New Female Employees Embarrassing Medical Exam First Half

Published April 4, 2022

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Job offers received, but before signing contracts, thorough medical exams are needed. Thorough and for the most part, mostly done in the nude.

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New Female Employees Embarrassing Medical Exam First Half
Timing and Translation by ZENRA
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Job hunting in Japan sucks.  It really, really sucks.  Thankfully, I found my calling writing about JAV because working in the 'real world' from everything I gather involves nonstop "power harassment", low pay, high hours, and if JAV really is any indicator, lots and lots of impromptu situations leaving new female employees at least totally naked in unusual situations where everyone else is clothed.

That's been SADISTIC VILLAGE's mantra since day one.  While not the theme to all their movies, a surprising amount feature strong amounts of CMNF moments.  And as we noted before, while 'sadistic' may be in their name, they're not really a BDSM production company.  Sadistic in SADISTIC VILLAGE is more about pranks of a stark naked nature.  Though it should be said that lots of the sex featured in their action-packed movies verges on the brutish side of copulation.  A slight minus in my book, but sometimes it works in evening things out when movies otherwise are soft on romance.

What we get today and on Friday as well given its massive runtime is four solid hours of Japanese women in medical examinations that more often than not see them naked, embarrassed, exposed, aroused, and more.  It's NEW FEMALE EMPLOYEES EMBARRASSING MEDICAL EXAM and given the studio's output, we'll be sure to license more like this if this update proves popular.

A beast to subtitle, but the visuals and casting make it very much worth it.  SADISTIC VILLAGE may not be a big name, but they have a fortunate habit of going all out; Here, we get that huge hospital set sometimes featured in JAV movies being used to its fullest.  We get a huge cast of extras (including female nurses!), many coworker patients, brusque doctors whose patience wears thin as time goes on.  Excellent casting as well for the 'new hires' who obviously are played by JAV stars (they are addressed by their stage names after all so this is no secret).

What I love about the scene structure here and in other 'exam' movies we have shown in the past is how the groping gets progressively more audacious as the scene moves on.  Towards the end of the electrocardiography, we're getting all out clitoris-rubbing and borderline fingering.  And of course this, like most scenes are done in full view of clothed male patients who can't help but ogle.

That brings me to a slight issue in NEW FEMALE EMPLOYEES EMBARRASSING MEDICAL EXAM.  Especially compared to that first schoolgirl medical exam movie, the male patients this time around are closer to wallflowers.  Sure, even then they didn't engage in too much touching, but their ogling was much more apparent and that's what made the situations even more shameful for the naked women.  Of course being stark naked in a room of clothed people is never going to be a liberating encounter if you're a young college grad just looking to get a job, but better interaction would have been a plus.

In terms of name power, MIKU ABENO is the star of the show.  I don't really know why.  Sure, she has been in JAV a long time, but you'd think most would prefer YUKARI UNO.  I can't get enough of her figure.  Certainly one with great genetics.  The casting was solid though.  I don't want to waste digital space writing on every actress, but there are no duds here.  Each brings something novel to the medical examination table.

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Excellent big group, big budget, huge set JAV movie.
+Varied casting.  A woman for everyone!
+Heaven on earth for fans of CMNF.
+Very, very thin mosaic all things considered.


-As usual, sex shoehorned at the end, but the logistics of shooting a 4 hour movie in one day probably presented the studio with no other option than to pull woman away one a time for sex (hence the reason only the first scene features all 5 at once).
-Sex with only four out of five women.  My favorite, Yukari Uno, sadly did not have a scene (time issues?  budget issues?).
-Male patients were a bit too passive compared to previous movies.

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