Bokoboko Onna Chihiro Hasegawa

Published January 2, 2017

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Far from innocent Chihiro Hasegawa finds herself in the ninth circle of Japanese AV hell by means of COLLECTOR.

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Bokoboko Onna Chihiro Hasegawa
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CHIHIRO HASEGAWA may look as innocent as they come, but don't fall for it; she's a self-proclaimed pervert who made a huge name for herself back in the day by combining her girl-next-door mien with some of the most extreme acts ever to be filmed for the small screen.  It's crazy to consider how far from outfield her career trajectory was:  the classic path is to start soft--non-nude, even--and gradually lift one's "bans".  Slowly but surely a sure-footed AV star will expose more and do more before going all-out.  She'll ride that peak for awhile and eventually retire.  In today's market, one of the final things would be going uncensored, double penetration, anal sex, or combinations of these like AI UEHARA did before her retirement last year.

CHIHIRO decided to screw with tradition and pretty much debuted in a genre of film that's essentially now banned even in Japan.  Think Lassie.  

Her career as an AV star lasted a bit longer than average and she did actually do a few softer titles such as the AWESOME one we showed by GUTS some time ago.  In this very special update by COLLECTOR, we find her doing what she does best, but with everything maxed out at 11.  CHIHIRO HASEGAWA goes full-on BOKOBOKO in this title and it takes sexual brutality to a place where the sun truly doesn't shine...

...seriously, this was shot in a basement studio.  There's no natural light.  It gets dark.  In fact, we've seen this dungeon studio many a time.  You can even consider the NANA MIYACHI release from awhile back to be a spiritual prequel to the BOKOBOKO ONNA series ('onna' here meaning 'woman' and 'bokoboko' can simply mean 'an empty hole').  We actually saw the same set used not even a month ago in a fantastic facesitting release by YAPOO's MARKET and probably many more titles on top of it.  As you can see, outside of pseudo apartments, sets of a more fanciful nature are often rented out.  It's very rare for a Japanese AV production company to own these types of locations.

This goes double when the set in question mimics a very run-down prison.  In it is placed CHIHIRO and for those with sharp eyes, the box cover to the left notes her entire ordeal lasted 25 hours (!).  We weren't there so we can't say for sure, but going by the original 220 minute running time of this insane release all about how far one can mix the extremities of pleasure, the shoot probably did last that long.

And yes, the original running time is 220 minutes.  Again, there are some themes which we are unable to show at ZENRA not by our own policies and ideals, but due to strict western billing regulations.  Even after making some cuts, the running time for BOKOBOKO ONNA is still a respectable 130 minutes so please go easy on us if you're planning on sending hate mail.

BOKOBOKO started tame with some innocent maid play, but almost as soon as that ended, we saw a stark naked CHIHIRO (who remained totally naked almost until the end!) be teased in ways more salacious by a clothed dominatrix.  We loved this scene as F2F femdom of this magnitude is actually not that common.  Seeing CHIHIRO standing in the nude with her slightly plump butt angled in the perfect way to avoid pesky mosaic, but not avoid the hands, whips, and eventually the tongue of her towering mistress is guaranteed to be etched into the hentai memory banks of many of our viewers.

It's hard to talk about what exactly happened to CHIHIRO after this due to what we left in and what was left on the cutting room floor.  On one hand, we are a bit bummed about not being able to show this title in its entirety, but a good chunk of it still is available if you've a stomach for some extra extreme content.  If you're on the edge, just watch the first two scenes and if curiosity knocked out the cat, have at it and watch the remainder.  It's worth it.  Japanese AV stars like CHIHIRO HASEGAWA are far from common and when they do explode onto the scene, their usually burn out quickly.

A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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