Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: The Farewell of a JAV Fan to Daft Punk

Published : February 27th, 2021 Written by vienna

As you are almost certainly already aware, the French electric music group Daft Punk has recently dissolved, concluding a decades-long artistic experience that has won, over time, millions of appreciators from around the world - including me. With a spectacular farewell video, Epilogue, Daft Punk has elegantly and skillfully delivered their last contribution to international music and art culture; their influence can be appreciated in products and media of all kinds, with no particular restrictions to the music itself, and indeed flowing into movies, TV series, cartoons -- and yes, as you can imagine, even porn. I can clearly recall my high school days. I walked to and back from school in my hometown Italy while listening to a lot of different music, but Daft Punk's songs and melodies are among the ones that have stuck with me the most. Their strings gave me a boost when I had to take an exam, and relaxed me when I was anxious. And it's like that still today, although in different forms: as a big fan, I have never stopped appreciating their music, that I always try to connect to new things I like and to what I do in a certain moment of my life. Daft Punk has created so many products vast and diverse, that it's entirely plausible to connect the dots of something completely distant from electric music, such as JAVs, to that particular kind of art. In fact, it's only with the group's recent dissolution that I've stopped to reflect on how much and how Daft Punk has influenced the evolution of my taste and artistic preferences.

I've come to the conclusion that, over the years, their music - as well as that of other artists I still appreciate today - manages to infuse and intertwine with all my other passions, such as Japanese pornDaft Punk's artistic contamination of Japanese porn can be declined in bizarre and atypical ways. A production studio doesn't record a film with the idea of taking a cue from French electric music, rather it's an innate kind of connection, that regardless of what, in reality, the producer and director are trying to create. Let's take a practical example: do you ever watch a TV series and say "wow, this scene reminds me of a certain moment in a series completely disconnected from this one" or "this song reminds me of the melodies in my favorite song"? It's exactly that, but the people who actually made these series weren't really trying to create these links. A lot of JAVs, some out of sheer irony, remind me of some pivotal Daft Punk songs, especially those that most determined the group's artistic success. Some of the stereotypes used in JAV, or rather some of the overused but always successful approaches, remind me of some of Daft Punk's best pieces, and this brings a huge smile to my face - it means that they are not "simply" a musical group, but rather a real imprint on what I like and what I don't like, and I hope it will always remain so.

I want to draw some thoughts on three of Daft Punk's most important, famous and popular songs, and how these same songs can relate to the universe of Japanese porn. Let's get started!



Get Lucky

Probably the most successful hit of Random Access Memory, Get Lucky is among my all-time favorite Daft Punk songs. It's disco, it's soulful, it's energetic, it's original, it's carefree - it's everything I want to hear from a Daft Punk track. Considered as one of the French group's tracks on which the most influences from other international artists converge, this song is one of the pinnacles of modern music production, in my very personal opinion. As you could easily guess from just listening to the song, this piece is about sex - more specifically, we're at a party frantically looking for a one-night-stand, as usual at big parties. If one manages to get laid, then we just got lucky.

Luck is a not particularly uncommon element in JAVs. Think about it. How many JAVs feature yet another "lucky bastard" whose place you would absolutely love to take?  A lucky situation is, for example, a harem. Oh god, I'm alone with a dozen of my sister's hot and horny friends! How lucky I am! Will I even be able to get laid? Here, this song represents exactly that feeling, if you know what I mean. Harems are definitely the easiest parallel with this piece, but following the party setting, described in the song's lyrics, is just as easy. Now picture this: a harem JAV with Get Lucky by Daft Punk in the background. That would definitely bring a big smile to my face. As they say, the right song at the right time, right?

An example of a JAV in which I would evenly place this Daft Punk song is MDBK-141, featuring  and , produced by Studio BAZOOKA and called "All Naked All Shaved High School: My Infamous School Days Getting A Sweet Private Sex Lesson From My Sexy Fully Naked Teacher With Big Tits" one of my favorite harem JAVs ever, and one that maybe we can talk about more specifically in the future. Either way, this film hinges on the very essence of being extremely lucky and winning the ultimate jackpot in the sex lottery.


