First Time Lesbians Secret Hot Springs Vacation Returns 15

Published July 13, 2023

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Two adorable and believable real life friends leave Tokyo for a weekend of same-sex romance and film every nook and cranny of it.

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First Time Lesbians Secret Hot Springs Vacation Returns 15
Timing and Translation by JM84

In a series now in its 15th iteration (or more than double if you count the original run!), innovation may be hard to find.  As noted, it's less than hoping for a new change in the basic plot and more to see how a new cast will handle a tried-and-true formula.  Fortunately, what we get in FIRST TIME LESBIANS SECRET HOT SPRINGS VACATION RETURNS 15 may have the best casting out of any we've shown before.  Really, it's that spot-on!

Nobody--OK, most nobody--will want to see a series like this starring really familiar faces.  A-rank JAV stars pretending to be real lesbian friends who come out to each other may be the theme of movies in the past, but when realism is key to enjoyment, that concept will fall flat.  Sarina (played by KOTOMI KIHARA) and her best friend MAYU (played by ITO, no secondary name) really nail the vibe of 'innocent lesbians'.  Among the many pairings we have shown, seeing them in a lineup would probably have most identifying them as the real deal.  They just give off that aura.

What happens here, as noted, remains on course for GOGOS's popular lesbian hot springs encounters.  But the casting is solid making for a fun watch from start to finish.  Remember, with realism being front and center, this is an entirely self-shot movie; the biggest issue of course is when you've only the performers handling camera duties, some of the best angles may be impossible to capture and there are times when the camera is placed in less than ideal positions for a little bit too long.  A minus for some, but for others who want something authentic, these quirks make this blend of JAV movies something extra special.

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+Peak casting for a JAV lesbian reality series.
+Traveling rather than filming in close quarters for scene variety.


-Self-shot limitations.

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