Akiho Yoshizawa. I would love to see Yuma return to JAV. Her form of cheery bubbliness is sorely missed. Few actresses are as charismatic and personable as she was. If anything I would like her to return to give us the final retirement videos we were denied.

Yuma then)

Now who could Yuma come back to, every studio would want her. S1 or SOD could do right by her with their sizable war chest. And likely the two who could fork over the contract to entice her out of retirement. From Yuma I would recommend DV 1166. One of my favorites from her and a rare interracial title from her. In it she teaches and learns English with her foreign students. Even with foreigners and the language barrier, Yuma manages to be charming as ever. And as a bonus, she speaks English decently enough throughout her career and shows off a bit of it here.

Yuma Now)

Airi Suzumura (2013 - 2021 ) Off the List

Update: When I first wrote this article Airi was out of the game for awhile (nearly a year) but I am happy to say that she is back in JAV as of right now and chugging along as usual. Is it still a wishlist if it comes true? Either way here were my premature musings on the Prestige star during her extended haitus before the good news.

This next one is a bummer to write out. Airi Suzumura is in my top 5 favorite actresses of all time. She has a tiny petite body but with a sweet round ass. Alongside gorgeous looks that could be cute one moment and sexy as sin the next. Airi was a big favorite of mine so it was a bummer that she silently went on a long hiatus in 2021. A nearly decade long career that seemingly ended without even an announcement. If Airi comes back I would like her to finish off her career with Prestige the obvious choice. At the very least a big final video for the studio’s long time superstar. If not maybe with Madonna or S1. Let's see how the powerhouse handles Airi. From Airi I recommend ABW-124 to see her sweet round ass played with in all sorts of ways.

Honorable Mentions
Other names that I see pop up a lot with fans are Ai Uehara. The bottom heavy dynamo is perhaps the most sought after comeback wish. She is still very much active on social media and has lost quite a bit of weight since leaving. I very much doubt she would ever comeback. She's more popular now then ever and has little interest in the AV world. Similarly Kaho Shibuya gets a lot of love from fans but, like Ai, she seems to be flourishing post retirement. The beautiful hafu Rio (Tina Suzuki) is another name that get thrown around a lot. Today she has blossomed into a fine mature lady who still drops annual photo albums for her fans. I would definitely love to see her back. I would also like to see Kaede Matsushima, who worked mainly during the pre-HD ear to comeback.

Not need to comeback – Akiho Yoshizawa and Aki Sasaki

Although being two of my all time favorite actresses I don’t think these ladies don’t need to comeback. Both had fantastic careers, with Akiho’s being over a decade and a half. They came, they fucked, they left. No more needed. Great careers to put to rest. Well that’s all from us folks. Have any favorite actresses you would love to come back? Then, you are more than welcome to ring off below.

(Now let us pray)

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Double egg 1 year ago
Sana Matsunaga. All her work for Prestige under name Sana Imanaga really amazing, worth it to watch. All scenes from Natural High also good but sometimes really annoying because their movie little bit collection from 3-4 actress wich maybe only 1 or 2 that good.

Sana has this shy face but pervert, her face, body, boobs, butt already perfect. I hope she will come back soon. I don't know why she suddenly dissappear.

I don't know why some actress suddenly dissapear without notice or maybe just take hiatus. But like when Honoka Yonekura back, she lactating, and it's really point plus for the movie.
0 0
ZENRA 1 year ago

For many, JAV is signing up to an agency and maybe doing a gig a month for a little bit. Fans may think it becomes their lives and for some it does. For others though, it may just be something that pays the bills for awhile and when they're ready to move on, they do so without making a bang.

0 0
Yamate Yumeno 1 year ago
Moa Maeda for me. She got the looks to be a banger, but never fulfill her potentials.
0 0
Moonlight 1 year ago
Very nice writing. I was thinking of China Matsuoka (my most favorite at all time) and Asami Yuma before reading the writing and was very glad you mentioned them. What about Haruka Sanada? She was really beautiful body with tanned skin.
1 0
Anon 1 year ago
Saori Hara for me
1 0
Jav Sommelier 1 year ago
Let me share my dream, the girl that I wanna see back is Reiko Nakamori. Probably she be a cougar now.
2 0
pachuli4666 1 year ago
I completely agree with you JAV SOMMELIER. I started watching JAV by Yuma and by Reiko Nakamori (what a woman!). Does anyone know what happened to her? If she has social networks or if she got married?. Other difficult returns would be Kurea Hasumi, Kokomi Sakura and Aya Sazanami who had an impressive ass
0 0
putribulan 1 year ago
no aki sasaki?
1 0
Fried Chikan 1 year ago

I noted her on the bottom. As big as I am a fan of hers, I'm ok with her not returning.

0 0
Oppaira 1 year ago

Hard agree on Saeko, sad she left, and even harder agree with Touka. Touka peaked on my top 10 all time and I feel like she has a lot more to give. I never got that into Matsuri Kiritani for whatever reason but she does have some nice boobs and I'd enjoy seeing her back.

Yuma Asami though, I actually kind of agree with you. Tragic what happened but she was great back then and looks great today too. Not sure her upbeat and spunky attitude have fully carried over 10 years later but I'd definitely love to find out.

If I'm playing the mix of who I want to come back that actually might, Meguri and Ruka Inaba stand out. They're still doing tangential things that makes me think there's a possibility. If I'm going out in left field, maybe Mitsuki An or An Kitajima would be cool to see come back.

A man can dream having Hitomi, Anri Okita, or Kaho Shibuya come back, but I know they're not going to and I wouldn't hold out.

1 0
Fried Chikan 1 year ago

Saeko and Touka left while looking so promising. I can see Touka coming back in the future. Matsuri Kiritani is one of the few really busty actresses I have liked. What a shame she left so quietly.

0 0
Mangochin 1 year ago

Keep on dreaming :)

If I were to make a list, it'd be comprised of all actresses who don't want to come back (not any of the 'big' names in western culture)... so I'll just leave it as is... unless...

0 0
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