Explain your Fetish! Making Sense of Some of JAV's Fetish Genres

Published : August 31st, 2022 Written by jmsorry

"Whatever floats your boat." JAV is such a huge industry, and it has space for every kink and depravity (within the legal limits, of course). And some of these kinks may look bizarre, outrageous, or simply beyond your understanding. Here we'll look at some of JAV's fetish videos and try to figure why some people find them hot. 

Where do fetishes come from? 

But before we do that, let's brush up on some heady stuff and lay down a more proper definition. According to ABC's resident sexologist, Dr. Sarah Ashton, a fetish is "arousal that involves an inanimate object or situation." In contrast to preference, a fetish is more sexual and by itself can lead to orgasm. A person may prefer to have sex in a comfortable air-conditioned room, but they can still have a fetish for sweaty sex. Naturally, people are more comfortable talking about preferences than fetishes, especially since fetishes can be contradictory to one's values or social norms. 

Anything can be a fetish. Rule 34 is a popular example of this in hentai. But some fetishes are more popular than others, and this may be due to common experiences during sexual development.

As for the less popular ones, JAV is there is catering to them. It's not uncommon to see people saying that watching a particular woke up a fetish in them that they previously didn't know they have. 

Without further ado, here's our list.

Transparent Clothes

So what's the deal with transparent clothes? JAV has a long history in the transparent clothes genre, and relatively easy to explain. Clothes are meant to cover things, but they also add to a person's personality. Naked is too bare and bland, but clothes cover up too much. So what to do? Transparent clothes! A classic mix of liminality and Japanese ingenuity. 

Prestige has an excellent series on this genre, and they pulled it off with insanely hot outfits. 

Amiri Saito in ABP-964

One variation of this is the wet clothes fetish, where being drenched leads to the clothes clinging to the body and becoming more transparent. S1's series on this is a stand-out, especially since it features a plot so we can see the uniform in context. 

Tsukasa Aoi in SSNI-866 

Aika Yumeno on SSNI-890


Extreme Licking

Licking is a huge part of the sex act, as it adds a gustatory element to coitus and thus adds to the pleasurable experience.

But licking is a digestive process too. Take, for instance, vore. One of the more infamous fetishes in some niche communities, the object of the vore fetish (or vice versa) is portrayed as being digested. It has to do with the desire to 'assimilate' the partner, in quite a literal sense. We can all go nerdy and psychoanalytic about it, by saying that it comes from the fundamental human desire to merge with the Other, something that sex alone can only approximate but never actually fulfill. 

But how exactly do you do this without actually, you know, going Jeffrey Dahmer about it? Well, extreme licking is the more practical route. Extreme licking is all about licking every little nook and cranny of the actress' body, thereby fully owning and assimilating it. A huge part of extreme licking is about 'marking' the woman as yours, by basically leaving your DNA all over the skin. Extreme licking may also involve tickling usually inaccessible parts of the body, such as the gums, the inside of the nose, the ear canal, or what have you.  

ABP-949, Airi Suzumura on Prestige's Hentai Samurai series

Many studios including bigger ones such as SOD have "full body licking"-themed series such as "A Total Coverage Fuck: A Thorough Licking from Head to Toe." However, Radix does it religiously, and this one (NEO-732) is a good example of that. 


Gold Dusted Women

How to explain this? I have no idea how this is a fetish, but I suspect one possible explanation is the 1964 James Bond film, Goldfinger which features the beautiful Shirley Eaton in gold paint. I'd tap that, with or without the gold paint. 

Nonetheless, I doubt younger JAV fans have even heard of this movie. There are tons of JAV with this theme though, and the popularity may also be due to the simple fact that gold is equal to wealth, and girls in gold are literally like fucking gold. Wealth, after all, can get people off. Here's a great example of Ruka Inuba and her rich tits being covered with gold paint in BGG-01

It doesn't have to be gold. It can also be silver, as with the case in BGG-004.

It can also get creepy and simply inexplicable. Take a look at these screenshots from an old SOD video, SDMS-586. Tell me how this madness manages to make anyone's cock hard. 

People who have this fetish, help us out in the comments, and explain yourself!


Another popular theme in JAV, tickling usually involves actresses getting tickled, either playfully or against their will, or actors getting tickled by actresses. I am not a fan of either of them, but it's a thing. Why? 

Well, I guess that people who get off on tickling have had great, sexually-charged memories involving tickling or getting tickled. I hate getting tickled, and I don't like tickling people who don't want to get petted. It is also possible that some people get off with the fact that tickling can be a goofy act, and seeing people getting turned on while trying to stop themselves from laughing might be kinky. I'll never know, but to all tickling lovers out there, educate us.

In AD-009 featuring Rena Aoi, she tickles the bound actor, and there is not even sex here. 

