Pan Takes - May 2024 Vol 1- Nene Tanaka, Yuria Yoshine, Ai Sayama and more

Published : May 27th, 2024 Written by Panking

I won't lie. The month of May was a bit lackluster regarding the quality of new JAV films. Several anticipated new releases ended up disappointing big time. But there was one that took me by surprise and ended up as the best watch from the entire month. And it didn't even star any of my regular favorites either. As always I'll watch and review each film before capping it off with an overall score. Without further ado, let's dive in!


The Amazing Techniques Shown by the Breast Master, the Paizuri How To Sandwich Ejaculation Committee

Starring Monami Takarada, Nene Tanaka & Yuria Yoshine

You can't look at that cover and tell me it's not eye-catching. I did however go into this film with tempered expectations and still managed to come away disappointed sadly. As someone that loves paizuri you'd think I'd really enjoy this one but man, it was just painfully mediocre. The whole theme of the video revolves around tittyfucking and having the three showcase and explain their technique. It's a fine setup but the execution is very lacking. For starters, the runtime is over 3 hours long making for a really drawn-out watch. It doesn't help that the first scene is extremely dull with it featuring each actress separately as she gets interviewed about her technique and then demonstrates on an actor. It eats up an hour of the runtime and I get that it's the focus of the film but as someone who doesn't understand the language, most of the enjoyment is lost. It's made worse by the awful production values in the scene. The lighting is really washed out for 2/3 of it with some terrible angles most notably in Nene's bit thanks to some reverse fisheye lens that ends up giving showing off more of the guy's chest than hers.

It's absurd. Beyond that, there are two group sex scenes and two more paizuri scenes with one featuring a focus on hands-free tittyfucking which is nice at least. But the sex scenes are average at best in the long run and really don't do anything memorable. One uses a soapland theme so you know my thoughts on that already. The other paizuri scenes are rather middling as well. I do appreciate that they're all real cumshots but several are quite pathetic diminishing the satisfaction. There's also zero interaction between the cast whatsoever, which I expected but just a little bit would've been nice. And on a more personal note, I really don't care for Monami at all. She's by far the weakest performer here thanks to her middling enthusiasm and dull facial expressions making you feel like she's just phoning it in. And physically, she doesn't do much for me. Now I did like the fact that Yuria has her tongue piercing in it at least. And both Nene and Yuria's performances were solid while looking fantastic as always. I especially love Nene's hairstyle in this. But that's about it for the main positives. It's so utterly mid with some lousy execution across the board. It's an easy skip.

Overall Rating - 6.2/10


Couldn’t Resist the Sweaty See-Through Cleavage of the Busty Married Woman Doing Housework Who I Called for House Cleaning

Starring Noa Haruna

Oh, Lunatics. How you frustrate me. They always have some great plots but the execution is so off the mark and yet again that tradition rings true here sadly. The premise is just as the title describes with Noa playing a busty housekeeper who is tasked with cleaning up this guy's place. However, he can't keep his hands to himself and starts to fondle. This eventually leads to him fucking her against her will. It's pretty standard fare with how it all plays out but there's one very ridiculous aspect to it that makes no sense. Every scene follows that setup which is absurd because she keeps going back, acting like nothing happened and being surprised when he moves on her again. She's submissive for the entire film before starting to loosen up a tad bit near the end but it's negligible in the grand scheme of things. It really takes you out of it and is just laughable.

The poor execution doesn't stop here I'm afraid as the production values are once more a big sorespot. I am here again asking for Lunatics to please hire a cameraman because just having the actor hold the camera leads to some less-than-ideal shots. It's not as bad as it could be but it still could be much better. Some of the static shots in particular are lame such as when get a view of the guy's ass from behind as she's tittyfucking him...just why? The lighting is very samey across the board too. The action is a minor step up but not by much consisting of three lousy paizuri scenes and two sex scenes. The tittyfuck scenes are pretty terrible due to the shotty camerawork in some of them and the prevalence of fake cumshots. And the first scene is rather "meh" as her shirt covers up her tits for nearly the entire scene. The last sex scene is solid at least but it's too little too late. This one is a pass from me even as a diehard Noa fan. Don't bother with it.

