100 Women Invade My House

Published January 29, 2021

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This is what happens when you open your home for roommates, but opt not to charge them for rent. Based on a true story...I wish.

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100 Women Invade My House
Timing and Translation by Patonyan

Huge, huge groups and JAV.  Happy campy fun with lots of sex, thin mosaic, and a wild vibe of everyone just having a great time knowing fans out there will watch and enjoy their performances again and again.  We were there once upon a time.  I mean even today things aren't so bad.  Sure, most studios paint a different picture, but doing what we do still is commendable though that brief time in the mid-2000's when the AV OPEN just got started is long gone.

You see, today's update is far from new.  We're not going to lie about that.  It doesn't help anyone.  100 WOMEN INVADE MY HOUSE was originally released by V&R way back as their contender for the second ever AV OPEN.  Back then the number of studios taking part was less than the most recent, but good grief, was the grand prize big:  25 million yen (approx. $250K USD)!  Things have changed, but directors both then and now have some truly perverted imaginations though back during the Golden Age, they'd have bigger budgets to bring truly oddball things to life like Keisuke and his 'free rent for women only' plan to cure his bout of loneliness.

What ends up happening after he puts up this ad on a few websites is a surprise bombardment by dozens and dozens and dozens (!) of cute and young women eager to take him up on his impossible offer.  Free rent to live in a nice house?  Don't mind having 99 other roommates?  Good deal, eh?  Keisuke is surrounded by women for almost two straight hours and we, the viewer, get to see him find out just why having one toilet is nowhere near enough, why cleaning up after dinner is a nightmare scenario come to life, but also why group bathing with so many naked and carefree roommates has its major perks.

We get a good deal of sex in 100 WOMEN INVADE MY HOUSE.  Directed by none other than KAMBE TARO before his exodus to ROCKET, we see him already showing his supernal director chops.  This is a guy who entered the JAV industry in late 1999 (he recently noted on his Twitter how he started as a part-timer at SOD during the KURUMI MORISHITA era) and not too many years later was given the monumental task of directing such a gargantuan movie that probably darn near bankrupted V&R!

While it doesn't feature the entire cast, the kitchen harem sex was my favorite scene.  Her name isn't clearly given, but one of the actresses has breasts from another dimension and curves elsewhere that give her body the heft needed to really stand out from the pack.  Keisuke may find being the caretaker for such a huge number of Japanese women who don't mind clothes and carefree sex as much as they don't care for cleaning up not that bad of a job.  Sadly, the moment he raises rent by even a yen, he can expect his impromptu harem to flee to better prospects.

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+One of the largest casts ever to appear in a JAV movie.
+Truly 'to the limit' mosaic.
+Harem sex followed by more harem sex.
+Campy!  Fun!  A real blast from the past in the best of ways.


-Yes, it's older, but HD wasn't a thing at the time.
-No major faces (even for the era).

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