Lesbian Ballet Studio

Published January 27, 2020

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Super energetic Japanese ballet teacher seduces her female students in this absolutely zany hidden camera JAV movie by FETISH-JAPAN.

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Lesbian Ballet Studio
Timing by Patonyan
Translation by ZENRA

LESBIAN BALLET STUDIO via FETISH-JAPAN is a title we've had licensed for quite awhile, but held off on releasing until now.  The reason?  Subtitling difficulty.  Being shot mostly from a distance, this otherwise insanely unique JAV movie was not easy to work on.  Nevertheless, we figured later was better than never so we buckled in and got to work and finally after a lengthy delay we're proud to release this extremely alternative trio of lesbian encounters.

In a way this reminds me of the AOYAMA massage series.  Both push this author's favored 'sexual non-sexual' angle though unlike AOYAMA, the final portions of each scene go totally bonkers with all that pent-up sexuality being pushed to the forefront for some of the most passionate--and yes, absolutely unbelievable--lesbian sex you may ever see.

I have to give credit to whatever actress was hired to play the ballet teacher.  First off, she knows ballet.  It's a long story, but I've done ballet for almost a year some time in the past and can attest she knows her posing, the basic positions, and even the 'stand straight as a pin connected to the ceiling' line that is often used.  So yes, in terms of actual ballet realism, LESBIAN BALLET STUDIO handles it rather well (not to mention it's actually filmed on location rather than being an el cheapo set!).

Before working on this title, I perused some Japanese sites to see what the domestic response to LESBIAN BALLET STUDIO was and it actually was not very good.  The biggest complaint came from a user who described it as being a title filming nothing but old women.  OK, so the teacher may be in her mid-thirties if not older, but is that a bad thing?  Older for our subscribers at least is a boon and all three of her students are surely in their twenties.  I can't find any fault with their ages and gosh did that teacher pack an insane amount of enthusiasm from start to finish.  We're talking near limitless manic energy segueing brilliantly from hyper instructor to lesbian seducer (and back again in that amazing final scene!).

The first and third scenes feature the teacher being the one who transitions banal ballet lessons to all-out lesbian fury on the dance floor.  The second has the tables turned with a student taking the lead.  All end in bonkers stark naked same-sex antics that any fan of 'real' lesbian sex may scoff at, but let's be honest:  a JAV movie like LESBIAN BALLET STUDIO is not pushing for realism.  We're deep into fantasy land here and that definitely should be taken into account.

One subtitling note before I close out this review:  some camera angles were shot from afar--sometimes from the room next door through blinds.  As there was no sound source near the teacher and student, audio when this was done was extremely difficult to make out.  Thus, there are some gaps in the subtitles for this update.  We apologize for them, but forensic subtitling goes way beyond our skill-set.  Either way, even in those moments, what's happening is obvious and we hope you enjoy this one.

Score:  4/5

Pro's:  Extremely unique theme and filmed in a real ballet studio.

Con's:  So-so picture quality and sex may be too outrageous for some.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 750

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