Overall Rating - 6/10


Temptation Service from a Horny Maid who is a Horny Masochistic Bitch

Starring Nene Tanaka

Digital Ark is an admittedly big guilty pleasure of mine. I fully realize their films are mostly always the same but it's effective and makes for some great eyecandy if nothing else. If you've seen one DA video then you know the plot here. It's a mostly vanilla plot with the only slight unique aspect to it being the maid theme which isn't really a significant factor beyond Nene sporting some related outfits. I'm not the biggest fan of maid uniforms but Nene pulls them off quite well filling them very nicely with her big tits and thunder thighs. Now let's talk about the action which consists of two sex scenes, a very dull masturbation/toying scene, a tittyfuck scene, and two group blowjob/handjob scenes that end with the guys all cumming on her tits. Admittedly the action is pretty light across the board.

That masturbation scene is a complete skip and the two group scenes are rather dull except for the great finish as she gets her tits glazed in cum. The two sex scenes are solid at least with a nice array of positions that highlight her juicy features. However, the last scene feels a tad rushed and easily could've been extended while cutting down on the other scenes. Also, the tittyfuck scene ends with her jerking the guy off as opposed to finishing him with her tits. Pretty disappointing. The production values are mostly fine overall. I will say there is a prevalent use of the fisheye lens that doesn't bother me personally but I know some aren't a fan of it. FLAV-357 provides some good eyecandy and decent sex scenes but isn't all that memorable. It's enjoyable but doesn't leave too much of a lasting impression.

Overall Rating - 8/10


Couldn’t Resist the Tight Pants of the Big Butt Worker and Went Straight in! Full-length Sex with 5 Scenes!

Starring Ai Sayama

I always enjoy this theme and had some reasonably high hopes for it considering I'm a big Ai Sayama fan. But unfortunately, this was a swing-and-miss for me. The setup casts Ai into an array of different situations where she purposefully and also inadvertently seduces men by flaunting her ass while wearing tight pants. Some examples include her playing a housekeeper, teacher, and nurse. That alone is perhaps my favorite aspect of the film. I enjoyed the variety and the range of different outfits on display. Well done in that regard. It's too bad that mostly everything else is a letdown. First off and this is a more personal matter, I don't very much care for Ai's current appearance. I sorta had blinders on and didn't really notice it that much previously but here it's become very apparent. This weight loss of hers, which is likely attributed to liposuction, does not look good. It's especially noticeable with her ass and how unshapely it is now.

Sometimes it looks okay but other times like in cowgirl, it's not great. It's a damn shame because her figure used to be one of my favorites but now due to joining Black Diamond and having to maintain a certain look, it's done more harm than good. Anyway, another aspect here that is off is the camerawork. It's not terrible but many shots are just ill-framed, too low to the ground or too close. I am really not a fan of this director's work. The lighting is also kinda flat at times and doesn't really do her figure any favors. The action is average at best with every scene following the same structure and featuring many of the same positions resulting in a strong feeling of deja vu although the scenario variety does help a bit. Also, I'm pretty sure there's not a single real cumshot here which is a damn shame. It's frustrating because there's a core of a good video there but the execution misses the mark and Ai Sayama's current appearance puts a real damper on what could've been a real winner.

Overall Rating - 6.5/10


Reuniting With A Childhood Friend Who Has Grown Into An M Cup. A Tropical Night Just For The Two Of Us, Where Sweat And Love Juices Are Tightly Intertwined...

Starring Ai Kano

I've been eagerly checking out every new release from Ai Kano ever since her return. This is the first one to feature some semblance of a plot so I was curious to see how she'd fare. The premise centers around a guy who reunites with an old friend from his childhood(Ai) who is now fully grown, in more ways than one. They spend a little time together catching up and before you know it, sparks start flying. The pair then go at it for the rest of the film as you'd expect. It's a fine enough setup but not really one that appeals to me all that much. Now one aspect that did impress was the production values. I've always praised Madonna for their well-crafted technical aspects and here is no different. The lighting is superb and accentuates her chest extremely nicely without being too harsh. It utilizes a lot of practical lighting to great effect.

