Newhalf Massage for Unsuspecting Customers First Half

Published September 26, 2022

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Where we take two outgoing Japanese newhalf actresses and see how they perform as erotic masseuses.

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Newhalf Massage for Unsuspecting Customers First Half
Timing and Translation by Patonyan
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Leave it to HOT ENTERTAINMENT using one of their sporadic curve-ball release allotments to push out a unique extra long movie that combines massages, newhalfs, and a wee bit of pranking.  Not only that, in spite of consisting of themes this studio is not well known for, they knock one right out of the park!  Unless you have a distaste for women with extra fun between the legs, there's really no downsides to what we get in NEWHALF MASSAGE FOR UNSUSPECTING CUSTOMERS.

Following the tried-and-true format of "hey random person on the street, we're offering a full-fledged massage service free for this day only and there's no catch!", we see each scene generally begin with our two therapists approaching potential customers.  The first part of the movie is a bit different in that we have the director interviewing each one before having them give each other erotic naked massages before bringing in a masked client for a lovely reverse threesome encounter that ends short of full service (we get that in the last scene!).

Newhalfs in JAV aren't a super rarity, but sadly, most of what we get is pretty vanilla and rather low-budget.  This is the reason why we don't show too much of it ZENRA.  Vanilla even when it comes to 'enhanced' actresses is not what we're about.  But when some of our favorite studios once in a blue moon go out of their way to test the waters with something unusual, we're all in.

In NEWHALF MASSAGE, we get two very amorous and attractive therapists eager to improve their massage skills and empty their balls at the same time.  It's a really good combination and provides enough semblance of realism when one tries to reason why they're doing it all for free (heavy balls can hurt and finding a way for relief).  One of the duo certainly may be a fan-favorite for certain reasons, but I think both deliver the goods and mix decent massage technique with fantastic sexual play.  It's almost as if they've actual experience doing this somewhere...

When sex happens, it's of the backdoor variety and glorious.  I didn't realize it until now, but most of the time anal happens in JAV, it's mixed with a shame.  The exception with women seems to be the ANAL SEX CLASS REUNION series and most any newhalf movie where if you want to put it in, you've only one feasible option.  Here, we see that method used again and again without unnecessary close-ups (no gaping please, thank you!).  It's great as is the massages, the buildup, the production quality, the casting, and gosh knows what else.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1232

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Newhalf and massage.  What a theme!
+Excellent take on a tried-and-true situation.
+Anal sex aplenty and it's the happy-go-lucky kind.


-If you're not into newhalfs or massages, this movie may be of limited value.

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