Aoyama Massage Clinic for Women - YS Retirement Special 2

Published September 25, 2020

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Japanese lesbian massage that does not break the fourth wall yet somehow features a bottomless therapist and vaginal pressure training.

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Aoyama Massage Clinic for Women - YS Retirement Special 2
Timing by Aminachu
Translation by ZENRA

Will we ever see another YS?  Would GOGOS finally allow me to spill the beans and give out her stage name before we show the final AOYAMA update?  Minor spoiler on that:  while YS did appear in other JAV movies, the number of them are few and the roles while more often heterosexual rarely featured any actual penetration (I think she only had one movie like that and the mosaic's really thin!).  Think handjob, light femdom), and even BDSM (on the receiving end of the last one, mind you!).  She was a legend--no, a hero for fans of lesbian massage JAV--and as we've seen many a time, not every one of them don capes.  For her, it's the uniform, the charm, the hand motions...the tongue.

Today we're happy to be showing the second in the last batch of AOYAMA titles and this one is definitely one of the better ones.  Now if you prefer older women, that at least is where AOYAMA MASSAGE CLINIC FOR WOMEN - YS RETIREMENT SPECIAL 2 fails.  Both actresses are in their early 20's.  Fortunately, both are incredibly pretty; the first:  pale, busty, and sporting a magnificent big butt.  The second:  a very well-formed face, breasts that also are formidable to say the least, and an all around very tight body.  To make things even more special, the first scene was originally from a 'special edition' and runs longer by featuring an extended 'vaginal pressure training' segment.

And a note on that:  if after AOYAMA 100, you wanted to see even more of YS, today's update (at least the first scene) is a must-watch.  While she does not get totally naked for a full on lesbian experience as she did in 100, we do see her bottomless and spread as wide as anatomy allows so her stark naked and glistening from massage oil client can watch (and later help) her insert balls into her vagina.  Accidental arousal even from a trained therapist is a given so hearing those moans came as a very welcome surprise.

AOYAMA is far and away a wonderful JAV series that pushes the lesbian massage theme as far as it can go without breaking that fourth wall into full-on 'lezzing out'.  They almost hit it here, but thankfully don't breach it.  The closest we get to overt lesbian play besides fingering of course is the return of the hot sponge and I'm not sure if it was just my speakers, but the slurping this time around was much louder than normal.  How could the naked and potentially aroused client think the therapist was actually just using a sponge on her?  Sponges don't emit steam for starters!

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


-One of the best AOYAMA titles we've shown.
-Two very beautiful clients.
-Vaginal pressure training segment in first scene.


-Not for fans of MILFs.  
-Vaginal pressure training ran shorter than what we've seen before.