The camerawork is on point too and the pacing is good without getting too bogged down with unnecessary drama. Her wardrobe is rather minimal but I did like the fancy dress she wears in the 2nd sex scene, all around terrific execution. The action is decent too but not without a few flaws consisting of three sex scenes in all. A paizuri scene would've been nice to squeeze in and sadly all the cumshots are just fake creampies. Other than that though the scenes are generally enjoyable but nothing too noteworthy honestly. Performance-wise, she's a slight step up from her earlier days before her return but not quite perfect. Her enthusiasm isn't too bad but sometimes she lacks engagement and her facial expressions can still use a bit of work. But overall she's at least not a dead fish like she once was. I didn't quite enjoy it as much as her previous two films but still a solid watch nonetheless.

Overall Rating - 8.3/10


Mesmerizing Men’s Esthetic with Outrageous Anal

Starring Aya Sazanami

Don't be fooled by the title as there is in fact no anal here at all. There's some emphasis on her asshole but that's about it. Now Aya was an actress I enjoyed back in the day but completely forgot about her recent comeback. I checked this film out from a recommendation and I'm glad I did. The premise is simple enough as it casts her as a sexy masseuse who loves to show off her ass and give some lucky clients more than just a happy ending. I'm not inherently a huge fan of this theme as it usually rides or dies on the execution to pull it off. But I'm happy to report that it absolutely delivers and one of the biggest reasons why is the action. It consists of three sex scenes and an assjob scene. For starters, we get several real cumshots here which is always a treat. The pacing is pretty smooth throughout and doesn't get too bogged down at any one moment.

But by far the best asspect is the copious amount of ass focus on display. Every scene features loads of cowgirl and doggystyle that do wonders for showing off her in the best way possible. And further enhancing that is the fantastic production values. One of my favorite elements is easily her wardrobe. Every outfit looks terrific and frames her ass excellently, it's a very nice touch. The camerawork is super solid too and we even get a POV scene to boot. But another major highlight has to be the lighting. Each scene is expertly lit and really makes her booty look out of this world. It's not too harsh and compliments her perfectly. Last but not least we have her performance which isn't anything to really write home about. She's decent enough with adequate enthusiasm but sometimes her facial expressions a tad stiff. Not a huge deal as at the end of the day, this is by far the best film I've seen so far this month. That Aya booty has never looked better.

Overall Rating - 9.3/10


J-Cup Busty Spy Secretly Captured

Starring Noa Haruna

That is a damn fine over and for once, the mask actually adds some style to her and suits the film. As you can probably guess, the premise casts Noa as a busty secret agent. She's on a mission to infiltrate an illegal pharmaceutical factory but of course, gets captured and is made to be their fuck toy. It goes exactly as you'd expect as she gets restrained, fingered, fondled, and eventually fucked. I'm always torn on these films as I love the outfits and the general idea of the film but the direction and execution go the exact opposite direction. That said I do think the production values are handled reasonably well. The lighting is a bit on the dimmer side and compliments the darker tone of the theme. Her wardrobe is also very nice as I especially love the white catsuit she sports at the end.

I will say that sometimes the camerawork can be a tad hit-or-miss but usually, it's decent enough. The action on the other hand could've been a bit better. It features two sex scenes, a mediocre paizuri scene, and a meh masturbation/toying scene. She at least squirts a little in the masturbation scene but it's still rather forgettable and overstays it's welcome. And the film in general takes a tad too long to get going at the start. Now I will say that her performance is at least fitting. She's of course very submissive which is what you expect to see here. It's a little unfortunate she keeps the mask on for the whole time as it'd been nice to see her facial expressions. PPPE-221 was a rather mixed bag that was still ultimately enjoyable but definitely held back by a few shortcomings.

Overall Rating - 7.8/10


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