In AD-376, it is the poor Himari Kinoshita's turn to get tickled. She seems to have enjoyed though. 



Physical Exam

Everyone knows how awkward a visit to the doctor can be. The doctor basically sees who you actually are beneath your clothes and pretensions. JAV producers have leaned into this clinical intimacy by creating physical exam videos. This genre includes a wide variety of subgenres such as gyno exams using speculums, body measurements, and "a visit to the pervy doctor" videos. 

This fetish is multi-layered, as it involves degradation, power play, and some great insights about the actress' bodies. Viewers get off with the fact that actresses are reduced to mere sexual bodies, stripped of their elegant facades and overly done make-ups.

MTV-132, I'm Never Going to Get Married! Amateur Girls Tricked Into Exposing Themselves For the Camera, Embarrassed and Then Taken Advantage Of"

This excellent video (VRTM-107) by V & R is particularly interesting because it features a full physical exam, including nipple size measurements, an internal pussy exam, a piss quality test, and other gimmicks. It has elements of degradation play and wacky insights into the actresses body, allowing viewers to literally see the actresses as purely physical, sexual meat. 


Nipple play

Female nipples are considered sacred, which is why movies and TV shows make sure to not to show them to the public. This leads to nipples becoming a lot more sexualized compared to male nipples.

But nipples, regardless of sex, are erogenous zones, so they remind people of coitus. And more JAV fans are loving them, as evidenced by the surge of nipple play videos, both on the side of the actresses and the actors

In fact, the popular JAV director Samoari  (さもあり) has become known for his nipple play videos. Check out this excellent video featuring Mia Nanasawa button-mashing the guys' nipples on MIDV-087.

Some videos even claim to make the girls cum by nipple play alone. I have doubts about that, but given that even Hana Shirato claims to have "brain orgasms", let's just assume that nipple orgasms can be a thing.

After all, it seems that even men can have nipple orgasms. Ichika Matsumoto, for instance, has made a living by fondling male mammaries. 

So what to make of the recent nipple play explosion? Well, one explanation is that more men are becoming more in tune with their bodies. After all, we get to see more pegging videos in JAV nowadays, and it seems that more men are letting go of old macho notions about male sexuality. Also, women may have also learned to activate the male body with more aways aside from sucking their cocks. Remember when sucking balls was a no-no? Now, rimming and getting your balls sucked as a man seems to have become standard sex practice - which is great, if you ask me. 


Asshole Fixation

Ass lovers are quite common, but a fixation on the dirtiest part of the human body (that is, if you don't wash your buttcrack) is a lot less common. Under this genre we can include rimming and asshole close-ups.

Bums are well- hidden deep in a person's backsides, for a good reason -- they are not exactly the cleanest part of the human body. This is why exposing them, especially for an immaculate woman who goes to great lengths to cover her cleavage, is an act of submission. Obviously, this goes against social norms and this is precisely what makes them hot.This particular video by Ebisusan brings together the asshole fetish with exhibitionism and public shame play. They have a good collection of girls who willingly exposed their asses to the camera in broad daylight. 


Cum in Hair

Some girls give a lot of attention to their hair. A clean and luscious head of hair is, after all, a sign of a good-mannered woman. We don't like people who have messy hair - except in sexual situations. 

This is why some JAV studios go to great lengths to subvert the norm and desecrate the hair with smelly male bodily fluids. Forget cumming in the face or the tits. Bust your nut in the girl's pretty hair, and make them lather it with the sticky spunk from your balls. Not the best in terms of smell, but it's a great way to keep it organic and eco-friendly. 

NEO-670 pulls this off with flying colors with a long-haired Shuri Atomi. The sleazy actors licked and spat on the Shuri-chan's long mane as a prelude, while occassionally running their tongue on her scalp. They then proceeded to spray her hair with cum on all sides. This video is all about hair fetish, as it features hair-centered foreplay. 

Another nice video also produced by Radix is NEO-761 featuring the beautiful Miho Tono. This one also includes scalp licking and cumming on hair, but they get more creative by using her hair in some tickle foreplay and blowjobs. I have to say this though, Radix should change things up in terms of production, 'cuz their sets look cheap as fuck and they don't seem to have more than one camera on hand. 

There are a lot more other fetishes that we wish to discuss, so we're saving them for another post. Did we talk about one of your fetishes? Do you agree or disagree with our jestful analyses? Come down to the comments and share your thoughts. 


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Brilliant Bill 1 month ago
I guess the cum in hair can be a two-edged sword. I once saw a video with Mistress T, a major Western dominant woman, where a guy accidentally shot cum in her hair. I've rarely ever seen a woman so genuinely outraged and upset. She DID NOT want cum in her hair!!!!
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ramp_it_up 1 year ago
Why do I like super mature porn lol
0 0
jmsorry 1 year ago

did you spend a lot of time in childhood with older women? lol

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