Check out the trailer of the movie here:




One More Time

Probably the best known Daft Punk song ever, One More Time is the very essence of porn. Let's do it, let's do it again. Let's watch one more JAV, let's watch ten more. Just one more time. This song, now a classic of electric music, is a consistent and accurate representation of why there is still a need for Daft Punk's music in the world. It expresses and conveys a thousand different moods that can all be traced back to the desire to do more, more, more vigorously. Doesn't this description remind you of sex and porn in general? Exactly! From the fast-paced nature of the song, to the energy it personally gives me, this song is the type of song I would masturbate to, hands down. Every time I hear it, I want to open up ZENRA and browse through the available porn. Isn't that the same for you?

One of the films that I think is most representative of Daft Punk's One More Time is SSNI-706, starring the magnificent Arina Hashimoto, produced by Studio S1 NO.1 STYLE and named "A Delicate, Fair-Skinned Girl Cheats On Her Boyfriend With Two Guys From Her School". The film's protagonist is a nymphomaniac who surrenders to her primal instincts by constantly giving herself to two men, without any esitation. There is (almost) no moment in the film, leaving aside the storytelling sections, in which there is not a sex scene. This film channels the very essence of the song and conveys it to Arina Hashimoto, who would like to get laid one more time. Give it a look, you won't regret it!

Finally, One More Time could also reference my recent article about the post-nut experience, namely Huge JAV Loads: An Almost Scientific Analysis. We clearly fall into the "another nut" section, thus making us kings, but that's a whole other story.


Check out the trailer of the movie here:




Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

My favorite Daft Punk song. The same one I used to pump into my headphones before an important exam or revealing myself to my teenage crush. An iconic, practically legendary song that everyone knows. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger is Daft Punk - and it's also JAV. What emotions do you feel when listening to this song? Doesn't it make you want to give it everything you got? Here, this is what I feel. When I listen to this piece, I always feel the need to give my best, to surpass myself. This, perhaps not entirely intuitively, can also be applied to porn, in broad strokes. Literally the opening of the song, "do it harder, do it better, do it faster, do it stronger" can be projected onto any sex scene. Take this point of view: you're the director of a porn movie and your actors are a little under the weather, so you tell them "do it harder" - it's such an obvious correlation between porn and this song that it's almost hard to explain. I know you can see it.

An avalanche of porn could be associated, at least in my imagination, with this wonderful song by Daft Punk, but I decided to choose a movie I've recently seen, that is SSNI-989, produced by Studio S1 NO.1 STYLE and starring Yua Mikami, of whom I'm a huge fan and that I've already praised in many other of my articles, called "During Her Business Trip, To Her Surprise, She Was Booked Into The Same Hotel Room With Her Asshole Boss". The story is pretty straightforward: Yua Mikami plays the wife of a certain employee of some company. In order for her husband to get that coveted promotion, his lovely wife will have to do her best in bed with her husband's boss, again and again, harder, stronger - you know the routine. Once they are done once, they must keep going -- her husband gotta earn that promotion, am I right? Yua Mikami's performance is clearly the star of the show once again, underling how much great of an actress she is. Truly a great movie all around, and one we'll probably talk about in detail in the future.


Check out the trailer of the movie here:


In the end, Daft Punk's music is something that will stick with me for quite some time, and at least for a couple of months I will be wearing a golden helmet to celebrate their precious work and positive influence on me. If you really like something, such as JAVs or Daft Punk, then making these weird links is just a way to dive deeper into your passions. It's something that I do very often. Understanding why I love something is key to loving it even more.

That's all for today, folks. I hope you enjoyed your read, and please note that the actress in the header image is Mayuki Ito from KAVR-059 produced by Studio kawaiiSee you soon, and stay safe!


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