GOGOS Female Employee Films Year End Cheating Wives Onsen Party 2 First Half

Published August 26, 2022

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We return to the GOGOS Cinematic Universe to see an especially busty new hire see what really goes on during those unfaithful wife getaways (spoiler: sex).

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GOGOS Female Employee Films Year End Cheating Wives Onsen Party 2 First Half
Timing and Translation by Patonyan
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The GOGOS Cinematic Universe (hereby abbreviated as GCU) is one of the coolest JAV creations not many in the west know about.  Outside of this studio, few others even when casting the same faces will explicitly reference previous works.  Sure, you may see vanilla movies that break the fourth wall where an actress may talk about previous movies by the same maker or filmed by the same director, but what GOGOS does is...well, special.  They're the only one to my knowledge that when utilizing the same actresses will reference previous works, but keep it contained within their universe.  Keiko (fake name, not someone from this movie), may have first had a fling with Director Karaki followed by her husband finding out and instead of being angry, asking her to do it again, but this time with extra women in attendance!  Something like that actually is what goes on in today and next week's incredible double update, GOGOS FEMALE EMPLOYEE FILMS YEAR END CHEATING WIVES ONSEN PARTY 2.

For ZENRA subscribers and fans of years past--or even a year past--you may have noticed in between the first movie in this series starring NAO JINGUJI as the female employee, we opted to show the latest release (at the time) which was shot in closer quarters due to an uptick in COVID cases in Tokyo.  Given the world's focus at the time, it made sense to show that first, but now we're back on track and we've a familiar face helping out again.

AYAKO INOUE is now playing the female emp--oh, just kidding.  That wouldn't work at all!  AYAKO is present and surprising nobody given her previous appearances in the GCU, plays an especially amorous unfaithful wife.  Joined by three other women including YURI MOMOSE, whom I've always found to be an extremely interesting actress not due to her looks nor performance, but by her extremely good English ability.  Sadly, rather than hear her speak in the native tongue of many our subscribers, we just get to see her have kinky sex.  A fair trade-off, I guess?

The star of the show is 'Yamada-san', played by an obvious YURINA AIZAWA.  She nails it and has a dynamite body to boot.  What we get in this 180 release is her paired with a younger producer attempting to document all the audacious affairs happening pretty much simultaneously in their rented out full house ryokan complete with indoor and outdoor baths.  If you've seen NAO JINGUJI's movie, you should know what to expect here:  lots of stealth crawling down hallways to catch sex with the female employee always ending up pretty much naked and having sex herself with a lucky producer or two.

Movies within the GCU are great.  Realism is at fever pitch.  GOGOS goes all out with these big group movies and usually only releases one a year.  What we're showing today is not the latest and maybe not even greatest because NAO JINGUJI is something extra special.  I will drop a hint that while GOGOS FEMALE EMPLOYEE FILMS YEAR END CHEATING WIVES ONSEN PARTY 2 may be the 'worst' of the bunch in that the final orgy scene was a bit lacking, it makes up for it in MANY other ways and should be a fun watch no matter what one's ideal taste in JAV may be.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 2146

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Overall Satisfaction


+Especially unique theme combining stealth filming, cheating wives, a new employee with huge breasts, and lots and lots of sex.
+GOGOS may deny it, but they're wizards of casting the perfect women for what the roles require.
+No creampies, but the sex and cum is all real.  This is my kind of reality JAV.


-May be a strange watch at first if one is used to vanilla JAV.  The pacing, scene structure, and more in this type of movie is a world apart.
-Huge orgy of previous iteration more of a lesbian threesome this time.

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